Get to know Dream Pops' Finance & Operations Lead, Natalie!
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Happy Sunday! Has everyone seen Twitter’s latest OOH campaign that went viral last week? It’s a true testament to the fact that self-affirmation is a major player in achieving your wildest dreams. Super fun thread to look through if you haven’t yet. After you read this newsletter, of course. 
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Today's Special Guest


Back again with a special edition of Ice Cream Sundays. Last week, you got to meet Dream Pops’ jack-of-all-trades Partnerships whiz, Josh Sawyer, who had some amazing insights to share about growing a new brand’s social following. But, good content only goes so far if you can’t keep the lights on…or in our case, the freezers running. That’s where Natalie Quarberg comes in. As Dream Pops’ Finance & Operations Lead, she does, well, a bit of everything.

Here’s an excerpt from our interview. 

How did you hear about Dream Pops? What led you to join the team? 

I discovered Dream Pops at Whole Foods when I moved to LA in the summer of 2020. I was immediately a massive fan of the Pops, like "going through multiple pouches a week" level fan. I was looking for a new job and networking with a lot of people in the CPG space and got connected to David through a few conversations and a couple of degrees of separation. I'm a huge proponent of having tons of conversations with people who are doing things you might be interested in or might be able to help you, you never know where it will lead!

What's your job title/brief explanation of what you do on a daily basis?

I do a lot of different things at Dream Pops, no two days are alike. Technically my title is Finance and Operations Lead, so I am involved in a lot of the day-to-day/behind the scenes work like supply chain, product development, margin optimization, financial strategy/fundraising, back end system improvements, preparing for our e-comm launch, measuring and weighing things, testing box sizes...nothing is out of the question. Josh would say I handle the clicking and clacking. 

What was the highlight of your experience with Dream Pops in 2021?

Helping to scale manufacturing of our Bites product line so that we can make enough product for all of our customers. This was a huge win for us as the Bites have become our top selling product and there were definitely months where we couldn't make enough to keep the product on the shelves.

What are you most excited about in 2022? 

Honestly, continuing to level up every day. Refining our manufacturing processes so our products get even better, launching new flavors and new products (!!!), making changes that seem tiny but that save us money and allow us to get product to our customers more efficiently. Pretty obvious that I am a huge nerd, but I love optimizing things.

What resources do you use to be better at your job? 

My network is super helpful, I am an ex-investment banker with a lot of friends/colleagues that ended up in consumer PE/VC so I love to pick their brains on what they see that's working and what's not. I like the Forerunner Ventures newsletter for general trends/thought pieces. We're making some software/system changes in 2022 that I am pretty excited about and will cut down on wasted time so then maybe I'll have time to read other things and work on getting better in other areas (jk, sort of, haha).


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