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Happy Sunday everyone. Are any of my readers doing Dry January? From alcohol-free aperitifs to virgin adaptogen cocktails, there’s never been a better time. Reply with your favorite alc-free brands for me to try.  
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Today's Special Guest

Today’s ICS looks a little different because you’re getting the inside scoop––pardon the pun––on what it’s like to work in the Dream Pops dreamland. Up first is Dream Pops’ Marketing and Partnerships Lead, Josh Sawyer. With a tenure of over 2 years with the company, Josh has seen it all. He’s not only helped build-out Dream Pops’ robust partnerships strategy but has also created killer content for the brand, helping amass almost 180k TikTok followers and near 5M likes

Here’s an excerpt from our interview. 

How did you hear about Dream Pops? What led you to join the team?

I had just moved to Los Angeles from NYC and was looking for a job in the CPG space. I had heard about Dream Pops while I was in NYC, but I reached out to a friend after moving here and he mentioned a friend of his had an ice cream company. Full transparency, I just wanted a job in the CPG space, and just needed to get my foot in the door. David and I connected in October 2019, I emailed him around 25 times, called him another 20, commented on every LinkedIn post, and finally, 5 months later he gave me a job. 

Walk me through a typical day. 

Every day for me is very different, but most days consist of me making as much content as possible. I also do a lot of partnerships with brands in Los Angeles. LA is our backyard so I try to do as many events as possible and get ice cream into as many hands as possible. I also do a lot of influencer seeding… you would be amazed at how much people appreciate free ice cream with a nice handwritten note. 

What was the highlight of your experience with Dream Pops in 2021? 

The highlight of 2021 for me was watching our growth as a company. We introduced the Dream Bite at the end of 2020, and we finally figured out how to scale the product. Watching so many retailers pick up the product, and then so many new consumers try and enjoy the product is why we do what we do.

What are you most excited about in 2022? 

2022 is going to be our biggest year yet. We have some very exciting new products launching this year. I’m very excited and proud to share them with the world. 

What are some of your dream partners to collaborate with Dream Pops?

Apple, Nike, Gucci, and Manchester United.

What tips do you have for another start-up looking to start a collabs strategy like Dream Pops?

Having a product that you can use as a canvas. If you want to collab with brands or artists, while still being able to market your own product it’s great to have a distinguished shape/product or brand that allows consumers to realize it’s your product even if it's co-branded. 

What tips do you have for brands looking to break into TikTok?

Just start filming and posting. Don’t worry about what you post, it’s not Instagram, people are sick and tired of photoshopped picture-perfect images. They want to see the human side of your brand. 

What resources do you use to be better at your job? Maybe it's people you follow, websites, apps, etc.

A big part of my job requires me to know just about everything that’s going in the world. In order to shape the culture, you must understand it. I’m always reading as much as I can and consuming other people’s thoughts and opinions. New York Times, Morning Brew, Axios are some of the daily reads. 


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Thanks for reading this week. As always, reach out with any feedback, questions, or themes you’d like me to tackle in an upcoming ICS newsletter. And if you’re doing Dry/Damp January, good luck. You’re officially over halfway there. 

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