In the faceless world of the internet, product descriptions, emails, journal entries, etc. are all critical to helping show the world what Ugmonk (or any other brand) is all about.

I was attempting to update our "About Us" page, but I wasn't getting anywhere. Why is it so hard to write about ourselves?!

. . . . .

So, I decided to hire Cole Schafer over at Honey Copy to help tell Ugmonk’s story. If you aren’t familiar with him, he’s a writer that works with brands on selling thoughtfully and intentionally with pretty words. 

Cole is in a different league when it comes to creative writing. I was hoping to just get a fresh presentation of the story that I’ve been living for over a decade, but I was blown away by Cole’s creativity and how perfectly he summed up Ugmonk.

. . . . .

I know many of you are also small business owners and creatives so I thought it might be helpful to have Cole share a few writing tips you can use to better tell your own stories.

* Cole is typing now *

As Jeff mentioned, I was brought on to tell his story and essentially tackle the infamously stubborn beast that is the wretched “About Us” page. 

Now, as I share a few writing tips down below, I will reference it. So, if you haven’t yet, please take a moment and give her a read...

I’ll wait… 

Back so soon? 

Very well. Let’s begin. 

Never start an “About Us” page with “About Us”.

The quickest way to ruin an “About Us” page is to begin with the headline “About Us”. Yet, despite this, every brand seems to start their story with those two awful words. 

Instead, you should write a headline that captures the reader’s attention. What I wrote for Jeff was… “I’m more so the fisherman”. Like the smell of baking sourdough, this arouses the curiosity of the reader, enticing them to read on.

Say what makes you different; truly different. 

I’m not sure if you’ve ever had the pleasure of talking with Jeff. But, I’m fairly certain he was born in the wrong era… a mistake by a higher power all of us are thankful for, being that we get the fortune of enjoying his work in real-time.

Jeff, in many ways, is an old soul; an old soul that cares a great deal about quality over quantity, less over more, lasting over “trending” and profound over popular. 

While I might not necessarily want my brain surgeon to have an old soul, my designer having an old soul sounds like a pretty good deal, does it not? 

In a world of fast-fashion and crappy products hidden behind good photography, a designer with an old soul and a commitment to designing products that last forever is a diamond in the rough.

Lastly, write how you talk. 

After talking to Jeff and listening to several podcasts he has been on, I got a better feel for his voice and energy. He’s steady, calm and collected… not unlike the products that he makes. I made sure this came through in his story. 

If you have trouble writing how you talk, grab a voice recorder and listen to yourself tell your brand’s story. Replay it for yourself and write down the bits that sound really good. This will help you write in a tone that sounds human versus robotic (looking at you Amazon). 

Oh, one more thing. 

If for whatever reason you find you need some help with your story, feel free to send me a note at


While we've built Ugmonk with a very DIY mindset (we even shot and edited our own video for Analog), I've learned that it's worth hiring someone who is an expert at their craft for some things. Cole was definitely worth it! (his email newsletter is amazing too)

Jeff Sheldon

. . . . .

P.S. I'd love to hear what you think of how Cole captured our story.

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