Due This Monday: HO & N Preorders
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Preorders Due This Monday at ScaleTrains.com
Preorders Due This Monday, August 12th: Rivet Counter HO Scale BNSF Heritage III C44-9W by ScaleTrains.com


Dear Tim,

Preorders for the latest group of Rivet Counter HO Scale DASH-9 roadnames are due this Monday, August 12th.

This includes BNSF Heritage III in five different road number variations.


  • Repainted ex-Santa Fe unit
  • Santa Fe specific details including 3-window gullwing cab


  • Unpainted (primer) HVAC unit
  • 4-window gullwing cab

#4519 and #4596

  • 4-window gullwing cab
  • Warning label placement varies by road number


  • HVAC unit in Warbonnet colors
  • 4-window gullwing cab
Preorders Due This Monday, August 12th: Rivet Counter HO Scale Norfolk Southern C40-9 by ScaleTrains.com

Norfolk Southern C40-9 “Top Hat” preorders are also due this Monday.

This unique locomotive features:

  • GE spartan cab with cab-face condensation drain line and late flat-top low hood
  • Roof top early Dayton-Phoenix air conditioner
  • Front and rear deck mounted alternating LED ditch lights**
  • Early or late dynamic brake exhaust

All Rivet Counter series DASH-9 locomotives include:

  • Operating front, rear, and side LED walkway lights
  • Operating front deck mounted LED ditch lights
  • Printed and lighted LED lighted number boards
  • Rotating axle bearing caps
  • GE “nub” pattern walkway tread
  • Accurately profiled frame with separately applied plumbing and traction motor cabling

Preorder now for late first quarter 2020 delivery.

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* first time in mass-produced plastic
** Factory equipped DCC & sound locomotives when using DCC

Preorders Due This Monday, August 12th: Operator HO Scale GE DASH-9 2nd Run by ScaleTrains.com


Our Operator™ line is one of the best values in hobby quality model railroading today.  The Operator HO Scale DASH-9 shares the same highly detailed shell and powerful drivetrain as the more expensive Rivet Counter model.  A super detail kit with metal grab irons, multiple unit (MU) hoses, coupler cut levers, etc. is also available separately (SXT81047).

The following roadnames will be available in early September.

  • BNSF Heritage I
  • C&NW
  • Norfolk Southern Horsehead
  • Union Pacific

And these roadnames will arrive in early 2020.

  • BNSF Heritage III
  • Canadian National
  • Norfolk Southern Original
  • Southern Pacific Speed Lettering

Preorder your favorite railroad and paint scheme today.

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Preorders Due This Monday, August 12th: Rivet Counter N Scale GE DASH-9 (C44-9W) diesel locomotive by ScaleTrains.com


Our Rivet Counter series sets high standards for railroad, road number, and era specific features; factory applied detail parts; lighting effects; and sound in N Scale.  Our latest roadnames and paint schemes continue this tradition.

  • BNSF Heritage III
  • Norfolk Southern Original
  • Southern Pacific Speed Lettering

Visit our website for complete details and to preorder by this Monday, August 12th.

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Preorders due This Monday, August 12th: Operator N Scale GE DASH-9 (C44-9W) diesel locomotive by ScaleTrains.com


The Operator series N Scale GE DASH-9 is the perfect locomotive for value conscious modeler railroaders.  Each railroad shares a common cab and long hood configuration to help maintain value price points for DC and DCC & sound.  To maximize pulling power, the Operator DASH-9 utilizes the same motor and drivetrain as its top-of-the-line Rivet Counter line counterpart.

Preorder by this Monday, August 12th for late winter 2019/2020 delivery.

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Preorders Due This Monday, August 12th: Rivet Counter HO Scale Thrall-Trinity 42’ Coil Steel Car by ScaleTrains.com


For the first time, the Thrall-Trinity 42’ Coil Steel Car with Single Hood is being offered in HO Scale.  Our ready-to-run Rivet Counter series model is built from over 130 individual parts including up to 47 pieces in the hood itself!

Railroads and paint schemes for our first production run include:

  • Canadian Pacific
  • Conrail Coil Shield 2
  • Norfolk Southern Protect III
  • Chicago Heights Terminal Transfer/CHTT
  • CSX Boxcar Logo
  • Indiana Harbor Belt

For additional information, please click the link below.  Preorders are due this Monday, August 12th for delivery during the first quarter of 2020.

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New Arrival: Rivet Counter N Scale Gunderson 5188 Covered Hopper by ScaleTrains.com

The second group of Rivet Counter series N Scale Gunderson 5188 Covered Hoppers are now in stock with up to 24 different road numbers.

New Roadnames

  • BNSF Heritage Hoppers – C&S, CB&Q, Frisco
  • CSX
  • GATX
  • Greenbrier/Gunderson GBRX
  • Iowa Interstate
  • Kansas City Southern Gray Patch
  • Kansas City Southern with Red Logo

More Road Numbers

  • BNSF – 3 body types
  • Kansas City Southern Belle
  • Union Pacific

To learn more about this modern prototype and these exquisite models, click the “Watch Now” link below to view the product video.  Buy now at the link below and Select Retailers™.

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If you placed a preorder for N Scale Gunderson 5188 Covered Hoppers:
Preorder inventory will be reserved through 5:00pm EST tomorrow (Friday, August 9th).  If additional time is needed to make payment, please let us know by sending an e-mail to Sales@ScaleTrains.com along with the expected payment date.  We will let you know if we're able to accommodate the request.

If you would like to add to or modify your order, please contact us at 844-987-2467, extension 1 or e-mail us at Sales@ScaleTrains.com with the changes.

If you no longer wish to purchase your preorder, please let us know as soon as possible.

Fewer Than 12 Each In Stock: Rivet Counter HO Scale PS-4785 Covered Hoppers by ScaleTrains.com

On average, we have fewer than 12 per item number of the latest Operator and Rivet Counter HO Scale PS-4785 Covered Hoppers 2nd Run roadnames.  

  • Conrail Quality Gray
  • Golden West Service
  • Lauhoff Grain
  • Milwaukee Road
  • New York Central
  • Norfolk Southern

Order now for best selection.

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Fewer Than 12 Each In Stock: Kit Classics HO Scale Evans 53’ 5100cf RBL Boxcar by ScaleTrains.com

Inventory for our most popular Kit Classics™ HO Scale Evans 53’ RBL Boxcar roadnames are also in short supply.

  • Burlington Northern
  • Chessie System
  • Chicago & NorthWestern
  • Conrail
  • Grand Trunk
  • Illinois Central Gulf
  • Rio Grande
  • Southern
  • Southern Pacific
  • Union Pacific
  • Undecorated
  • Ft. Vancouver – rerun with correctly painted ends

Several railroads and paint schemes have been out of stock for more than three (3) years.  Fewer than 12 of each item number are available so order soon.

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Updated Delivery Dates at ScaleTrains.com
We just updated our product delivery schedule.  For the latest ETAs be sure to visit our website regularly.
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Chinese Tariff Update by ScaleTrains.com

The U.S. government is planning to assess a 10% tariff (tax) on Chinese imports not already subject to previous tariffs.  This includes model trains and is scheduled to take effect on September 1st.

As you know, our locomotives and freight cars are priced in the lower to middle tier of the marketplace which makes them a tremendous value for our customers.  This also means we make less profit than other manufacturers who price their products at the top-end of the market.

We also invest significantly in the future.  This year, we will spend over $1,000,000 dollars in new tooling.  That's likely more than any other HO or N scale company.

The Trump Administration has been unpredictable about tariff percentages and implementation dates.  Since the government's strategy can change at any moment, we've decided to focus on the inbound Operator and Rivet Counter HO Scale DASH-9 shipment for the time being.

Unfortunately, the ship carrying the DASH-9s is slated to dock on September 2nd which is one day after the new tariff takes effect.   At this point in time, we will be required by the U.S. government to pay $10s of thousands of dollars to U.S. Customs and Border Protection for the value of the DASH-9 shipment.

As much as we'd like to absorb the entire cost of the tariff, we're unable to.  If the tariff takes effect on September 1st as proposed, we’ll reluctantly raise prices slightly to share in the increased cost of the DASH-9s.

Operator DASH-9 1st Run

  • DC/DCC Ready version - increase $5 to $104.99; 5% change
  • DCC & sound - increase $6 to $155.99; 4% change

Rivet Counter DASH-9 1st Run

  • DC/DCC Ready – increase $7 to $181.99; 4.2% change
  • Rivet Counter DCC & sound - $10 increase to $274.99; 3.8% change

If your first reaction is to cancel your preorder for a modest $5 to $10 price increase, please take a moment and consider the only ones hurt in the process are small businesses like ours and our people.

We estimate the tariff will cost us upwards of $100,000 this year and well over $200,000 next year.  We are planning to increase our warehouse size by 67%, hire 1-2 new employees, continue investing greatly in new tooling, and much more.  If we do not share in the cost of the tariff, we will not be able to expand our business and continue our high service levels.

If you're frustrated by this situation, please join us in writing respectful letters to your Federal elected officials to express your concern about how this tariff affects you and the small businesses you support.

We appreciate your understanding and continued business.


The ScaleTrains.com Crew

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