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The Monthly Souz
The Monthly Souz

February Edition

As I’m sure we can all agree, despite the state of things, some good has come from the last twelve months: spending more time with our loved ones, learning how to use Zoom, redecorating our homes, and getting to make new friends. For me, one such friend is Ally Aflalo, Founder and CEO of IID Collective. Right away I knew she would be going into the “must keep” pile :)

For the past few months, we've discussed numerous collaborations and aim to move a few items over to our "done" column in 2021. I guarantee you will hear about - and maybe even meet - Ally through me at some point this year. But until then, here is a sneak peak into her world.

Q&A with Ally Aflalo

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I was born in Malibu, California and studied Visual Communications at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, California. After moving to New York City, I became an agent and scout for New York Model Management where I was responsible for discovering new talent across North America, managing careers, and negotiating contracts for some of the world’s most distinguished female models.

I then moved on to working with Yolanda Hadid on the reality show, Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid on Lifetime Television, before launching my own full-service collective where I continue working with the fashion industry’s most prestigious brands, photographers and clients.

I felt there was a need for a talent management company that represented talent who wasn’t just a pretty face.

I felt there was a need for a talent management company that represented talent who wasn’t just a pretty face.

What inspired you to launch IID Collective?

I felt there was a need for a talent management company that represented talent who wasn’t just a pretty face. Each individual is vetted and asked: “If social media didn’t exist, who would you be? What are your interests? What are your passions and goals?” All of my talent are true business women/men, and we showcase that.

Who do you represent?

Taylor Lashae, Claire Rose, Juliana Herz, Fanny Bourdette-Donon & others. All talent is listed on my site, however, I do work with talent not showcased on a more project-to project basis non-exclusively.

How long have you been around?

A little over 2 years now.

What are your current target brands and clients?

My main clients are high-end fashion and beauty brands, but we are always looking to expand our client roster to more commercial brands such as banks, wine & spirits, hotels, restaurants and cuisine...sky’s the limit really. If you need content, we have you covered. We’re flexible and enjoy working with brands who are passionate. No brand is too small.

And you’re launching a new online shop, which is very exciting. What will you be selling?

Skincare (creams, scrubs, serums), candles, perfume, and facial tools.

Whose idea was it?

Mine! I want to make influencer endorsements more authentic - and what better way to do that than exclusively selling products that my talent truly loves and uses.

What makes it unique?

We’re “Influencer endorsed, Esthetician approved”. By only partnering with the best in holistic health and wellness, we are able to bring limited-run collections of handcrafted self-care products that make you feel good and are good for you. Our partners also source and create their products with the utmost quality, safety, and care - because you deserve innovation with good intentions.

What type of products/brands and experiences or other are you looking for?

I’m looking for brands with a strong ethos who are startups trying to get their feet off the ground (rather than already established and/or large companies). I’m especially interested in brands that are owned by POC, women, families, etc. - with a passion for what they do and a strong reason for doing it.

How might someone's brand and/or products be considered for your shop?

Send me an email telling me who you are and what your brand’s story is. Like I said, no one is too small or too new to be considered.

When will the iiD Collective shop launch?

TBD, but within the next few months - so still time for new brands and businesses to join us before we launch! ;-)


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