🐳UnCruise is the only overnight adventure boat permitted in Hawaii in 2021!🐳
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Molokai Paena
UnCruise Granted Permission to Operate in Hawaii

The Hawaiian islands are special. Due to its isolation, the local government is very careful to protect its people and their resources. Only recently have tourists been allowed. As part of that, large groups of people from the big cruise lines will not be invited back until some time in 2022.

With our small size, our history of good stewardship, and our relationships with the local people, the state has granted UnCruise permission to run our Molokai to Kona (and reverse) Hawaiian Seascapes adventures effective immediately. We are honored with their trust and so glad to bring our guests in to see this amazing place. Let the snorkeling, whale watching, and kayaking begin!

Our guests have been enjoying remote interisland Hawaii adventures since Thanksgiving. Will your clients join us onboard?

Read the Press Release
Baja Whale Tail

Safe Travel in Baja Sur

We're counting down the days until we start up in Baja (36 days, if you were wondering!!)

The fun in the sun and the water is awesome - but guest and crew safety is our number one priority. With our extensive safety and testing experience from the Alaska season, we stay on top of all of the latest. And we want you to know that you will be safe with us. 

Owner Captain Dan Blanchard was in Baja in November. Talking with our partners, the locals and testing out every detail. What he found was a place that takes COVID more seriously than some parts of the US. Watch his video interview about COVID safety in Baja Sur:

Small Population, BIG Vaccination in Baja Sur | Cruise Safe Mexico with UnCruise Adventures

Small Population, BIG Vaccination Video
Ford's Terror Waterfall

Ford's Terror Lottery

My eyes grew wide as I looked at the tide chart for the area this week as it looked like everything would line up just perfectly for a visited to this infrequently visited Shangri-la of Southeast Alaska. As we approached the entrance in our small boats, the waves and current were daunting but we had time on our side. Soon, the water at the entrance was calm and placid and we made our entry into the fjord. The narrow walls rose above us as we made our way past the crux of the journey and waterfalls large and small made their way down the 1,000 ft. cliffs around us.

Read the Ford's Terror Lottery Blog
Tiny Snowman

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