Digest - Vol. 35 | Reflections on grief and community, plus Tunisian harissa, Japanese Breakfast, Turkish enamelware and more
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A Digest of Sundries - Vol. 35

Jenny and Greg

Michelle Zauner and I are having a moment. She popped up on my radar when Crying in H Mart debuted at No. 2 on The New York Times’ Best Sellers list and I became a little obsessed with listening to a variety of podcasts spotlighting her. I find myself dissecting Michelle's approach to confronting her grief about losing her mother to cancer and how she is mustering the determination to find peace. I think I am looking for some kind of road map and have been for quite a while.

My brother passed away eight years ago and his birthday is in a few weeks, he would be turning 46. I don't know how I've survived this long without our talks and bear hugs, but I do know continuing to build Loyale brick by brick has helped me come to terms with his absence. The word community has a lot of meanings, but for me, it's comforting that Loyale has been one of the most crucial mediums for bridging the gap from soul-crushing sadness to the happiness I've derived from building relationships with you all...having you here means more to me than you might know. I see this Digest as breaking bread and staying connected with you has given me strength, much like the way a good meal can be fortifying. One of the biggest lessons from losing my brother is to not skimp on appreciation; it's essential to tell everyone, as much as you can, how much they mean to you. So, this month I once again say, thank you so much...you are the magic that allows Loyale to be a source of joy for me.


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