The Mars rover easter egg, Secret of Manna, and plenty of good vibes from The Rubyverse
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No sugar means more fun
Dispatch 14
“If I write as though I were addressing readers, that is simply because it is easier for me to write in that form. It is a form, an empty form—I shall never have readers.” —Fyodor Dostoyevsky


What a wild week! Ruby has officially launched into the stratosphere and we couldn't be more grateful for the love and support. I'll keep this short because we need to get to the insanely amazing recommendations, but a quick link to a high moment of the week for me. Please go and buy Ruby at any Whole Foods in the Northeast. As a new brand in the market, it's important that we move off those shelves!!! You can also buy on our site and get 10% off when you enter the promo code RUBYNAUT at checkout.

We've got some fun things planned over the next month. If you're in NYC and want to pop by WILDAIR today, we'll be giving out Ruby + mezcal til the sun goes down. If you haven't yet found out what character in The Rubyverse you are, I recommend texting our android at 414.404.6490. For the newbies joining us this week, this is our weekly Dispatch, where we give you a peek behind the curtain of what is inspiring us at Ruby HQ this week. Big love.

As you may or may not have picked up by now, there are two things we love: space and easter eggs. This week we got both with NASA's Mars Rover's parachute.
Rubynaut Wunsch read this delightful short story in Paris about 6 years ago. It's about a breakup in the metaverse. Swoon.
Paul Krugman's article on the internet. From 1998. LOL.
The haikus of twitter are a vibe. However, we're unsure what kind of vibe they are.
The art of the cover letter, from people who know.
Secrets of Manna

We have so so so much love for Secrets of Manna. And they have love for grills.

Niki de Saint Phalle at MoMA PS 1, an exhibition straight from the Rubyverse. Thank you Rubynaut Jared Graf for bringing to our attention...

An installation of 100,000 cherry blossom petals is now up at the Setouchi City Art Museum. Come to NYC pwease...

It turns out that Keith Mcnally is an architecture troll

It's finally here... Super Nintendo World officially opens in Japan. Ticket booked.

Byron Westbrook

We're still searching for the ancient scriptures we misplaced, which prove that Yo-Yo Ma is an ageless Rubyverse ancestor, but in the meantime, the man performed an impromptu concert at a COVID vaccine center.

Basquiat walking the CDG S/S show in 1987 is all we ever wanted... Shout out to No More Rulers for sharing.

We're not sure whether the visions or the waves are better, but Byron Westbrook's "Vision Waves" is doooooope.

If you want to get "heady" (dadjoke, wait for it), here's Saul Steinberg's "Social Masks," which we like to pretend inspired The Mask.

Yeek, Lumbago.

Nine images straight from The Rubyverse...

The source code
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