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Knowing When To Harvest Your Vegetables

When The Time Is Ripe explains in detail how to recognize when to pick for best flavor and quality.

How And Why To Plant
​Cover Crop Seeds

We explain growing a cover crop to enrich and protect your soil, and demonstrate how to sow our Cover Crop Scatter Garden Seeds in a raised garden bed.

September In The Trial Garden

Harvest season is in full swing! We grew 'Rainbow Sherbert' Icebox Watermelon to take additional pictures for our website. These tasty little melons have either pink, orange, or yellow flesh. They grow easily, mature quickly, and have ripened well despite this season's cool summer nights. Reliable and delicious, this watermelon mix remains one of our favorites.

We also grew our
'Cinco de Mayo' Amaranth which literally glows in the garden. These colorful, leafy rosettes come on in late summer in bright yellow on green, hot pink on red, or tricolor. They are easy from seed, take minimal care, and provide wonderful color and interest at season’s end.

Our favorite Zinnia currently on trial is 'Queeny Orange Lime.' The three foot plants are absolutely covered with fully double, uniquely colored flowers with sherbet-orange exterior petals and lime inner petals. They are striking in the garden, make long-lasting bouquets, and attract all kinds of pollinators, checking all the boxes on our list of criteria for new flowers!

Recipe of the Month
Melon Blush Cooler

This thick, icy, fruity drink is wonderfully refreshing and delicious on a warm late summer afternoon.

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