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Hi friends!

We are so so excited to share our new website with you all! As of today, you'll notice some new features and design elements on our website. We've been working in the background to have our site on a platform that can give you a better and more seamless shopping experience! Here are some things to note:

We have 2 shipping tiers to make sure our shipping costs are affordable for you, but also sustainable for us. Lighter orders (think blends) will incur a $5 shipping cost, and heavier orders (think chai concentrates) will have a $10 shipping cost. In addition to this, for the first time ever, we have implemented a free shipping threshold. All orders over $100 will be eligible for free shipping!  

Price Increases
You'll notice that the price of our chai concentrates has increased by $1-2 across our sizes. We didn't want to do this, but in order to run a more sustainable business, we have to make sure our prices reflect internal price increases as well. This also allows us to keep producing our products at the same level of quality we always have :)

Positive reviews from loyal customers like you help others feel confident about choosing our products too. If you're into it, we'd be forever grateful if you left our products some love <3

We are so excited about this new look and hope you will be too! As we make this transition, there may be some glitches, so please reach out if you are having any issues. Lastly, all of the awesome artwork you see was done by Mumbai-based designer Mehek Malhotra, owner of Giggling Monkey Studios, with who we are so excited to have partnered for this project!

Chief Chai Officer @ One Stripe Chai

Get ahead of gifting this holiday season and check out our gift bundles!

Image of Blends Trio: Masala Chai + Rose Chai + Turmeric Latte

Blends Trio: Masala Chai + Rose Chai + Turmeric Latte


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Image of At Home Blends Collection - Chai + Turmeric

At Home Blends Collection - Chai + Turmeric


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Image of Ordinary Habit Puzzle + Chai Collab Bundle

Ordinary Habit Puzzle + Chai Collab Bundle


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More to come!

We’re working on finalizing our subscription program and creating a referral program so keep your eyes peeled for some more funzies!

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