Hey there,

This may not be a surprise to you, but the Tim Ferriss effect is real.

After Tim recently sent out the 5-Bullet Friday email mentioning our Sampler Box, we sold out just in 15 hours. Nicely done on making a quick decision and getting yourself one!  You were not one of the hundreds of people who missed out!

That being said, I’m very glad you were able to get your ‘shrooms and whether it is your first time drinking mushrooms or not...keep reading.

Reishi, Chaga, Elixirs, Mushroom Coffee!?

I know...all this mushroom lingo can be a bit confusing, and we didn’t make it easy by sending you 8 different packets at once. That’s why we’re here to help.

Here are two very simple concepts you can use.

#1) Every day #Onshrooms.

There’s a reason you received 8 different products. These functional mushrooms are safe to consume daily...so there’s no risk of overdosing (it always feels weird saying that).  In fact, there’s a certain daily regimen for mushroom consumption, so don’t be held back by only sipping one packet of Mushroom Coffee per day.  

Here’s a common example of daily mushroom routine:

7AM: Grab the day by the horns with a Chaga Elixir (their antioxidant properties are the perfect way to start your morning)

2PM: Beat the afternoon blues with a Coffee with Lion’s Mane pick-me-up

6PM: Get yourself a pre-workout cup of Cordyceps Elixir to even out your energy levels and guarantee a high-impact workout

10PM: Kick back with book and prepare to nod off with our Hot Cacao with Reishi

This is just one example of how to make the most of your day with our products. You’ll find your own way, and when you do, be sure to tell us.

The bottom line is, we believe life is better when we’re #onshrooms, every day, all day.

#2) The Level of Shroominess.

Many ask what the difference is between the Mushroom Elixirs, Coffees and Hot Cacaos. This is actually more simple than it might sound. The easiest way to explain it is by scale of shroominess.

Little Shroom-y: We don’t offer any products that don’t have enough mushrooms to feel the benefits. Those are waste of your hard earned money, so be aware of pills, capsules and proprietary blends.

Quite Shroom-y: Mushroom Coffees and Hot Cacaos: Internally, we call both of these our gateway products (pun intended). The mushroom flavor is less present and masked either by organic cacao or coffee. Also, the dosage of active mushrooms is lower than the Elixirs. These still have enough active ingredients to get the benefits of each mushroom, they just taste less potent.

You can think of these like bottle of wine...not the highest alcohol content but one glass can be felt.

Most Shroom-y: Mushroom Elixirs: Elixirs have up to 3x more mushrooms than Coffees and Hot Cacaos. It’s almost like drinking a mushroom straight up. Feel free to mix these with your own coffee, or just simply add to hot water. Using the same alcohol comparison, these ones are like straight up vodka.

People get pretty creative with Elixirs so make sure to check out ideas from our Instagram page on how you can too! (hyperlink Instagram).

What next? How to continue my mushroom journey?

I want to make your sample box essentially free. For all of you who spent $10 to get the pack, we want to offer you a $10 coupon. Use the code 10TIM in the next 36 hours.  

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, well that’s what we’re here for.  Hit reply and we’ll help you out!

On Shrooms,

Tero, Founder

Ps. To make your sample box essentially free. For all of you who spent $10 to get the pack, we want to offer you a $10 coupon.

Use the code 10TIM here in the next 36 hours.  


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