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Vol. 1 Ed. 2

Dear GW Rowing Alumni, Current Oarsmen, Parents and All Interested in GW Men’s Rowing:

Greetings from the newly formed Friends of George Washington Men’s Rowing (FOGWMR for short)!

Following last season’s IRA Championship success, where the team placed a program high 7th place and 2nd in the Most Improved Chapman Trophy, there is much good news to share with you about George Washington Men’s Rowing as of fall 2021. Things have changed, but GW is still a force on the water. These guys are serious about GW Rowing. If you have any doubts, check out this training video.

Meet The Team

Student Body Leadership

Patrick George Aidan Rowland
The program has transformed into a club program, a student organization operating as George Washington Men’s Rowing, but now under the Recreational Sports Office, rather than the Athletic Department. Former Captain Paddy George is the President and Aidan Rowland is the Vice President. These student athletes will be responsible for managing team operation and working with the GW Administration and Parents.

Coaching Leadership

Head Coach: Nate Goodman

Rowed at Montclair High School, then four-year oarsman at Yale. Nate went on to serve in the US Navy, before returning to coach at Cincinnati Rowing Club, Anchorage Rowing Center and then taking over operations at the Thompson Boat Center.  Please see Nate’s report to the alumni below

Assistant Coach: Dusan Nikolic

Rowed at University of Washington, coached for Pocock Rowing Center and was Head Coach of Walt Whitman Rowing.

Novice Coach: Brian Comey

Coxed at Mercyhurst and was Head Coach of William & Mary Club Rowing.


The team is current made up of 29 oarsmen and 5 coxswains. Of the oarsmen, 5 are novices. Many from last year’s team have returned and Coach Goodman reports excellent upperclassmen leadership. The 2021 – 2022 
Coach Goodman said the coaches are very excited to be at GW with this team and thinks GW will remain a respected power.

From The Coach

“Our program finds itself in a unique moment this October. The athletic department cutting its support for the team creates many new challenges, from lost academic support to raising all the necessary funds for a racing program ad hoc. I would not have been surprised had most of the returning athletes decided to hang it up; the responsibility on their heads is magnitudes greater than it was as a varsity program. The upperclassmen have had to transition from being merely oarsmen to being the financial planners, recruiters, decision makers, and logisticians for an entirely new team. It is a much larger ask than I am sure many of them envisioned last year when they decided to stay at George Washington. I am pleased to report that the guys are attacking the new year with vigor, both on the water and in planning for the club. We aim to mount a successful inaugural campaign for the next phase of GW men’s rowing.We began our Fall season at the Head of the Potomac and look forward to racing the collegiate eight at The Head of the Charles on October 24. We will then race three boats at The Head of the Schuylkill on October 30, and finally we will race all athletes at The Head of the Occoquan November 7. We view these races as a chance to break the new rowers into the team and create experience to build on into the Spring racing.

The squad is now composed of 34 athletes, including 13 returning rowers, and 1 returning coxswain. Among the 20 new faces, 4 are coxswains, and 11 have previous rowing experience, joining 5 brand new novices. Along with myself as the head coach, we have Dusan Nikolic, a former University of Washington rower, and Brian Comey, an ex-coxswain from Mercyhurst, on the coaching staff. Both have extensive coaching experience and I believe their contributions will be invaluable. Among the student-athletes, Brian O’Rourke is the newly elected captain of the team, Paddy George (last year’s captain) is the president of the club, and Aidan Rowland is the vice president. They, among the rest of the upperclassmen, are busy planning for our races, our training trips, and looking after the welfare of the team. I have the utmost confidence in them.

As we move through the year, I hope to meet with more of the alumni. The ones I have already met, I have found to be engaged in the future of the program, and I want to spread their and my enthusiasm further afield. The well-being of George Washington Men’s Rowing now rests even more heavily on your shoulders, and the athletes and coaches working towards betting shirts and medals are always thankful for your support. I will follow on with more news from the team, and more ways for you all to help the rowers here achieve their goals. While we face many hurdles, I am confident that the team will rise to meet them.” 

Per Aspera Ad Astra, Nate Goodman
(Through hardships to the stars)

Fall Schedule

Date Regatta Location / Details
Sept 26 Head of the Potomac

Washington, DC


October 24 Head of the Charles

Boston, MA

GW Boats:

Event 60 (Sunday 2:05 pm - Bow #34) - Men's Collegiate Eight (Current GW Oarsmen)

Event 34 (Saturday 2:24 pm - Bow #6) - Men's Masters Eight (40+) - (GW Alums) 

Check out the livestream here!

October 30 Head of the Schuylkill

Philadelphia, PA

November 6 Head of the Occoquan Fairfax Station, VA

After these races, the coaches will return to the Potomac to continue training, with a focus on form and technique before heading into the gym to begin a winter of strength and endurance conditioning.
From January 2 to January 9, the team hopes to go to Tempe Arizona to do water work on Tempe Town Lake. We need to help the team find boats for this week. There is a trailer that can go to collect borrowed boats, hopefully nearby.  Please reach out if you have any leads or can help! 

Contact Chris Hawthorne at

GWMR Fundraiser

The team has asked for our support, and we are pleased to do so.
As always, any great team on the water, needs the alumni off the water. PLEASE show your support now as GW Men’s Rowing needs us! See the ways to donate under the heading How to Donate, below.
The goal is to raise $100,000 for this rowing year, with $50,000 by 12/31. We can do this. Look at what the team has done. Help them get off the line at full power!
The following giving tiers have been established, with the associated premiums (aka “swag”):
Give and Receive:

  • $1-$499 - Third Varsity Tier
    You will receive a one-of-a-kind GWMR sticker!
  • $500-$999 - Junior Varsity Tier
    You will receive a GWMR sticker, as well as a print of GWMR on the Potomac during a sunrise row!
  • $1,000-$4,999 - Varsity Tier
    You will receive a GWMR sticker, plus a special one-off GWMR Varsity T-Shirt, perfect to wear around, maybe even while you’re on the Erg!
  • $5,000-$9,999 - Petite Final
    You receive a GWMR sticker, as well as a special one-off GWMR Varsity T-Shirt, and a guest of honor invitation to GW Invitational Men’s Rowing Dinner with the team and supporters.
  • $10,000+ - Grand Final Tier
    You will receive a GWMR sticker, a one-off GWMR Varsity T-Shirt, a guest of honor invitation to the Men’s Rowing Dinner, a seat in the Launch at the GW Invitational Regatta for a race of your choice, and naming rights to our coxless four, or new pairs.

How to Donate:

There are two easy ways to donate.

  1. Donate online by using the link
  2. Donate by mail. All donations should be addressed to:

    The George Washington University
    PO BOX 98131
    Washington DC 20077-9756

*On any written donations please make sure to address them to GW Men’s Rowing.

All donations go straight to GWMR and may only be accessed by the team for team needs. For those who want further confirmation that their donation has been processed, you may reach out to our Treasurer, David Herman ‘22, at

All contributions are appreciated more than words can express. We are all a larger part of the family that is GW Men’s Rowing. The team is excited to continue the legacy alumni oarsmen have helped forge.
We will not pester you with giving requests, but will report periodically about where we stand. Let’s raise high and raise fast!

Friends of GW Men's Rowing (FOGWMR) Formed

Now in formation is a new 501(c)3) charitable organization called the Friends of GW Men's Rowing Inc. (FOGWMR), initially formed by a concerned group of alumni rowers. Its initial Board of Directors and officers are Ben Adams, '93, Director; Connor Barley, '16, Treasurer and Director; Chris Hawthorne, '84, Secretary and Director; David Lincoln, '17, Director; Sandy Morrison, '60 (organizer of the original GW Men's Crew!), Director; Al Nadel, '71, Vice President and Director; Matt Russell, ’94, President and Director; and Jordan Volpe, '16, Director.
According to its Articles of Incorporation: "The purpose of FOGWMR shall be to use its resources to support, aid and assist the George Washington University Men’s Rowing program. This may also include broader activities to develop, promote and support members and alumni of the George Washington University Men’s Rowing program in furthering their rowing activities."
The FOGWMR has been incorporated in the District of Columbia. An application is now pending at the IRS to be recognized as a tax-exempt organization. Unfortunately, as the wheels of government grind slowly, especially at the IRS, that approval may not happen in 2021, but we will send an announcement when approval has been secured. Until such time, we ask all financial support flow through the GW system, as noted above. All dollars given to Men’s Rowing go to the Club.
The FOGWMR will begin fundraising promptly after receiving the IRS tax exemption approval. In addition to fundraising, the FOGWMR will be available to help with logistics involving the team, including races, events, publicity, and other aid that the team requests

Overall, things are looking good for GW Men’s Rowing. We can be a very strong rowing program and maintain and grow our 65-year-old community.

I have never been more in for supporting the team, our program, than I AM NOW. As Coach Goodman signed off, “Through hardships to the stars.” 
We can make all the difference!


Chris Hawthorne’84
Secretary, FOGWMR

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