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Founder's Note

Hello, Aljolynn! Did you watch the latest season of "Sex Education" on Netflix? If you haven't watched any of the episodes or the new season yet, I highly recommend it. And here's why:


Communication is the key focus in this show. You witness how miscommunication and proactive communication impact relationships. I really appreciate how characters generally come back to each other after an agreement and have real-life'ish conversations. Of course there's added drama to keep the show entertaining but they have honest conversations about how they feel, what's going on in their heads, their intentions, and so much more. In terms of communication, folks are def woke. Is a therapist advising on the show?

BODY IMAGE (TW: sexual assault + body dysphoria)

As a cis-queer woman, I stan how the show navigates young folks' relationships with their bodies. Aimee is trying to overcome her sexual assault trauma and reconnect with her body, and we love how she dives into researching what vulvas look like and then applies it to her passion for baking via Vulva Cupcakes.

Season 3 also explores gender identity and body dysphoria. While I, as a cis-woman, do not know what it feels like to be non-binary or trans I have educated myself on the dynamics and intricacies of not being cis but I'll never know first-hand what it's like. This season helped me witness what it can be like for young NBs and trans-folks to navigate how to be comfortable in their own bodies, internally and externally. There's a moment in the show where the main non-binary character, Cal, is getting reprimanded for their appearance but they are strong in their self-advocation by asking the Headteacher, "So they're a good NB and I'm a bad one? I think it's interesting how you divide us." 


I'll keep this section short but we know young people are talking about sex, so I appreciate that this show focuses on that and how we can positively communicate with our peers and if you're a parent or guardian, how you can proactively communicate and educate your young one. The more they know, they more empowered they can feel to make the right and best decision for them and their sexual health and journey. 

In terms of sexual health, they promote safe sex practices. There's an episode dedicated to this where some of the characters go to a clinic to ask the questions that they sometimes don't feel comfortable asking their adult and the health practitioner gives them factual and real-talk guidance. It's beautiful.

I know this is supposed to be a short introduction into the weekly newsletter but there is so much right happening in this show. I highly recommend, it will make you laugh, cry, scream, smile. When it comes to the connection to mind, body, and soul, relationships with our self and others, and how we can better communicate, this show makes me feel seen.

What's made you feel seen lately? 

xo, Aljolynn


Art and post by @soni_artist

No woman should be harmed and of course we wish that any missing woman will be found alive but we know that isn't always the case. But we also strongly believe that any missing person deserves equal attention and energy for each case. 

Did you know that in the same area that Gabby Petito went missing, there were over 700 cases reported of missing indigenous people, mostly female, between 2011 and 2020? And there's a keyword in there, reported. Not every missing person gets reported. 

And speaking of reporting, we live in a time where missing white women are given disproportionate media attention compared to missing indigenous women and women of color. Learn more about Missing White Woman Syndrome here. Schuyler Bailar provided a helpful breakdown on what this is and how it impacts women of color who have been murdered or gone missing but are not given the same amount of attention or energy as white women.

And learn how to support the promotion of equal attention and energy by at least following #mmiwg or supporting groups like these:

Native Womens Wilderness

Black and Missing Foundation

On Thursday, September 30, Support Orange Shirt Day too because every child does matter. 



We've teamed up with Aisle to help menstruators have a more sustainable, healthier, and enjoyable period. We've been in love with their reusable period products since they were known as Luna Pads, and are thrilled over the fact that they are the leading period underwear brand when it comes to non-toxic, organic, safe-for-your-body! 

Aisle and Lady Box are both offering a $50 gift card to our online stores. Click the button below to learn how to enter, and for your chance to win!



Photo by Miriam Alonso from Pexels

Your period and sex are both opportunities to take some time to connect with yourself, appreciate your body, and stretch deeply. Movement can help with menstrual cramps (period sex is also a great way to relax those cramping muscles!) and limbering up ahead of time can make sex easier and more enjoyable. Plus, regular stretching can help improve flexibility, making it even easier to get creative with your positions.

Restorative yoga where there is an emphasis on support, relaxation, and deeper stretches is a great place to start when looking to stretch during these times. With the help of Kara Rubens, a certified yoga instructor, Briana Ryan compiled a list of some of her personal favorite yoga poses that are especially beneficial for menstruation and sex.



We picked up this book from our favorite local lifestyle and bookstore, Away With Words, a few weeks back and are obsessed with how self-empowering this book is! An encyclopedia for your lady bits, this book is packed with images, illustrations, and information to help you better understand what's going on with your body, in a fun and memorable way. 

Maybe listen to this playlist while you read the book.

GET LIT(erary)


Lady Box is a sex-positive and life-affirming company, so we are all about finding ways to empower ourselves and others when it comes to their bodies and pleasure. Blogger and sex advice columnist, Ashley Cobb, is all about that too. Her no-holds barred, helpful sisterly-like advice and story-sharing helps us feel less shame when it comes to our sex-related questions and curiosities. 


April Davis is the best friend you go to for all things vulva, vagina, bewbies, and sex. Want to know the best vibrator for solo play? Or the sexiest sex toys to use with your partner? She's your gal. We agree with her Instagram profile bio: I'm the reason you slightly tilt your phone away from others when you're scrolling. She is shameless when it comes to sharing information to help you feel empowered about your body - should you be born with breasts and a vagina. 


Rainbows + body empowerment = YES PLEASE! If you like kinda hippie, kinda bruja, and always hood fashion and lifestyle, then check out Sol y Luna's Rain-boobie t-shirt. Pick your t-shirt color and rainbow colors, purchase, and then wait for it to arrive at your doorstep.🌈❀✌😎



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