Hop-Heavy Stone RuinTen Triple IPA rebrewed for a limited time
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We're celebrating our favorite beer style

Stone’s #1 Voted Fan Favorite Beer Now Available Nationwide 

Hop-Heavy Stone RuinTen Triple IPA rebrewed for a limited time

ESCONDIDO, CA (April 27, 2022) – Stone Brewing announces the re-release of a fan-favorite beer known for its gigantic hop flavor, Stone RuinTen Triple IPA. This beer was the #1 voted choice in Stone’s 2022 Fan Favorites Series of six special releases. It has been rebrewed and is now available nationwide for a limited time.


To understand the full ruinous qualities of Stone RuinTen Triple IPA, let’s revisit an even older fan favorite, Stone Ruination IPA. In 2002, Stone Ruination IPA became the first full time brewed and bottled West Coast style Double IPA on the planet. In effect, it quickly became the most widely available example of the style. At the time, it was an attack on the palate, quite literally off the bitterness charts. So naturally, Stone celebrated Stone Ruination IPA’s 10th anniversary with even more hops. Stone’s brewers raised the ABV to 10.8% and upped the bitterness with reckless abandon.


The combination of Centennial and Citra hops make for an abundance of tropical fruity flavors right up front. A pleasant maltiness balances the hops and the experience finishes with that long, lingering, gloriously ruinous finish that defines the West Coast IPA style.


“In Stone’s early days, we’d brew our hoppiest beer yet to celebrate each anniversary, which led to Stone Ruination IPA,” explained Jeremy Moynier, Stone Brewing Senior Manager of Brewing & Supply Chain and 18-year veteran of the brewery. “That shot to another stratosphere with Stone RuinTen. I absolutely love the extreme dankness, pine and resin that assaults you up front. It finishes with intense fruit, hints of malt, sweetness and has just a touch of warming, reminding you that this is a big beer.  Every sip transports me to hop harvest where intense hop aromas hit you wherever you go!”


Stone RuinTen Triple IPA is the third release in Stone’s 2022 Fan Favorites Series. The series is a lineup of limited release throwback beers voted on by loyal fans of the brewery’s prolific 25-year history. It is now available nationwide in 12oz six-pack cans, 22oz bottles and draft. Visit Shop.StoneBrewing.com for shipping direct to addresses in CA, OH, VA and Washington D.C. or locate the beer by zip code at Find.StoneBrewing.com.


​Name: Stone RuinTen Triple IPA
ABV: 10.8%
IBUs: 110
Web: www.stonebrewing.com/ruinten
Availability: Nationwide
Packaging: 12oz six-pack cans, 22oz bottles & draft
Find Beer: Find.stonebrewing.com


Appearance: Deep gold with an off-white, fluffy head. 

Aroma: Intense, dank and fruity hop notes. Lemon oil infused with nectarine, pineapple and tropical fruit, with hints of mint and spice.

Taste: An abundance of tropical hop flavors up front and carrying throughout the palate. A pleasant maltiness balances the hops midpalate. Finishes with a long, lingering, clean bitterness.

Palate: Full bodied but dry, with an alcohol fullness and sweetness. Very bitter! 




The San Diego-based Stone Brewing is the 9th largest craft brewer in the United States and an industry leader in environmental sustainability. Stone operates breweries in Escondido, CA and Richmond, VA, plus seven tap room and bistro locations and one of the nation’s largest craft-centric beverage distributors, Stone Distributing Co. The company’s long list of environmental efforts includes a LEED Silver Certification, world-class water reclamation, solar panels, creative uses of spent grain, and even live goats for ecological vegetation management. Stone has been called the “All-time Top Brewery on Planet Earth” by BeerAdvocate magazine twice. To find Stone beers, visit find.stonebrewing.com. For more information on Stone Brewing visit stonebrewing.com, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 


Stone Brewing 505 S. Pacific Street San Marcos, California 92078
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