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Happy Sunday everyone! 

What did you get up to this weekend? I was able to get up on stage at NOSH Live with my good friend, Fly by Jing CEO and founder, Jing Gao, to speak about the role of content in creating a brand & driving sales. It was so incredible to connect with others in the industry + learn from them. Feeling extremely inspired as I wrap up this week. Hoping the same goes for all my readers.

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Make Your Mistake, Then Pivot Fast

I hate when people say that Dream Pops was an overnight success. The truth is, I’ve been building the company with my team for 5+ years. And every seemingly β€œovernight” success or win the company has had has been built on countless mistakes, iterations, and pivots. 

One of the clearest examples of mistakes leading to successes has to be our experience trying to find the best way to design and package Dream Pops. 

Dream Pops is known for its visual identity and branding. Easily recognizable due to our geocentric design, our pops and bites are truly unlike any other frozen treat in the space. In addition to product differentiation,  our packaging is thoughtfully designed–keeping every last detail in mind. If you take a look at the photo below, you’ll even see that our diamond pattern connects between each cup and pouch.


Although our consistent, differentiated branding is a major strength today, that wasn’t always the case. In fact, it took over 3 years to get to where we are. 

Our Design & Packaging Journey

In true start-up form, our first bags were Uline pouches with stickers on them.  

Aside from not being scalable, we quickly discovered that our single packaged Dream Pops weren’t optimized for gross margin. Instead of burning through what limited capital we had, we quickly pivoted and transitioned to 4 packs–only using the singles for marketing and events. 

The next challenge we faced with our original packaging was material. Although the futuristic-looking plastic enclosure beautifully displayed each pop, they proved particularly challenging from a manufacturing perspective. Plus, the single-use plastic approach ended up conflicting with our brand values. 

We’d put an unimaginable amount of work into designing and contracting manufacturers to build out our early packaging, but even so, we scrapped the whole thing and went back to the drawing board. 
Thanks to customer feedback, quick pivots, obsessing over the details, and collaboration with groups like Hatch Design, I can proudly say we cracked the code on product design and packaging. 


If you want to learn more about our unique early B2B approach, I’ve created a deck that dives into more detail for subscribers here. It includes outreach templates, apps we use, and important strategies I’ve learned along the way, so definitely take a look.







Thanks for reading this week. I hope that you can translate some of the advice and insights above into your own life and career. As always, feel free to reply back with feedback, thoughts, and questions. 



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The Courage to Dream. The Will to Innovate. The Tenacity to Execute.

The Courage to Dream. The Will to Innovate. The Tenacity to Execute.

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