Sustainability is important in everything we do
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Rivers of Adventure and Wine

UnCruise Creates Small Footprints

UnCruise is proud to associate our brand with other brands that share our values of sustainability and responsibility in the wilderness, along with a love of adventure in that wilderness. These include the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Seafood WatchNational Parks Conservation Association and Alaska Geographic, among others. Find out more about our community impact and partnerships.

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December in Hawaii

A rare charter cancelation means that we now have space available for guests on Safari Explorer's December 4, 2021 sailing of Hawaiian Seascapes.

Cruising between four islands—Molokai, Lana‘i, Maui, and Hawai‘i, the Big Island—experience a new aloha aboard a 36-guest boutique yacht.


  • Talk with a local Kahuna in Molokai’s ancient Halawa Valley
  • Hike Hualalai Volcano—peer into the crater or venture inside a lava tube
  • Two National Historic Parks offer time with a ranger, on the beach, and for water play
  • Evening pa‘ina (feast) and Hawaiian jam session with Molokai locals
  • Lunch at a mountainside coffee plantation
  • Search for dolphins, whales, and other sea life in the Humpback National Marine Sanctuary
  • Snorkel among coral gardens and at a sea turtle habitat
  • Island history at the Lana‘i Culture and Heritage Center
  • Snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, and skiff exploration
  • Exclusive yacht getaway—unforgettable for honeymoons


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New news on our return to Alaska

Vote For Your Favorite Boat!

We love all of the boats in our fleet. They each shine in their own ways and are perfect for different guests. Which boat is your favorite? Now is your chance to let us and the world know your favorite boat and why.

Wilderness Explorer's lounge full of windows? Safari Quest's heated tile floors in the bathrooms? Safari Explorer's carved woodwork? Which boat have you traveled on and loved? Which do you want to sail on next? Let us know!

We have created a set of recap videos for each boat. Download your favorite and share it on social media with the hashtag #UnCruiseMyFavoriteBoat. We'll choose the winner of a hat featuring your favorite boat from the hashtags. 

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Never Miss an Episode of No Ordinary Adventure

Our never ordinary adventure podcast, hosted by Captain Dan Blanchard, weaves together narrative stories about his time on the sea, supporting sustainable travel, industry news, travel tips, and real conversations about creating adventure at any age. This is a place for a community of nature lovers, intrepid travelers, and industry experts sharing their love of this fascinating planet. This is a place to fill your heart and your head with travels in nature, hear interviews with people around the world and the movement behind Dan creating his own high-end travel company.

Subscribe to the podcast via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts so you never miss an episode!

Recent episodes have included:

  • Under the Surface with Ocean Filmmaker Mimi DeGruy 
  • Eyes for Cruising with Worldwide Photographers Merrill Images
  • An American Overseas in a Pandemic - Bite Size Stories with Writer Todra Payne
  • and more!
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From the Field - Snorkeling the Keku Islands

From The Field -  Finding a Bear Toilet in Crab Bay

It's been an amazing season thus far for bears. In this blog post, Expedition Guide Taylor from Wilderness Adventurer takes us bushwhacking with her band of adventurers through an area often visited by bears, and discusses what you can learn when you find a bear toilet!


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COVID-19 Travel Policy

COVID travel policy, including testing and masking requirements, varies by destination. Be sure to stay up to date on the policies for your travel destination!

COVID-19 Travel Updates

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* Note ALL guests must be fully vaccinated to board with proof of vaccination AND a negative molecular/PCR test no less than four days before departure. Masks are required indoors when not eating and drinking and when not socially distanced.

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