Come explore Copenhagen in spring, as it blooms in colorful flowers and green trees.
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Issue 7. * March 23rd, 2022

Spring is finally here. With the longer days, warmer with and all the beautiful flowers, you couldn't find a more perfect time to visit Copenhagen.

Springtime in Copenhagen also means the emergence of the local Copenhageners, who come out of their winter hibernation, to soak up all the sun they can get. This week's Copenhagen Unfolded, gonna be all about what you can do in the city this spring. From beautiful parks, delicious food and fun spring activities. Let's get started! 😎

  • Copenhagen in  its spring coat
  • The best way to get around
  • Breakfast at Ø12
  • The detail-oriented restaurateur
  • Spring activities 
  • Neighbourhood guide


So Let's get started! We are fully booked with Springtime vibes and lots of photo-ops for your Instagram feed. So start practising your posses. 

Foto: Daniel Rasmussen

Copenhagen in it's spring coat

Copenhagen comes alive in spring, with all the blooming flowers and green urban spaces. That makes for some good Instagram-able moments, but what places should you check out? 📸

Foto: Thomas Høyrup Christensen

It might seem weird but some of the cemeteries in Copenhagen are also really popular parks that are packed with people relaxing in the calm surroundings. One of these is Bispebjerg Cemetery, which in April gets painted in pink when the Sakura trees blossom. Here you will find a lot of people trying the get the perfect picture. And when you are out there be sure to check out Grundtvigs church, and its breathtaking interior. 🌸⛪

Foto: Thomas Høyrup Christensen / Astrid Rasmussen

Another option is also a cemetery, Vestre cemetery doesn't have the pink cherry blossom trees, but it's still a really tranquil place where many Copenhageners come to take a walk and relax. If you want to see more green and spring-like places in Copenhagen we have made a guide just for that.

Cycling in Copenhagen

Spring in Copenhagen and biking are a match made in heaven. The locals use the bike all year round of course, but with the warmer spring weather, there is no excuse for you to not hop on the bike and get exploring. 🚴‍♂️

There are many upsides to biking in Copenhagen. First of all, it's by far the fastest way to get around. The city is flat and designed with biking infrastructure in mind, which means your gonna beat both cars and public transport, especially in rush hour. Besides being the fastest option, you also get to see the city in a different way than if you were sitting behind a window in a car or a bus. It's much easier to just stop and pull over if you see something that catches your eye. 🌳

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

You can of course just bike around spontaneous, but if you want something more structured, we have a wide variety of biking routes that takes you around different areas of the city. You can try everything from a route that takes you to some of the most significant architectural hot spots, to this summer's Tour de France stage in Copenhagen. If you're not the most experienced cyclist don't worry, Copenhagen is super bike-friendly. But just in case we have made a guide to the biking rules in Copenhagen and some useful tips, so you can feel safe on the bike path. 

Breakfast at Ø12

It cant all be pink flowers and cycling, we also need some food. And here is Ø12 a highly qualified option. A little gem of a cafe on Østerbro. Here you'll find good and smiling service, the highest quality coffee and a menu card that makes it hard to decide exactly what to eat.

According to the weather, you can either enjoy your food in the cosy interior or sit outside in the french chairs and soak up the sun. The latter option is complimented with a cosy view of some beautiful old townhouses, or as they are called in danish "the potato rows". 🥔🏠

Foto: Mellanie Gandø

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it would be a shame not to pick something delicious 😋

The detail-oriented restaurateur

We're gonna stay a little longer at Ø12 because this weeks Copenhagener is Kasper, who with his partner Enete is the mastermind behind the popular cafe. They are both born and raised in Nørrebro, and have a big affection for Copenhagen. The couple thought that the city needed a good brunch place that also knew how to make good coffee, and that's how Ø12 was born. 

Foto: Ø12 & Mellanie Gandø 

What can you expect from a visit at Ø12?

What you get here is a local but international experience, and an atmosphere that is cosy and intimate. We have really put a lot of thought into the details. Ø12 is the result of 10 years of notes on what creates the perfect café experience. So, you can expect a really good coffee. We have a lot of focus on the product. We won't allow that we don’t have the best Croque monsieur in town.

What do you think is the best dish on the menu?

We have just started making pancakes, and it's absurd how many recipes we have tested before we had the perfect one. That’s really popular right now, but it's not always that you want pancakes. All the dishes are my little children, and it's very much a mood thing. But if I really need to treat myself, then I would go with the Croque monsieur. It's insanely delicious and for me the ultimate treat. 

Ø12 lies on the edge of Østerbro and the inner city, what would you recommend checking out in this neighbourhood?

Our neighbour restaurants Aamanns Etablissement and Sticks’n’Sushi does a good job. It's two really tight concepts, that just make solid good food. Culturally, SMK is a super cool place. The townhouses or "the potato rows" as we call them are also nice. They are almost like dollhouses, but it's so idyllic to walk down those streets, with the peace and quiet, and children playing.  

What does a perfect day in Copenhagen look like for you?

I would wake up before sunrise and go for a run in Fælledparken. Afterwards, I would take the bike and ride to Kalvebod Bølge with my girlfriend and go for a swim – Still before the city is awake, where you have it all for yourself. Then I would go to Darcy’s Kaffe eat some breakfast and have a flat white. They are really good, and everything is perfect, cosy and delicious. Then I would go for a walk through Assistens kirkegård, which is so idyllic and full of history and continue to cosy Jægersborggade. For lunch, I would go for the rooftop at Sanders Hotel, which is an aesthetic masterpiece without comparison. For dinner, I would try 20a on Ravnsborggade. They know wine and the prices are reasonable. And they always know what I want before I do myself 

Do you have a secret spot/hidden gem in Copenhagen that you would reveal to our readers?

Kalvebod bølge. There is a special atmosphere out there, especially in the cold months. People say hello to each other, and there is tension in the air when we're dipping into the cold water - without a sauna to rescue you. It really is a nice place. 

Spring Activities

As the days are getting longer and the temperature is rising, the spring vibes are spreading all over Copenhagen. One thing you'll notice when in Denmark, is how everyone is outside enjoying the weather as soon as the first rays of sun hit the streets. And when in Copenhagen, do as the Copenhageners. The city is packed with beautiful parks, inspiring and historical exhibitions, wonderful castles, amazing architecture, and delicious food markets, so get out there and blend in with the locals enjoying Springtime 😎🌷

We've planned ahead for you and created this guide on how to experience Spring in Copenhagen. We're sure that whether you decide to visit Tivoli Gardens, enjoy nature at Dyrehaven, get your munchies on at Reffen Street Food Market, or go hunt the perfect cherry blossom picture for your Insta, you'll have an absolute blast 🌞

Reffen Street Food Market - Foto: Reffen PR

Neighborhood Guide

Copenhagen has a variety of very different yet equally loveable neighborhoods, each with its own distinct vibes and looks. From gritty and industrial to posh and classy, Copenhagen has a neighborhood to fit any liking. And of course, you should aim to explore as many of them as possible during your stay in the city. But where to start and how do I get around, you might be wondering now. Don't worry, we've got you covered 💘

Just for you, we've created a guide for every neighborhood in the city with thorough explanations, advice, must-visits, and hidden gems to check out. This way you can be sure to not miss out on the great café, the awesome little underground gallery, the cool shop, or the beautiful landmark you didn't know existed 😉

Foto: Martin Heiberg


That was all for now. We hope you want to join us Copenhageners and come out of your winter hibernation, and explore all the beautiful parks and streets of Copenhagen.

We’ll be back next month with a lot more stuff about Copenhagen. We hope you enjoyed this issue. If you did, or if there is space to improve, we would love to hear from you. We’re here for you! 

Frederik and Anders, Copenhagen Unfolded


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