Tune in as we demystify the world of AI tools and discuss practical strategies for educators and institutions. Take advantage of this enlightening conversation with Jean Mandernach on the Friday 5 Live podcast!

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Friday 5 Live!

Harnessing AI: A Toolkit For Success In Work & Learning

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Friday, November 17 


12:00-12:45pm (Eastern)

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A fresh AI tool or application emerges almost daily in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. But how can educators and professionals effectively leverage these tools in their work and teaching? Dive into our next Friday 5 Live podcast episode with Jean Mandernach, a distinguished online teaching and learning expert. Jean will guide us through the maze of AI tools, spotlighting her top recommendations and their ideal applications.

Harnessing AI: Tools, Tips & Techniques For Modern Educators

We'll delve deep into AI, offering insights and strategies to empower educators, students, and institutions. We will focus on identifying the best AI tools and understanding their potential to revolutionize teaching and learning.


  • Understanding AI: With tools like ChatGPT, Bard, Bing, and Claude making waves, what differentiates each of these applications?
  • The Cost of AI: Bard, Bing, and Claude are free, but ChatGPT offers complimentary and premium tiers. What sets them apart, and is the free version truly adequate?
  • AI for Everyone: Beyond its application for educators, how can students and administrative staff harness the power of these AI tools? Are there tools specifically tailored for different user groups?
  • AI Pitfalls: Are there any AI tools one should approach cautiously?
  • Ethical AI: In the age of data privacy concerns and intellectual property debates, how can users navigate the ethical landscape of AI?

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