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Among your 30 trillion human cells live 39 trillion microbes!

Although these organisms are invisible to the naked eye, they have important jobs including the healthy bacteria and yeast that help your body thrive.  Healthy bacteria and yeast will help digest your food, deliver nutrients to your cells, regulate your blood sugar, and even make vitamins and minerals.

BUT if your system gets out of whack through stress, poor diet, environmental toxins, or nutritional and mineral deficiencies your body may become susceptible to be host to bad bacteria and yeast overgrowth leading to imbalance, sickness, or disease.

If you feel uneasy about these trillions of infectious microorganisms living in and around you, don’t worry – there is a way to help your immune system deal with all the nasty stuff that life throws at it.

Click the image below to learn how in this video.

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Pico Silver is formulated to be 100% absorbed at the cellular level, where all the most important immune-supporting functions take place.

This formula is so important to help your immune system, especially this time of year, that for the next week, we’re offering you a 25% discount on Pico Silver, using this special link:

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The superior absorption of Pico Silver means it can make its way into every nook and cranny of your body where it needs to go, rather than being expelled as waste. 

When it comes to choosing the most effective silver solution, absorption is the most important factor. So, support your immune system with Pico Silver today.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean

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