Digest - Vol. 36 | A festive summer medley...oysters vs. the Olympics, a flood of lemons, a chic lamp, a seafood boil recipe, dewy skincare suggestions and more.
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A Digest of Sundries - Vol. 36

Preserved Lemons with Loyale's Grey Gingham Linen

Hi friends! I still have a bushel of Eureka lemons leftover in my crisper drawers from my tree that produced prolifically throughout May, and now my dwarf Meyer lemon tree is ready to burst forth with hundreds more citrusy beauties. I need a plan, and it just so happens our talented pal, Josh Borden posted a fabulous recipe on his blog for Preserved Lemons (with Loyale's Linen), so I know what I'll be doing in my spare time. I need a distraction right now, as I have gotten too hooked on reading the news, and it isn't good. The drought is awful, the Bay Area fire season is looming, and the delta variant is wreaking havoc. So it's time to retreat to the kitchen and cook my worries away. Also, I thought it would be fun to run a lightning-quick promotion to celebrate the season - now through July 28th, all orders exceeding $48 will receive a complimentary Grey Gingham Linen, no code needed. I hope you're finding a festive way to unwind with summer in full swing...stay safe and be well!

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Seafood Boil Recipe
Watching - The White Lotus
Grey Gingham Linen Review
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