This Fall, we invite you to join us at the city's museums and exhibitions.
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Issue 2. * October 20th, 2021

It finally happened. The autumn weather is upon us and that makes us want to stay warm and cozy at home. But that’s not how things work here in Copenhagen, no sir. The city is calling and we’re heading towards some of the most interesting museums of Copenhagen. 

Autumn in Copenhagen has arrived. That means both beautiful sunny days and sometimes rain and wind. We would be lying to say that it's not tempting to just stay inside and glance out the window while feeling pity for the people out in the rain. However, the city is packed with awesome autumn activities and luckily there are plenty of ways to make the most out of Copenhagen while still keeping yourself warm. Therefore we’ve created a guide for you with the coolest museums and exhibitions in Copenhagen this autumn 🧐

  • Charlottenborg & Apollo Bar
  • David Lynch & The Garden of Eden - Nikolaj Kunsthal
  • Meet a Copenhagener
  • Ancient art in the heart of the city - Glyptoteket
  • Asian tapas - Kiin Kiin Bao Bao
  • French Impressionism with a touch of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art


There’s no doubt that the museums have been waiting for us to prefer the indoor activities instead of hanging out outside, as the city is buzzing with fascinating exhibitions, and we barely know where to begin. However, we’re excited to have you joining us and we’re looking forward to showing you, what the cultural scene of Copenhagen has to offer 🙌

So what are we waiting for? Let’s Vincent van GO(gh)! 

Foto: Daniel Rasmussen

Kunsthal Charlottenborg

We'll start out in the very heart of Copenhagen and head towards a well-known classic, Nyhavn. But this time we're not just going for the views of the colorful buildings. We're gonna pay the art museum, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, which is located in a beautiful and historical old building, a visit. Charlottenborg was built during King Christian IV's reign and was a humble gift for his lover (what you won't do for love, right?). Before Charlottenborg became one of the city's most popular art museums, the building was initially used as both a botanical garden and an art academy.

Foto: Martin Heiberg

Kunsthal Charlottenborg has exhibited countless progressive art installations over the last 138 years and played a crucial role in promoting the contemporary European art scene in Denmark. At the moment you can experience a solo exhibition featuring French-Algerian artist Mohamed Bourouissa. Working in the field where documentary and fiction intersect, Bourouissa uses photography, rap music, and other modes of expression to call attention to the peripheries of society and challenge the mainstream media’s portrayals of young people from ethnic minority backgrounds. 

Charlottenborg is open Tuesday-Sunday and if you drop by on a Wednesday after 5 pm the entry is actually free 💘

Foto: Andrea Nuñez 

Foto: Martin Heiberg / Andrea Nuñez

Hmm, so that was the first dose of cultural fulfillment today, but in order to keep your brain capacity and energy level high, you probably need some fuel. By fuel, we mean coffee and fresh croissants ☕🥐

Luckily Charlottenborg has its very own cafe. And not just any café, but the cool and sophisticated eatery, Apollo Bar. Apollo Bar serves simple, delicious, and high-quality snacks, meals, and drinks. Give it a shot, you probably won't regret it 😉

Nikolaj Kunsthal - Current Exhibitions

David Lynch & The Garden of Eden

Close by Charlottenborg, you’ll find the old Sct. Nicolai Church from the 13th Century. Not only is this church a work of art itself, but it also houses an art gallery with exhibitions of experimenting and modern contemporary art. Therefore, we suggest that you visit this art gallery next and also pay attention to these two following and awesome exhibitions, you'll find here at Nikolaj Kunsthal.

On the Upper Gallery and Tower of Nikolaj Kunsthal, you’ll find a photo exhibition called Infinite Deep, which is created by the film director David Lynch. Infinite Deep takes you closer to the innovative and creative universe of Lynch, where the church's gothic architecture and atmosphere are well suited for his display of photographs. We definitely suggest that you don't miss out on this mental and intimate exhibition 📷

Photo: David Lynch and Jasper Carlberg 

Textile is the work of art in Lower Gallery where you'll find an interpretation of the Garden of Eden created by Nikoline Liv Andersen. As a handcrafted installation, Eden displays an abstract universe, which focuses on the relationship between man and nature. The textile interprets the Old Testament's rise and fall of man while being inspired by styles of rococo and haute couture as well as elements from music and popular culture. We think we're safe to say that you won't find an exhibition like this anywhere else 🤩

Another museum to your checklist! And don’t worry, you have until January 16th, 2022 to experience both Infinite Deep and Eden.

Meet a Copenhagener - Helene Nyborg Bay

Are you already head over heels excited to go explore the current exhibitions of Nikolaj Kunsthal? Well, embrace yourself because we’re about to let you even closer. In this edition of Meet a Copenhagener we’ve spoken with Helene Nyborg Bay, who is the artistic director of Nikolaj Kunsthal.

Contemporary art, which is characterizing the exhibitions of the art gallery, has always been an interest of Helene's. Therefore, we have talked with her about how Nikolaj Kunsthal represents contemporary art.

Foto: Yezoi Hwang 

Could you to begin with, in a couple of sentences tell us a bit about yourself and Nikolaj Kunsthal?

I work as the artistic director in Nikolaj Kunsthal, which means I am responsible for the content here in the art gallery. We’re displaying ever-changing exhibitions of contemporary art, which is something I’ve always been interested in and have been working with for the past 20 years. Nikolaj Kunsthal is located in the center of Copenhagen and has a unique focus on local anchoring, where everything displayed in the galleries is connected to Copenhagen. Nikolaj Kunsthal is placed in one of the oldest churches of the city and therefore, the art may be experienced in beautiful architecture, which sets the atmosphere and tone of the exhibitions. 

What can one expect when visiting Nikolaj Kunsthal?

We’re displaying the exhibition called Eden by Nikoline Liv Andersen, who’s taken her starting point in the Old Testament and written out God of Genesis while leaving it all to nature. This way she creates a wonderful universe above all, which in its own way also becomes spiritual. In our Upper Gallery, you’ll find the exhibition Infinite Deep by David Lynch, who also works with the spiritual in his art. Most people know him as a film producer- and director, but he actually began his career by studying at the art academy, where he worked with time through painting. Thereafter he started producing films. Throughout his entire career, he has worked with photography next to the cinema, and these are the photos, which we exhibit in Nikolaj Kunsthal.  

Nikolaj Kunsthal is located in the inner city – what is in your opinion a must-visit-place in the inner city?

I think it’s the most amazing thing that you can walk around the inner city and still find several places with contemporary art. It’s always worth it to visit Kunsthal Charlottenborg and Kunstforening Gl. Strand. Thorvaldsens Museum is also a wonderful place, which is very close by and where you’ll find yourself within the atmosphere of the Golden Age of the 19th Century and the ancient world. So if you’re up for exploring art exhibitions, I’ll recommend those and a gallery trip down the streets of Bredegade and St. Kongensgade. Here I always stop by the flower shop Tableau, which is located in St. Kongensgade and which also has a gallery with exhibitions created by young artists. 

What is a perfect day in Copenhagen for you?

I would probably start the day by having coffee and a croissant at the Coffee Room in Silkegade, and then I would go looking at exhibitions, visit a couple of nice boutiques or have lunch at The Union Kitchen. Afterward, I would go for a walk around the canals to get some fresh air and maybe sit in the grass at the King’s Garden and enjoy the sun. Finally, I would go to Restaurant Pluto and have dinner. At Pluto’s, you’re guaranteed delicious meals and wine in a cozy atmosphere.

Do you have a secret spot/hidden gem in Copenhagen that you would reveal to our readers?

I would like to recommend the most delicious pita with falafel, halloumi, or meat at Garbanzo in Sværtegade 3. You simply walk in from the street and go three steps down, and then you’ll find yourself in at the kitchen desk, where they bake pita bread and cut delicious salads, which you can have either to go or eat somewhere nearby. It’s classic street food, but with a twist, which makes it a little more delicious.

Ancient art in the heart of Copenhagen

Glyptoteket is a true one-of-a-kind museum in Copenhagen, with its mix of ancient and modern art in the heart of the city. Its unique building was founded by Carl Jakobsen, the maker of the world-famous beer Carlsberg, and makes for an art piece itself. 

The museum holds the largest antique art collection in northern Europe, from Greek, Roman, and Egyptian. A stroll through 3500 years of art and history. Or you can check out the subtropical Winter garden, with hundred-year-old palm trees, where you'll also find Café Picnic 🌴🗿

Foto: Daniel Rasmussen

From November and until February next year, you can experience a special exhibition about the Danish sculptor Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen. The most influential female sculptor in Danish history. Respected and admired in her time, but since forgotten by history. You can also check out their website for any current and future exhibitions.

Asian tapas - Kiin Kiin Bao Bao

You can work up quite an appetite going to museums. Therefore we have found some delicious food for you. If we say Asian tapas and cocktails, what do you say? Anyway, that's what's on the menu at Kiin Kiin Bao Bao. As the name implies, Bao or steamed rice buns are the main act here. And we promise that they will hit the spot, after several museum visits 🍚🍜

And with Michelin-awarded Kiin Kiin as a sister restaurant, we can promise that the food will be world-class. 

Foto: Kiin Kiin Bao Bao

The restaurant is located in the district Vesterbro, one of the best places in Copenhagen to eat. So if you are curious about what else this part of the city has to offer, we have made a guide on how to eat your way through Vesterbro.

French Impressionism with a touch of Modern Art

In the northern part of Copenhagen lies Ordrupgaard, a modern art museum in beautiful surroundings. You can experience anything from french impressionists like Monet and Degas to Danish art from Hammershøi. The museum buildings are designed by the world-famous architecture firms Zaha Hadid and Snøhetta 🎨

Right now you can see the work of Swedish artist Anders Zorn. He creates colorful paintings about the good life and the meaning of the community in his town. It's definitely a good opportunity to show how cultural you are to your family and friends 👩‍🎨

Foto: Roland Halbe

When at Ordrupgaard you can't miss the house of Finn Juhl. The Danish furniture designer decorated and designed the house himself, and the house is a must-visit for every architecture, design, and art fan. 

Copenhagen Card

If your wallet is asking you to slow down on all the museum expenses, then fear not! With a Copenhagen Card, you'll get free access to more than 80 museums and attractions, and also public transportation in the entire capital region. Find more information about Copenhagen Card here.


Now we find ourselves at the exit of the last museum and what a journey it has been. There’s no doubt that you're more than prepared to conquer the cultural scene of Copenhagen this Autumn. What's certain is that it's perfectly possible to enjoy the city even though it's cold and rainy outside.

Fortunately, there are still plenty of good museums left to explore in the Autumn months to come. Therefore, we think you should check out our guide to Copenhagen’s top museums 💯🤩

We’ll be back next month with a lot more stuff about Copenhagen. We hope you enjoyed this second issue. If you did, or if there is space to improve, we would love to hear from you. We’re here for you! 

Frederik, Anders and Gry, Copenhagen Unfolded


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