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How The CARES Act Impacts Your 2020 Charitable Giving

On March 27, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act was signed into law. This act contains several temporary changes to federal law that will impact your charitable giving and enhance the tax benefits of contributing to the TKE Foundation. 

How can the CARES Act impact your 2020 charitable giving? 

  • Donors who itemize can now deduct up to 100% of adjusted gross income.
  • Donors who do not itemize can claim a new deduction for charitable cash gifts of up to $300.
  • Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) are waived for 2020. This does not limit or change the availability of making a Qualified Charitable Deduction, and individuals 70½ and older can continue to reduce taxable income and avoid taxes on IRA gifts of up to $100,000.
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What Legacy Will You Leave?

The TKE Foundation is updating and verifying our records for bequests and planned gifts. If you have included the Foundation in your will or have made a planned gift this year, please complete and return this form with gift documentation.

By submitting your planned gift, you ensure our Foundation is prepared to maximize the impact of your contribution and uphold your legacy in Tau Kappa Epsilon. Donors with a documented planned gift are recognized as members of the Heritage Society. As some of our greatest contributors, Heritage Society members are recognized for their commitment to supporting TKE by: 

  • Seeing the impact of their gifts with personalized CEO updates and Foundation newsletters.

  • Serving on select TKE Foundation committees.

  • Receiving a donor gift and personalized invitations to TKE events.

  • Providing valued insight into the TKE Foundation’s current initiatives.

The lasting legacy you will leave on TKE starts today. Please consider submitting your planned gift documentation or visiting to learn more about the lasting impact you can have on our Fraternity.

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