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Welcome to

The Honey Mud!

The Honey Mud

A honeyed hug with a glowy boost, formulated to reveal your most radiant self.

I reach for The Honey Mud every single day, cushioning my mornings and evenings with the most luscious cleanse or feeding my skin an extra generous dose of its goodness with a nourishing and revitalizing acid and enzyme mask. While it looks (and smells!) as soft and sweet as pudding, there’s some power hidden in that plush magic.

Our wintergreen extract, the first 100% naturally-derived salicylic acid obtained from the Canadian evergreen shrub, provides a gentle resurfacing of the skin, bringing an increase in heat and blood flow as fresh oxygen rushes to your cells. It is normal to experience tingling and a temporary pinking of the skin with acid exfoliation, particularly in initial sessions. 

True skin food, beautiful for even sensitive and redness-prone complexions, this silky formula is designed to be non-stripping, respecting and preserving your delicate acid mantle, microbiome, and pH levels. 

It’s time to get excited!

To ensure you have all you need right at your fingertips as you begin your explorations, I’ve outlined a few key tips below. I also encourage you to go even deeper, exploring even more helpful tricks - and a few of my favorite ways to blend this beauty with our other treats - here. You won’t want to miss the peek into the making of The Honey Mud’s luscious, skin-loving goodness in our kitchen lab, too!

Wishing you slow, deep, restorative breaths and countless moments of beauty and connection in your care ahead.

All my love,

The Honey Mud
The Honey Mud
The Honey Mud

Pudding or milk, cleanser or mask...

You choose!

The Honey Mud

Cleanse - wet skin

Massage a fat, blueberry-sized dollop into wet skin to emulsify into a gorgeous and silky cleansing milk, freeing your complexion from accumulated stress and pollutants.


The Honey Mud delivers beautifully as an energizing morning cleanse, bringing fresh life and impossible softness to your skin as you welcome your day.


On evenings of light makeup or when your skin is bare, indulge in The Honey Mud as your only cleanse. When wearing sunblock or heavier makeup, begin by first cleansing with The Pendulum Potion, following with The Honey Mud to feed the goodness back in for a complexion that is plump, cleansed, and happy.


The Honey Mud
The Honey Mud

Mask - dry skin

Smooth an extra generous dollop over clean, dry skin, leaving on for a few minutes to up to an hour.

Wear The Honey Mud into the shower to amplify its effects while preventing your skin's natural oils from evaporating in the water and steam.

Clear the slate: 

Slow your breathing and massage your skin lovingly with the pads of your fingertips as you rinse The Honey Mud clear after cleansing or masking. I like to begin with warm water as skin softens and dead cells and pollutants are released, completing with a final cool water rinse.

Feed the goodness back in:

Immediately follow every cleansing and masking session with The Blue Cocoon and The Youth Dew, massaging directly into the water on your skin after rinsing (skipping your towel entirely).

Mist generously with The Jasmine Garden to saturate, pressing gently across the face, neck, and dΓ©colletΓ©, and your ritual is complete.

All product textures
Complement your ritual:
The Blue Cocoon

The Blue Cocoon

1.69 oz. / 50 ml.

solid facial oil concentrate

Tranquil. Intoxicating. Deep calm.

The Youth Dew


The Youth Dew

1.01 oz. / 30 ml.

balancing facial serum

Opulent. Precious. Fresh.

The Jasmine Garden


The Jasmine Garden

3.38 oz. / 100 ml.

botanical facial mist

Mystical. Gossamer. Quench.

Add a bit of sparkle:
the dandelion wand


The Dandelion Wand

2.25" length

Gold Dispensing Tool

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