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After a brief hiatus the Avid Newsletters are back! 

This edition is packed full of some fabulous vehicles we have had the privilege of working on over the past couple of months, as well as our latest event highlights, including an evening for Radical race cars, as well as an amazing opportunity to have Liam Lawson here for an evening, plus a quick recap of the Avid Car Caffe drives of late. Then it finishes up with our 'Home Detailing' product edit, which features our recommendations to enhance your garage or home workshop and keep those vehicles looking sharp!


We were lucky enough to finish last year strong and start 2022 even stronger, so we want to take this opportunity to thank all of customers, brands and partners for all of the support! Stay safe out there, and bring on a great 2022!

Team Avid x

Our Top 9 Instagram posts from 2021!


2017 Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge

A car as stunning as this one deserves to look its best! We had the pleasure of enhancing and protecting this Rolls Royce Wraith with partial paint protection film and full car ceramic coating. 

We carried out a paint correction process to flatten the clear coat and remove surface defects to bring back the paints shine and depth. We added a layer of Angelwax Genesis Ceramic Coating to lock in the shine and protect the paint from environmental factors, which aids in keeping the car cleaner for longer and makes it easier to clean when the time comes. We also applied Xpel Paint Protection Film to the front end to provide stone chip protection on the high impact areas, and allow the vehicle to be driven without worry. 

For more photos check out our Instagram post hereThere is also a fantastic video about the owner of this beautiful car, produced by Rolls Royce, which you can watch here.

2012 Lamborghini Aventador

It’s crazy to think this beauty was hiding under white vinyl wrap! This Lamborghini Aventador has been transformed using Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film, TredWear tyre letters, and personalised decals.

The intensive process began with removing all the white vinyl wrap from the paint. If vinyl is left on for too long it can etch in and damage the paintwork, luckily this Aventador's paint wasn't in too bad condition but we still needed to refined the paintwork before proceeding with the Stealth conversion. Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film can be used to give any gloss car a satin finish while protecting the paint from whatever the open road throws at it. For extra personalisation we finished it off with TredWear custom Race Font lettering, and decals.

For more photos, taken by Sam Parsons Photography, check out our Instagram post here

2020 Ferrari 812

Full body protection against stone chips and scratches with Xpel Paint Protection Film is the best option for ultimate on-road protection, especially for an epic car like this Ferrari 812.

 There was a little too much texture in the paint finish for our customer's liking, so we lightly sanded the paint work before polishing it to a smooth shine to make sure it was ready for the Paint Protection Film. Xpel’s in house software allows us to computer cut the patterns to high detail making the installation virtually invisible, and the extra paint prep work we did before applying the PPF was well worth it to produce this amazing result.


For more photos check out our Instagram post here

2019 McLaren Senna

This McLaren Senna speaks for itself and is such a special car to have had in the Avid workshop. This vehicle already had a small amount of PPF coverage but it's owner wanted to make sure the high impact areas were protected so Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film was the best solution.  One of the most advanced paint protection films on the market, Xpel Ultimate Plus offers an unparalleled high gloss finish with unrivalled impact protection, and our in house PPF experts are on hand to carry out even the most intricate jobs. 


For more photos check out our Instagram post here


Radical Race Cars Showcase

9th December 2021

In December we hosted Radical Sportscars NZ for the second stop on their National Roadshow tour, and to celebrate the arrival of the Radical SR10 to NZ. 

Greg Brink, head of Radical Sportscars NZ gave a great presentation and demonstration about the Radical SR10 and Radical SR3XX they had on display, which was followed by a BBQ and drinks. It was a great evening to celebrate these very cool machines which are now available in NZ.

For more information on Radical race cars head over to their website here

An Evening with Liam Lawson

21st January 2022

In January we had the opportunity to host 'An Evening with Liam Lawson'.
We transformed our showroom to accommodate 60 guests for a casual sit down BBQ and interview with Liam. 
Brent Jones lead the interview and Q/A portion of the evening, in which Liam told us a little bit about his previous seasons racing in the F2 and DTM series, as well as his goals for the upcoming season and all the prep work that goes into it. Guests were then able to ask Liam any questions they had, and afterwards Liam stayed around to spend time with his family, supporters and guests.

It was a fantastic evening and we are so grateful for Liam's time. It is so great to see such a genuine young Kiwi succeeding on the world stage, and we wish him all the best for the upcoming season!

Avid Car Caffe Meetups

While COVID-19 restrictions and limited numbers, due to the traffic light system, means that Avid Car Caffe gatherings may look a little bit different for a while, it doesn't stop us from driving and having fun!
Here's a quick recap of the last couple of monthly meetups: 


Wednesday 15th December 2021
We finished off 2021 with a very wet, very noisy and very fun mid week Tunnel Run. Starting at Avid we drove through the Lyttelton tunnel, up over the hill through to Sumner and then stopped in at Burgerfuel in Ferrymead for dinner. As it was so rainy we invited everyone back to Avid to eat their burgers and have a last catchup before the Christmas and New Year break.

Sunday 30th January 2022
For the first gathering back we were invited to have a tour of a great private car collection out in Rangiora. The owner arranged to open some of the sheds for us, which allowed us to view up to 100 of his 300 plus car collection. Once everyone had a good look through the collection we headed off for a drive through to Ashley Gorge for a picnic lunch and catchup in the sunshine.

Sunday 27th February 2022
February's meetup was a bit wet and overcast but still a great day out. We all met up at the Yaldhurst Hotel ready to head to Castle Hill for a picnic lunch. The route took us via Coalgate, into the Sheffield for a quick fuel stop, both for the cars and for the drivers (can't resist a Sheffield pie!), before heading through to Kura Tawhiti/Castle Hill conservation area for a walk through the boulders and picnic lunch. Once lunch was finish it was time to head home via Oxford for a quick stop, chat and coffee.

For more photos shared by owners head over the the Avid Car Caffe Facebook page. This is also the best way to keep up to date with what's coming up, especially the events section. The admin team has already been busy planning the two big drives of the year! Head over to the Facebook page for details about the upcoming Avid 666 (May 2022) and the Avid 2400 (September 2022).


The 'Home Detailing' Edit

Spending a little more time at home lately? Why not take the opportunity to upgrade the garage or workshop and give your vehicle some TLC. Shop our at home detailing picks below.


Engineered to last a lifetime, and made with the highest quality hardware, Vyper Chairs are the best workshop stools on the market! Available in a fixed or an adjustable model, these stools will look great in your garage or workshop!

$649.95 or $849.95



The Bigboi range has been designed to maintain the perfect paintwork appearance of your car by protecting it throughout the dry cycle, where most damage usually occurs. Available in three different sizes, Bigboi blowers are perfect for any job!

$229.00 - $699.99



Designed to work with low profile and lowered cars, 67-inch XT Ramps provide approx. 25cm of lift for better access to the underbody of your vehicle for service and maintenance. There is something for everyone's garage in the Race Ramps range!




Take the guess work out of what products to buy with this ultimate detailing kit! We have put together a kit which includes the best from the Angelwax range (plus Avid microfibre towels) and has all the basics you need to look after your car at home. 



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