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Hello Deborah -, my name is Dr. Tarj Mavi and I am the owner and creator of La Mav Organic Skin Science, Australia's first certified organic skin care brand

As you may recall, I created La Mav after the birth of my second son, because I was struggling with post-partum melasma that was affecting my self-esteem and my confidence in a very negative way.

I was desperate to find products that really worked and didn’t present risk for my health and/or the health of my child, like so many products do.

This is when I decided to take my knowledge as a scientist and my experience in the development field and turn to nature! I knew the answer was there… and my intuition didn’t mislead me. This is when La Mav was born!

A lot has been said and written about the dangerous chemicals found in regular skin care. Sadly, the situation with makeup is pretty much the same.

Many of the ingredients used to formulate makeup products have questionable safety, and what’s even worse - some have already been proven to be potential threat for the human health, especially infants and children (!), but are still used by many manufacturers.

Does that mean you have to sacrifice your health in the name of beauty? 

The answer is an absolute "No"

After years of research and working with some of the most experienced experts in the cosmetic field and with my own pharmacological background, I created Australia's first mineral makeup line that is all-natural and 100% free of toxic chemicals!

I’ve combined the finest natural pure earth minerals with potent bio-active ingredients and turned them into gorgeous products to help you achieve flawless finish and youthful appearance, without compromising your health.

I also infused all of our natural makeup products with vitamin C and certified organic rosehip oil.

And here I am today, truly proud that I had the opportunity to make thousand of women more confident (give many women the confidence they need and deserve) and at the same time; keeping thousands of women in dozens of country (and their skin!) happy and healthy.

Even better than that - I know for a fact that our makeup isn't harming children, animals, the planet, or generations to come.

I'd like to invite you to try the mineral makeup I've worked so hard to create with a special offer just for you, someone who hasn't yet tried La Mav.  When you follow the link below, you'll receive our bestselling 'Be Beautiful' anti-ageing mineral makeup collection at a special rate, and with the coupon code you'll receive a sample of every shade of our Mineral Makeup Foundation!

As always, best wishes and do reply to this email if you have any questions and I'll personally help you!  Click here or the image below for this special makeup offer.

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