More than 10,000 physicians and medical scientists reclaim their leadership...
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The Health Secret Weekly Newsletter

October 24, 2021


More than 10,000 Physicians and Medical Scientists reclaim their leadership role in conquering this pandemic

C_V_D expert Dr. Peter McCullough stated in a lecture to a large audience in Michigan on September 24 that “We’re in the middle of a major biological catastrophe.” In his lecture, he said “there has been an injection of a substance into half of Americans’ bodies and there’s yet to be a report to America on safety.” Noting that every industry has high standards of safety, he said it’s “beyond astonishing” that there is no independent safety monitoring system for this situation. “We never let the company decide on the causality of a problem. We never let a company tell us if a product is safe,” McCullough said, and “Not having a Data Safety Monitoring Board will go down in history as a colossal misstep in public health.”


More than 10,000 Physicians and Medical Scientists Sign “Rome Declaration” in Protest, Launch New Information Platform to alert citizens about the deadly consequences of Covid-19 policy makers’ and medical authorities’ unprecedented behavior, such as denying patient access to lifesaving early treatments, disrupting the sacred, physician-patient relationship and suppressing open scientific discussion for profits and power. They have risen up to take a collective stand against authoritarian measures by corporations, medical associations, and governments and their respective agencies. The objective of the declaration is to reclaim their leadership role in conquering this pandemic.


Act Now: Sign the petition to convene a special grand jury to investigate the CDC’s conduct during COVID-19. It’s time to restore transparency and public trust through an independent investigation.



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