Anyone else feel like we're in a time warp where time is flying by but also standing still at the same time? I could have sworn I just sent last month's 5 Things email, but here we are in the last day of July.

Lots of exciting things are happening around here. We just added new charcoal and navy face masks to our site (also available in kids sizes).

I've also been working closely with our local manufacturers to get everything lined up for Analog production. Speaking of which, there are just 6 days left to pre-order Analog on Kickstarter →

. . . . .

Here are 5 things I'm digging...


These gorgeous interiors by Matt Woods have my head spinning with ideas for our new warehouse. Our warehouse will be pretty bare bones for a while as we get setup, but it's fun to dream about future ideas for the space.


A lot of sports logos are poorly designed but the branding for the Seattle Kraken, an NHL expansion team, just feels right. I love the way they incorporated the Space Needle in the anchor logo. (The new branding for the Iceland National Football Team is equally as brilliant.) 


I might lose some street cred for saying this, but I'm enjoying Taylor Swift's new album Folklore. It's produced by Aaron Dressner (The National) and it's a totally different vibe from her previous music. Bon Iver even performs with Taylor on a song called "Exile."


How I Built This remains one of my favorite podcasts, especially when I need some inspiration to push through the hard times of running a business. It's cool to hear the unassuming origin stories and journeys of some of the most successful companies. This recent episode with La Colombe Coffee is a great starting point if you've never listened.


Watching Zhu Caifeng make a teapot will be the most soothing 2 minutes of your entire day. So satisfying 😍

. . . . .

Thanks for your support!

Jeff Sheldon

. . . . .

P.S. Our Kickstarter for Analog ends in 6 days. Can we hit $400K?

Pre-order Analog →
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