Welcome to the very first issue of our new monthly newsletter, Copenhagen Unfolded. We are excited to present you with all the best activities and tips on our wonderful city.
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Issue 1. * September 22nd, 2021

Welcome to the very first issue of our new monthly newsletter, Copenhagen Unfolded. We are excited to present you with all the best activities and tips on our wonderful city. 

In this very first issue, we have decided to give you some ideas on how to spend a really nice autumn day in Copenhagen. We’ll touch on great food, cultural experiences, a trip to the forest to take in the real beauty of fall, and finally some fun alternative places to go out for a beer or a coffee. And as a mainstay of Copenhagen Unfolded, we’ll talk with a local Copenhagener on what the city has to offer.

  • Health-forward brunch - Cadence
  • The classic fall activities - Louisiana & Dyrehaven
  • Dining with the local community - One Bowl
  • Meet a Copenhagener
  • Drinks & Games & Yarn - Camping Bar & Woolstock

In future issues, you can expect all sorts of Copenhagen-related content. Each issue of Copenhagen Unfolded will have a specific theme. This way we aim to give you some insights and inspiration on must-sees and dos while weaving in some surprises and lesser-known local things to experience.

But for now, let’s go experience Copenhagen in the fall!

Photo: Lasse Bruhn


Health-forward Brunch

Cadence - Breakfast all day long

We hope you're hungry because the first thing on our agenda includes a whole lot of delicious food. In a parallel and more ideal world, brunch has replaced breakfast as the most important meal of the day. Also, there is actually no better way to start a grey-ish fall day than by having a massive brunch washed down with some top-notch coffee ☕

Cadence is the new kid on the block when we're talking brunch in Copenhagen and has since June 2021 been supplying the city with the most delicious, fresh, and healthy brunch creations one can imagine. The eatery was opened in collaboration between a Brit and an Australian and both concept and menu are heavily inspired by the blooming Australian brunch scene. The dishes are simple and well-known classics, prepared with a twist so you are blessed with an extraordinary tasting experience 😍

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

You could start out with a vegan mango panna cotta on a bed of homemade and extremely fluffy coconut yoghurt. If you're still hungry, we suggest you move on to an eggs benedict with pulled pork or go for the sourdough bread with mashed avocado and egg. The menu's must-try is of course the American, sweet-potato-based pancakes topped with fresh berries, miso-butterscotch, and rhubarb syrup. Okay, just admit it. Reading that passage must have made your mouth water, right? 🤤

Cadence brews their coffee with beans from the Coffee Collective, which means you're in safe hands no matter how you like your bean juice.

Hopefully, you're still able to walk after a meal of this magnitude because now it's time for us to move on, as we've still got loads of awesome fall activities on the agenda for today 🍂  

Dyrehaven & Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Nothing says fall season as much as fallen leaves and museum visits. And lucky you, because north of Copenhagen you’ll find both! All you have to do is take the coastal train route, Kystbanen, and head towards the town of Klampenborg.

In Klampenborg you’ll find Dyrehaven. Dyrehaven is the wonderful woodland of Northern Sealand, which is filled with open landscapes and lush forests. The name ‘Dyrehaven’ is renowned for its 2000 free-range deers, which inhabit the park. Therefore, Dyrehaven truly is the place to go for spotting wildlife and stunning landscapes. 

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

While you're enjoying the beautiful landscape you might as well visit the King’s Hunting Lodge, the Hermitage. The Hermitage was lodged by King Christian VI, who decorated the Hermitage with gold, silver, silk wallpaper, and marble. The Hermitage has been on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage since 2015, and we promise you that it’s worth a visit. 

Foto: Daniel Rasmussen

After visiting Dyrehaven we’re going further north with Kystbanen to the town of Humlebæk, where we're going to visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Louisiana is a must if you’re into visiting museums during fall, however, we also recommend that you check out our guide with the top museums of Copenhagen

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Louisiana is exhibiting several installations of contemporary and modern art, that seek to fascinate and challenge your knowledge of art. The museum is also an architectural masterpiece located in a beautiful landscape. You may enjoy the landscape and view of the sea of Øresund by having lunch or coffee in the stunning café of Louisiana. And don’t forget to visit their boutique as well, where you’ll find minimalistic Danish designs and popular Louisiana posters. 


After exploring the nature of northern Copenhagen and inhaling loads of cool, fresh fall air, followed by a tour around the captivating international art installations at Louisiana you gotta be hungry again, right? Well, lucky for you, we're now heading for dinner at One Bowl which is a communal kitchen in the gritty and upcoming Copenhagen neighborhood, Nordvest. 

One Bowl is a social eatery run by a group of passionate volunteers. The intention behind One Bowl is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone is welcome to enjoy a plant-based meal, no matter their financial or social situation.

The concept started taking shape as a group of friends were holding private Sunday dinners together. After realizing that many people in the friend's group were relying on both the social and economic aspects of these communal dinners, they decided to start One Bowl to fight food insecurity and social exclusion.

Foto: One Bowl

From Tuesday to Sunday 5-9 pm you can enjoy cozy communal dinners. The meals are offered on a pay-what-you-can basis, to make sure that everyone who has an interest in participating actually can. Bond with the local community, eat delicious homemade food, and support a good cause - what's not to like? 😉 

The menu changes from day to day and the variety is very diverse. Whether you prefer baba ganoush with fresh falafel, green Thai curry, tacos, or vegetable lasagne, the cooking at One Bowl is exceptionally international and has something for every taste. Curious? Check out the menu for this week 👨‍🍳

In "Meet a Copenhagener," we interview one of the cool local citizens of Copenhagen. In this edition, we stayed in Nordvest to have a chat with one of the volunteers at One Bowl, Davide Frazzetto.

Davide has been volunteering at One Bowl ever since he moved to Copenhagen three years ago. He was a chef back then, but today he’s in the management of One Bowl and in charge of the accountancy. Once in a while, you can scout him in the kitchen as well.  

Foto: One Bowl

Could you to begin with, in a couple of sentences tell us a bit about yourself and One Bowl?

I moved to Copenhagen 3 years ago. When I arrived here, I was working to grow my network and to get to know new people. I saw that One Bowl was looking for people to cook and help. I went to check it out and got hooked by the unique atmosphere. It’s run by volunteers and open for everyone to come by for a meal. One Bowl started 6 years ago and initially consisted of a couple of pop-up events per month. 3 years ago, we got a permanent location. For the first 1.5 years, I was cooking once a week. Later I started getting into other things and since 2021 I have been part of the board. I’m also the treasurer and do the accounting. Sometimes I also cook but it’s not that often. 

What can one expect when visiting One Bowl?

The sense of community. It’s the opposite experience than going to a restaurant by yourself, where you might spend time on your phone or reading a book and end up with kind of a lonely experience. At One Bowl we don’t have single tables, so people sit together, and people are friendly. Therefore, if you’re sitting next to someone there is a big chance that you will have a conversation. There is a lot of different people, both Danish and International. 

What is the most important thing to experience when visiting One Bowl?

Being part of the community and talking to other people. If I have to say something that is unique about One Bowl, it is that everyone can grab the chance to be in the kitchen and cook and help for one day. It’s a very welcoming environment and it is a nice way to see how things run in the cooking industry. It is an option that you don’t have in many other places. 

One Bowl is in the neighborhood Nordvest – what is in your opinion a must-visit-place in Nordvest?

A bit north of One Bowl there is a big library (Biblioteket Rentemestervej) and next door is Ungdomshuset, which hosts a lot of cultural events for young people in the community. They host a communal dinner every Thursday so it’s another cultural center in the area. There is also the big cemetery park called Bispebjerg Cemetery, it’s a very nice place to chill and hang out. It’s a very Danish thing to do, even though it’s a cemetery, to still use it as a place to go for a walk or relax. 

What is a perfect day in Copenhagen for you?

A perfect day is sunny of course. Copenhagen is surrounded by a lot of beaches and parks, where I like to hang out and relax with my friends. I also like to explore new food places and try new food because the Copenhagen food scene is so active. There are always new places to try. 

Do you have a secret spot/hidden gem in Copenhagen that you would reveal to our readers?

I found a cool spot a couple of weeks ago. It’s around Sydhavn and Valby. It is where the two parks, Sydhavnstippen and Valbyparken kind of connect to each other. It’s a really nice area, full of bushes, there are free animals roaming around that you can pet and also there is a nice little harbor where you can go and relax by the sea. It seems like an unknown spot and it’s somewhere I like to go on a sunny day off. 

Drinks & Games & Yarn

So far, we hope you’re ready to conquer autumn in Copenhagen. But before you dive completely into the autumn wardrobe, you’ll have to wait a little longer. We’re reminiscing over the hot summer days and all the awesome outdoor activities once again by going "camping" in the Meatpacking District.

The Meatpacking District is a part of Copenhagen’s Vesterbro neighborhood. Once it was the industrial and gritty part of the city, but now the industrial buildings are housing cool and popular restaurants and buzzing nightlife. 

Foto: Newborn Media

Among these, you’ll find Camping Bar which is the greatest camping party in the city. The bar’s green areas, cold draft beers, and juicy slush-ice are taking you back to summertime and the nostalgic t-shirt and sunscreen-based activities. However, we recommend that you show up at the bar in your greatest Tiger Woods outfit, as the main activity at Camping Bar is indoor mini-golfing🏌️‍♂️ Camping Bar is the only indoor mini-golf bar in Copenhagen and all you have to do is drop by and golf your way through the 14 mini-golf courts.

There’s no shame in admitting that you finally had your goodbyes with the Summer. We also enjoy the indoor season, sitting around in colorful knitwear and getting cozy while sipping on a cup of hot chocolate. It’s completely comprehensible. That is also the reason why we're now headed for another cool activity-based café. 

Woolstock is a knitting café where the interior is decorated with beautiful yarn and knitwear. So, if you’re a true yarn junkie, Woolstock is just the place you've been looking for! We assure you that if you stop by the café you’ll both find inspiration for your next knitting project, and find time to finally finish that sweater, you’ve been knitting in the past weeks.

Foto: Louise Søgaard Johansen

Check out additional awesome bars and cafés with activities in Copenhagen that are worth a visit! 


It might be a bit chillier outdoors now that autumn is approaching, and let’s be honest, you might have to get out the umbrella. But as an old Danish saying goes: There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing ☂️😉 

Luckily autumn also includes beautiful and colorful sunny days 🌞🍂 
Either way, there are loads of awesome experiences just waiting for you in Copenhagen.

We’ll be back next month with a lot more stuff about Copenhagen. We hope you enjoyed this very first issue. If you did, or if there is space to improve we would love to hear from you. We’re here for you 🧡

Frederik, Anders and Gry, Copenhagen Unfolded


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