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Hooray For Wave Season!

Everybody wants to get outta Dodge in 2022. But you want to find the safest, most fun, and best value trips. We are here to make that happen for you! 

The time period from January through mid-April is the heaviest booking time for cruise and adventure companies. We call that "Wave Season". We are celebrating the start of Wave Season with special promotions aboard Wilderness Legacy

For new reservations only, booked between January 4 and April 15, 2022

  • Wild, Woolly & Wow - UnCruise's most adventurous Alaska itinerary - aboard Wilderness Legacy - Save $500 per person
  • Inside Passage and Glacier Bay 12 Night Seattle to Juneau (or reverse) aboard Wilderness Legacy - Save $750 per person PLUS one complimentary hotel night (either Seattle or Juneau)
  • $0 Single Supplement on Wilderness Legacy 2022!
  • Groups of 8 or more booking aboard Wilderness Legacy save 25% (not combinable with other offers)
  • Alaska 2 Baja or reverse - book a Baja cruise and an Alaska cruise back to back and save $1,000 per person
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Tiny Snowman

Only UnCruise Takes Guests to Molokai

Not only is UnCruise the only small ship cruise line sailing in Hawaii in fall/winter 2021, but we are the only boat that brings adventurers to Molokai. Our respect for local residents and careful stewardship have nurtured a 10-year relationship with the people of Molokai. 

We learn from the people who have lived in Halawa Valley for generations and hike in areas on their private land. Poi making, historical stories, traditional greetings with the conch. Hiking through lush forest, across a rushing stream, to reach a towering waterfall and swim in its plunge pool. Only our guests. Only UnCruise. 

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Baja Couple in Kayak

UnCommon Baja 

Still counting down the days until we start up in Baja (20 days now, if you were wondering!!)

Our partners and our guests keep coming back to us because they know that they get not just a vacation, but an UnCommon Adventure. Baja is no exception! Watch our latest video, UnCommon Baja | UnCruise Adventures.

UnCommmon Baja | UnCruise Adventures Video
Alaska Bushwhack Hiker Pose

Hiking with UnCruise Adventures

It looks different in each destination. And from day to day. Desert, tropical stream, temperate or tropical rainforest. Hiking is part of every UnCruise. And in UnCruise style, there is something for every skill and interest level. We want everyone to get out there. Don’t worry about hiking poles – we got β€˜em for you. Do think about your footwear! But we will talk about hiking gear in each kind of hiking. In all locations, your group will be 12 people or fewer, led by an expedition guide for your safety and to show you all the cool stuff and identify what you should and shouldn’t touch or snack on trailside. (I’d listen to them on that by the way!)

Read the Types of Hiking Blog

Stay Up to Date With COVID-19 Travel Policies

COVID Policies and Requirements vary by destination and may change between the time you book a guest and the time that they travel. Stay on top of the latest here: COVID Travel Updates

Find destination-specific information here: Galapagos | Hawaii

Mexico | Pacific Northwest, including Columbia & Snake River

COVID Travel Policy Updates

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