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The Satanic Temple Newsletter October 2021
Latest News
  • The Satanic Reproductive Freedom Fundraiser - In August we set out with a goal to raise $200,000. Due to generous support, the fundraiser was a success and we were able to meet our goal. During the time of the fundraiser we’ve announced that TST sent a letter to the FDA demanding unrestricted access to RU486 for religious use and that TST has created our own abortion counseling materials as an alternative to the state-prepared written materials that Minnesota requires patients to receive prior to obtaining an abortion.
  • Religious Reproductive Rights Rally - On September 25, TST held a rally on the Utah Capitol steps in Salt Lake City to inform members about TST's religious exemptions that protect reproductive rights. Roughly 500 people attended the rally. A small group of evangelicals tried unsuccessfully, to disrupt the speeches. Read more about the rally here

  • TST & SB8 - The Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act (TRFRA) provides a mechanism to obtain an exemption from certain laws that restrict the free exercise of religion. Because SB-8 imposes an undue burden on the ability of TST members to perform our religious Abortion Ritual, the first step in defending the rights of its members is to seek an exemption under TRFRA. If the state declines to provide such an exemption, TST can seek judicial relief from the law. TST encourages any member who resides in Texas and wishes to undergo TST’s Abortion Ritual within the first 24 weeks of their pregnancy to contact The Satanic Temple so we may provide assistance. Read more here

Culture Corner. Poem No. 675 (“Pruning”) by John S. Hall

One can imagine

How useful, how necessary

Pruning can be

To strip down the conversational style

To its essence

So that the essence

Can be what it is

In all of its truth and brilliance




Perhaps quiescence:

Bear witness

As the latent &

Inherent music

Emerges from its cocoon

Of quiet, infinite potential

Experience the spiritual

Feel the movement

Of the infinitesimal:

The movement

That is nothing

Other than movement

Dance to the rhythm

That defines, delineates

Arranges itself in forms

That inform and misinform

That lead and mislead

Recognize that you are nothing

Other than the everything

That is everything

Sense that everything that

The senses sense as separate

Including the self

Is an aspect of the one




Tap into the Consciousness

That is where everything is

And is everything

There lives the dearest freshness

Deep down things

The world is charged

And I am charged

When I plug in

When the connection is made

All that isn't real

Can fall away

All I have to do

Is see that

It isn't really there 

John S. Hall is a poet/spoken word artist, musician (if ukulele counts), and singer-songwriter. He has released numerous recordings, including nine albums with various incarnations of his band King Missile.
He is the author of a collection of poetry (Jesus Was Way Cool) and a self-help parody (Daily Negations), both on Soft Skull Press, and over 100 unpublished children’s stories. His most recent releases may be found at here and here.


Spooky Vegan Pumpkin Soup


▪  3 lbs of pumpkin 
   (any variety)

▪  White Wine

▪  Olive Oil

▪  Smart Balance (or other 
   buttery substitute)

▪  Oat Milk

▪  Salt & Pepper

▪  7 Spice (Purchased at any
   Lebanese market)

▪  1 Spanish Onion

▪  1 Vidalia

▪  4 cloves of garlic confit

▪  Vegetable Stock

▪  Chili Crisp (any variety)

▪  Sherry Vinegar



Grab a pumpkin and weigh out 3 pounds. Gut it! Scrape down the insides, remove the seeds and place them in a bowl of water. You can either save the rest of the guts to add to the soup, or throw away. (You do not need to skin the pumpkin!)

Dry the seeds and toss with salt & pepper. Roast them at 370 - 12 min. (You can even deep fry at 350, which I like better.)

Cut the Pumpkin into 5x5 inch strips, season with salt, pepper, olive oil and some 7 spice. 

Put the pumpkin on a roasting rack, so the oil drips down, in a
400F /204C degree oven with no fan. 

Roast for one hour or until fork tender. 

Take the rack out and remove the pumpkin. Let it cool down. Skin the pumpkin with a knife. 

If you have some white wine, take your roasting rack, heat it on a stove and deglaze with it. Using a wooden spoon get the umami off the bottom of the pan (also known as the fond.) Make sure you cook out the booze from your wine.

Grab your onions and julienne them. (That means: slice them super thin using a sharp blade or a mandolin.)

Next up, grab some garlic cloves, Smash them with your hands. They don’t have to be chopped up. 

Then, heat up a pot, like a stock pot. Put some olive oil on the bottom and about 3 tablespoons of smart balance. Melt the butter in the oil till the dairy fat is almost completely gone. The oil/fat should be completely translucent at this point. You want the butter to start to brown. As soon as that happens, put the onions & garlic into the pan with a little salt. This will sweat your onions and garlic making the moisture leave and cool down the hot oil. 

Once all of these are translucent, take your pumpkin and add it, let the pumpkin and the onions and farlic start to caramelize a little bit. The fastest way to do this is to just slightly burn the bottom. ( Again, you are incorporating umami flavors.) Just make the mix slightly brown (you don’t have to do this but I highly recommend it). 

Once it starts to brown, add the vegetable stock. You can purchase store bought stock or make your own (just bring an onion, a celery stalk and a carrot to a boil with a bayleaf for about 1 hour. Remove from heat and strain).

Simmer everything for about 1 hour maximum. 

Turn off the heat. 

Carefully strain the contents, saving the liquid. 

Cut up about ½ tablespoon of smart balance, keep cold. 

Place in a blender, some pumpkin, onion, garlic mix with a dash of vinegar & salt. Throw in your cold butter substitute and pour a little bit of cold oat milk in there. Don't add too much cream-just about 1/4th a cup for every 2 cups of pumpkin mix.  

Pour in 1 cup of hot broth as the blender is going. Puree till smooth and let it melt until everything has been completely incorporated. 

Take out your bowl and enjoy your pumpkin soup! 

Place a couple drops of chili crisp around the middle. Add the toasted pumpkin seeds and a little herb for garnish.

Thank you and Hail Satan.  
Adam Ostrofsky

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