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2022-2023 UnCruise Adventures Brochure

2023 Cruises are Ready to Sail Now!

Trumpet Fanfare Please!!

UnCruise has released our new 2022-2023 brochure and website updates, and we are totally jazzed about it! There is so much to see, but here are some highlights:

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Mule Ride in Agua Verde
Agua Verde and the Romero Family

Agua Verde is a perfect example of the mindset that makes UnCruise special. The small boats are important. But it's also about taking the time to explore special areas that others never see. It's about building relationships with locals, hearing and respecting their lives and stories. 

In Agua Verde you will kayak in water so green your friends will accuse you of using a filter for your pictures. The mountains meet the sea in a special cove that is perfect for our kind of adventures.

Most special of all in Agua Verde is the relationship that we have with the Romero family. They are true rancheros. Their saddles are still made by hand and works of art. Mount up and ride along the beach, up into the back country, to an oasis. The views are spectacular. This is NOT a typical cruise excursion. This is what UnCruise is all about.

Meet the Romero family and take their burro ride on both Baja's Bounty and Whale Sharks, Whales, and Mobulas in 2022!  

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Guest wearing UCA hat
We Look Good on You!

You got back from your latest UnCruise and can't stop raving about it to all of your friends and family. Share your photos, share your stories, and bring someone along on your next adventure. (Don't forget past guest and referral savings !) 

Send us your best pictures of yourself, your friends, or the whole family in your UnCruise Gear to shop@uncruise.com and you may win a free hat from the online gift shop!

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Adult Only Fun Boat
Flying Solo on an UnCruise Adventure

We all have our own reasons to take an adult only trip. You’ve had waaay too much family-togetherness during the pandemic. Or you’re a teacher and you want to go by your first name and not “Mrs. Smith” for a while. You want a chance to have cocktail hour with your friends IN PERSON and not via Zoom. Heck, you might even want to meet new people, which is hard to do as busy working adults. There are as many good reasons as there are people, which is why UnCruise has started offering adult-only travel. For a list of current departures, see our Special Offers Page or ask your adventure specialist.

Read About Adult Only Travel on an UnCruise
Veteran Guest
New Limited Time Savings

We have so many great ways to save, most for a limited time only! For details see our Special Offers page or ask your adventure specialist, but here are the highlights:

  • Solo travelers save with no single supplement 
  • Early Bird booking savings for early Alaska travel 
  • Alaska Awakening savings $500 per person
  • Baja Adventure savings $500 per person
  • Long cruise savings $500 per person
  • Group Savings $1,000 bonus group savings
  • Adult Only Departures for Baja and Costa Rica & Panama
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COVID-19 Travel Policy

COVID travel policy, including testing and masking requirements, varies by destination. Be sure to stay up to date on the policies for your travel destination!

COVID-19 Travel Updates

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