We hope you've enjoyed our newsletter series for 2021.
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Legion - Alberta-NWT Command
Volunteers at Christmas time

Farewell 2021 and Looking Ahead to 2022

This past year, we have tried to highlight stories of members and individual branches across Alberta-NWT Command. Thank you to everyone who sent us pictures and stories about how Legion members continue to support Veterans, their families and our communities despite the challenges of Covid-19. Whether it was supporting mental health initiatives, finding housing for homeless Veterans, providing emergency financial aid, delivering Poppies, or working with youth and the Poster and Literary Competition; Legion Members continued to show their dedication during these difficult times. Thank you!

Volunteer helping homeless man

Changing Lives, One Poppy at a Time

The hard work of our volunteers changes Veterans’ for the better.  The funds collected during the Poppy Campaign support our Veterans and their families. This week, Poppy Funds provided rent for a young Veteran who relocated for work and he will now be able to support himself. A homeless Veteran was overwhelmingly grateful for a place to live and to be referred to a dentist for some much-needed dental work. A young Veteran and his family were given emergency rent money and grocery cards to stabilize their vulnerable situation. Stories like these show how the Poppy can help Veterans and their families who are in crisis but just as importantly, it shows just how much the people behind the Poppy care.


Alberta-NWT Command Convention will be held in Red Deer May 6-8th. More details to come.

Branch Anniversaries

President's Christmas Message - 2021


On many occasions I have stressed that “our membership is our strength.” Never has this been more evident than during this pandemic. Public health restrictions have helped keep us safe but have also had a devastating impact on our Branches’ financial security. The creativity, resiliency and professionalism of our membership and the genuine concern for the care of our Veterans ensured that none of our Branches has had to fold. I am proud that all Branches continue to operate during this awful pandemic thanks to each and every member in the Alberta-NWT Command.

As we bring 2021 to a close, on behalf of your Provincial Command Council and Staff, my wife Nancy and I wish you and your families the warmest of holiday seasons and a most prosperous 2022. We wish you health, joy and safety in the coming year. 

I look forward to personally seeing you all at the May 2022 Provincial Convention in Red Deer.

God speed and God bless.

John Mahon, CD

Alberta-NWT Command
The Royal Canadian Legion

Legion - Alberta-NWT Command

He was a Lieutenant with the 31st Battalion, CEF…

She served as a CWAC Sergeant during WW II…

He worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway for years…

He died one day shy of his 20th birthday…

These are the stories of the brave men and women who served and continue to serve with our Canadian Armed Forces. These stories are being recorded through the efforts of Branches in the Legion’s Alberta-NWT Command and Fenety Marketing and are being shared in the editions of the Military Recognition Book.

Remembrance is our mandate. Comrades, we need your help!

A committee has been formed to continue the important work of capturing the military history of Alberta and the Northwest Territories. There are so many Veterans out there and so many stories yet to be told.

Please take the time to look at copies of the books and read through some of the stories. Think about the Veterans you know in community. Has their story been told? Encourage them or their family members to have their history included in future editions of the books.  We need to capture these stories and information before they disappear to ensure they are not forgotten and current and future generations have the chance to hear them and learn from them.  A copy of the Military Service Recognition Book submission form is included below:

We owe it to our Veterans to make these books the best they can be, lest we forget.

Yours in comradeship,

MSRB Committee Members
Download the Submission Form



Devon Legion Honours Airborne Veteran Glen Falardeau With A Grand Military Career Memorabilia Display

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Bonnyville Legion unveils monument for children who attended residential schools

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Arts Council and Legion team up for 100 years of the Poppy

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Recognizing Barrhead's fallen service people; A small group of volunteers place more than 200 flags at the Field of Honour

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Michael Dawe: How rodeos started up in Central Alberta

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A big pat on the back to Comrade Kelvin Kuzyk and his branch for opening their Branch #176 to the displaced residents impacted by an early morning church fire.

His volunteers, Comrades Tina Gougeon, Larry Blazeiko, Cheryl Daulton-Zukowsky, Laverne Brochu, Char McDougall, Mellissa Meads and Pastor Greg Fraser were quick to organize a place for the residents and their pets to shelter, regroup and absorb the situation they were facing.

They set up an area for residents to access Victim Services support and for the Morinville Vet Clinic to check on the animals. Lunch was arranged for more than 50 residents thanks to the support from Kal McDonald, owner of Coaches Corner for the 50 plus residents.

Thank you to your Branch and to all of your members who showed how to come together to support your community. 

Strathmore High School student Florence Kalia was in for a great surprise on Tuesday morning. She had just finished up one of her last exams when she was called down to the office unexpectedly where she was greeted by Jenny Schumann and Gwendolyn Cowie from the Strathmore Royal Canadian Legion Branch #10. They proudly presented her with a certificate for placing second overall in Canada for the essay she submitted for the Legion’s Poster and Literary Contest.

Kalia was very grateful for the award and said it was a great way to end her grade 11 year.

“It feels amazing. It's a really big honour. This is the first time I've ever entered and to know that my essay was appreciated and really reflected the topic. Well, it really means a lot to me.”

She explained that she wrote about Canada’s involvement in the war, and how Canada was sometimes viewed as the underdog.

“The topic was on remembrance and I chose to talk about Canada's history with the wars, how Canada as a country sometimes got overlooked, the contributions Canada as a whole made and how that reflects upon the topic of remembrance.”

Kalia also received $500 of prize money for her essay. She explained that she will be saving it for her future education, and donating some to charity.

“Writing is definitely more than a hobby. I do love writing. I write poetry and essays, and I just really enjoy English class too,” she explained.

Florence Kalia receives award
Florence Kalia receives award

Standard Branch No. 166 completed the development of its new Cenotaph.

Branch Anniversaries

2021/2022 Legion Sports Program

Hey sports fans, depending on the state of public health guidelines, we are planning to get back to our Branch, Area, District, Provincial and Dominion Sports programs for 2021/2022. The following Provincial sports are out to the Branches for host bids. All members in good standing are eligible to play. Ask your Branch sports officer about participation. Once Host Branches are confirmed they will be posted on the Command Website AB/NWTLegion.com under the Sports Tab. Looking forward to some great competition. This will once again be dependent on AHS restrictions if we should regress.

Event Command Dominion
Euchre District 1 | 21-22 Jan 22
Legion Crib

District 4 | 28-29 Jan 22

22-25 April 2022
Men of Vision Cochrane AB
Darts Mixed District 3 | 11-12 Mar 22
Darts Legion District 9 | 4-5 Feb 22 29 Apr – 2 May 2022
Branch 4 Chilliwack BC
Darts Mixed Senior

District 8 | 25-26 Feb 22

Crib Pairs

District 3 | 4-5 Mar 22

8 Ball Double

District 6 | 25-26 Mar 22

Shuffleboard Mens & Ladies

District 2 | 18-19 Mar 22

Shuffleboard Mixed & Senior District 8 | 18-19 Feb 22
8 Ball Singles District 5 | 4-5 Mar 22
Crib Seniors District 2 | 1-2 Apr 22
8 Ball Team Legion The 1st and 2nd place teams from the 8 Ball Doubles Event will be selected as the Dominion Team 27-30 May 2022
Branch 104 Innisfail AB
Legion - Alberta-NWT Command
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