It's been a busy few weeks here at the Ugmonk HQ. We've been shipping out hundreds of orders from our big summer sale.

Special shoutout to my mom for all her hard work! She still heads up all of the shipping for us :)

And I'm excited to see what happens in the final weeks of our Kickstarter campaign for Gather. We're closing in on $300K 😱

. . . . .

Here are 5 things I’m currently digging...


I don't play a lot of games, but when I saw that Monument Valley 2 was out I instantly bought it. Monument Valley is a simple puzzle game filled with beautiful visuals and story that make it a delight to play. You could basically take a screenshot at any point in the game and it would make an amazing piece of art. Download it here


London Grammar finally released their new album and it does not disappoint. Hannah's vocals are just insane. Great relaxing music to work to.


I just picked up a copy of the new Offscreen magazine and highly recommend it. Offscreen is an independent publication, with a thoughtful, human-centered take on technology and the web. Kai, the founder, recently redesigned the magazine from the ground up and did an incredible job from start to finish. Grab a copy here


My friend Tyler runs an cool company called Misc. Goods Co. and just relaunched his site. He started a few years ago with this beautiful deck of cards and now has expanded into all sorts of well-made products.


Love this honest video about the entrepreneurial journey of my friend Jason Zook. The way he always challenges the status quo has always inspired me and this video does a great job of showing what being a "successful" entrepreneur is like.

. . . . .

Thanks for the great response to the new Enjoy the Journey collection!

- Jeff

. . . . .

P.S. I recently was the guest on the StartupCamp Podcast to talk about launching products. You can listen to the episode here.


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