Digest - Vol. 37 | Hanging tough this fire season with mushroom risotto, cozy linen sheets, s'mores bars, a new take on the Boss’ Dancing in the Dark and more.
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A Digest of Sundries - Vol. 37

Jacob Witzling and Sara Underwood are building a self-sufficient cluster of artisan cabins in a secret spot in the Pacific Northwest rainforest

I don’t know if I’ve ever truly appreciated trees. Now that they are regularly becoming kindle for the mega-fires plaguing the globe, I find myself mourning all of the times I didn’t go spend significant time deep in the woods to absorb their grandeur and pay homage to their magnificence. These majestic souls that grace our planet have a healing power that I have been missing out on. Simultaneously, it’s disturbing to think about in the midst of a dire drought, the danger trees pose to human lives, clean air, and picturesque towns. Images of smoke and ash-drenched ruins wrench my heart for the communities affected and even more so, seem like a visual cry for help from Mother Nature. 

I recently stumbled upon this useful resource list from Gen Dread and they so eloquently state, “The process of realizing the dire track of climate catastrophe we are on understandably rouses painful and even despairing emotions. This is ultimately a good thing because we all need to feel about this crisis and not only think about it, if we are going to burst through our defenses that otherwise thwart action.” I hope you’ll check out some of their tips as we grapple with our fear about the future.

The below spotlights are either helping me get through this challenging month or are aspirational because sometimes daydreaming of traveling while we are once again moored in place due to Covid helps pass the time. Stay safe friends. XOXO

Jacob Witzling and Sara Underwood are building a self-sufficient cluster of artisan cabins
Killers of the Flower Moon
Bed Threads Dreaming Sheets
Smores Bar Recipe
Glass Cabin
Risotto With Mushrooms and Thyme By Carla Lalli Music
Lucy Dacus - especially her spunky rendition of Dancing in the Dark
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