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The March Edition

March 1, 2022

Hi Emma,

The last five days have been uneasy to wake up to as news of escalation in Ukraine continues.

Fellow team members share the anxiety felt by family and friends from the region, and I wanted to make this note to show that events like these affect what and how we create.

I believe I can say that we share the same hope, in that we march to a situation where freedom and peace prevail.


Subscription vs one-time fee

In terms of pricing, the difference is $15 per year versus $8 as a one-time contribution. As for organizing notes, GoodNotes uses a file-type structure on the computer while Notability offers a structure more suitable to notes. If you'd like to see a screenshot, I'd advise taking a gander at the blog.

Most importantly though, how does the note-taking experience differ? Both apps offer options to double-tap for the eraser, zoom in, change pressure settings, view functions, and laser pointing. The main difference is that Notability offers a record function. If you were to take notes during a class, you could record the lecture and take notes at the same time. If you want templates, take a look at Paperlike's free digital planner

Your iPad as your Notebook

*Shakes fists in the air* "If Steve Jobs was here, this would have never happened!" That's a quote shared by many when Apple introduced a larger screen for their iPhone arsenal. Since then, the company literally 10x'd in value - nice job there Tim. 

The reason I'm bringing this quote into the conversation is that Steve originally intended the iPad to be a category of its own, different from the notebook and the desktop PC. 

But recent developments at the patent office now reveal that Apple has designed an "exciting highly configurable modularized MacBook-like computing system" which brings the notebook experience one step closer to iPad (or vice versa?). The hinge would enable different postures and give connection space to attach accessories such as a camera, projector, microphone, or a light. You can read the full patent here.

Download freebies 

  • 🖌 [BRUSH] An awesome brush pencil. 
  • 🖌 [BRUSH] Neon brushes galore! 
  • 🖌 [BRUSH] The gold standard of brushes.
  • 🎨 [COLOR] The rawest honey colors. Ever.
  • 🎨 [COLOR] Digitalized vintage green colors
  • 🎨 [COLOR] Can't get more retro than this.
  • 🎓 [TUTORIAL] Step by step digital illustration.
  • 🎓 [TUTORIAL] 3D Lettering. OMG.
  • 🎓 [TUTORIAL] How to make black light glow.

Nomad's new leather cases

No affiliation, I just think it's a very cool case. Most of Nomad's leather products are small. Now they've launched their biggest leather product yet, a folio and case for the iPad Pro. 

You can get them in black or rustic brown. They've made the case thick enough to slim out the size of the camera module. The Apple Pencil still easily snaps right on but it does leave it vulnerable. On the inside, a soft, microfiber lining protects the iPad. The best thing yet is no branding on the product itself. 

So, great design, high-quality leather, great colorways, two different styles, protective, and ages nicely. But, heavy and the buttons aren't very tactile. Shout out to Apple Insider for the review

More updates

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