It's time to think about winter and spring! See the whales of the Sea of Cortes with UCA!
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Gray Whale Excursion

Two Inspiring Adventures Whales & Whale Sharks

Whale Shark

Whale close encounters are on most travelers' must-see bucket lists. One of the most charismatic is the gray whale in Magdalena Bay in Baja Sur, Mexico. Like their humpback cousins, the gray whales migrate to warm waters to give birth in the winter months. From January through mid-March, guests on our Baja's Bounty cruise get to meet the new family members. Small groups go out in a shallow hard sided panga boat into Magdalena Bay to see who is willing to come visit. We always have the utmost respect for the mothers and their calves. They are interested and curious about who and what we are, and almost without fail they will come quite close to investigate. The smell of a whale's breath, the sound of them surfacing right next to your boat, the feel of their skin under your fingers (if we get whales so curious), and the sight of an eye right next to your head - photos can never capture that experience. It has to be lived. 

Guests sailing the Whale Sharks, Whales, and Mobulas itinerary in April through June have yet another incredible encounter - swimming with whale sharks in La Paz. Whale sharks are fish and not truly whales. The largest fish in the sea, they are the size of their neighbors and awesome to behold with their gaping mouths and spotted sides. Never fear, though. Like the humpbacks and gray whales, whale sharks eat plankton and small fish.

We are excited to be back in the Sea of Cortes and invite you to come along with us! 

Book Whale Sharks, Whales, and Mobulas and couples save $500 per cabin!

Singles on the Whale Sharks cruise dates pay the double occupancy rate - the single supplement is waived completely!

Enjoy adults-only sailings on March 26, April 23, and May 28.

Baja's Bounty
Whale Sharks
Kyann Lewis and Family on Legacy

What It's Like To Spend A Week Sailing Alaska's Inside Passage is a blog about families traveling the world together. As a member of the Family Travel Association, blogger Kyann Lewis and her family bring that perspective to every location they visit and trip they try. We were pleased to have her with us aboard Wilderness Legacy this summer. On the site you will also find entries about What To Pack For an UnCruise in Alaska and A Teen's Favorite Things About Sailing With UnCruise. Great reads, all three! 

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Becoming Part of the UnCruise Community
To go on an UnCruise is to see and do amazing things in hard to reach places. But the greatest part of the cruise is the crew on board and the other guests that you meet from all walks of life and all over the world. We are encouragers, teachers, and life-long learners. 
Read the full blog to learn about how we build our community together and in our connections to the communities where we travel.
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Sarah Schwimmer Guiding Kelp Bay AK
We Love Our Guides
Our Expedition Guides are what brings the wilderness to life for you. Their knowledge and experience will blow you away, but they also specialize in making it fun! There is a reason that we call this summer camp for adults. It's hands-on learning, always entertaining. 
While they are teaching and entertaining you, our guides sometimes say the funniest things! Can you remember a quirky phrase that your guide used a lot, or perhaps on one memorable occasion? Let us know! 
What Funny Thing Did Your Guide Say?

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