The long and winding road is coming to an end...
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Our Last Digest of Sundries - Vol. 46

Greece Photos

Hi friends! Yes, you read it correctly, I will be triumphantly laying Loyale to rest in December. I say this with gusto because I feel great about the decision. I've been ruminating on the idea for some time but didn’t want to make a rash decision and blow up something so special that has been my life’s work since 2003. I decided to take this summer off to spend time with my family, travel, and put more effort into other work that is close to my heart.

Sometimes taking a break offers rejuvenation that allows one to forge ahead with renewed energy; other times, the break cracks something open and unearths unique feelings and realizations. One of my biggest takeaways? I am not Loyale, and I don’t need to identify as an eco-entrepreneurial crusader to be happy. The ego does a lot of things, but holding onto old concepts and situations to feel ‘comfortable’ is one of its most detrimental attributes. I have accomplished what I set out to do all of those years ago, and then some (see some scrapbook moments below)…I’ve shed through about 10 caterpillar skins over the last 19 years, so it feels lovely to savor the joy and opportunities Loyale has afforded me while also realizing it is my privilege to move on and allow room for new avenues of development.

As I wind down this chapter of my life, I’m amplifying my focus on running the Pine Cone Foundation. As Executive Director of this 501c3 organization, I am thrilled to be creating programs and grants that cultivate a better food future by supporting farming, ranching, fishing, aquaculture, and foodways in California. I hope you’ll give PCF a follow on Instagram and join me on this new journey…

The last day to make an online purchase is December 10th; Loyale’s online store will be permanently closed as of December 12th. We have one final, limited-edition collaboration with an amazing Japanese brand, Lino e Lina, that is now in the shop and there is a medley of our signature linens still available, so we hope you enjoy a little early holiday shopping. As a gesture of thanks, we’ll be offering 30% off sitewide with the case-sensitive discount code CIAO from today until the 6th. We also have a few fun events in December if you want to say goodbye in person…

I am so grateful for all of your care and support over the years. It’s been an honor to help you transition to a more eco-friendly lifestyle and share my life with you all…thank you so much! XOXO

 luxury cards with fun-loving designs
spending quality time with my brother, Greg
Visit our booth at two festive outdoor events this December!
I couldn't have pulled off managing Loyale without the help of friends and fam.
Proud Moments Include Gisele Bündchen wearing Loyale’s eco-bathing suit in a one-page Vogue spread
We're collaborating with the revered Tokyo-based brand, Lino e Lina, this holiday.
It was fun to have a variety of celebrities wear Loyale during my eco-apparel days…
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