Spend the season of giving in the Danish Christmas Capital.
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Issue 3. * November 17th, 2021

Oh, the season to be jolly is upon us! You may now release your inner Christmas elf. We simply can't wait any longer! And really, it's a perfectly respectable time to start preparing for the holiday we celebrate best. 

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy... It’s almost Christmas again! The holiday we’ve all been waiting for. The smell of roasted almonds in the streets, beautiful decorations, and jingles all the way. If milk and cookies go hand in hand, then so do Christmas and Copenhagen. So there's no reason why you shouldn't treat yourself with a visit to the Christmas Capital, where “hygge” is peaking this season. 
  • Christmas shopping in Jægersborggade
  • Twirl around in Copenhagen's best ice rinks 
  • Christmas in Tivoli​
  • Meet a Copenhagener
  • Christmas lunch and dinner
  • The Nutcracker at the Royal Danish Theatre
  • Where to stay?


We know it’s a cliché, but all we want for Christmas is you… to come and visit us. So come along, we’ve prepared the best possible Christmas-vibe to make sure that your next sleigh ride goes directly to Copenhagen 🛷❄️

Foto: Visit Copenhagen

Christmas shopping in Jægersborggade

Of course, Christmas is all about Jesus, love, overeating, and spending time with your family, but wait a minute... isn't there a little something missing? Presents! Of course, you need to buy a bunch of toys, socks, and kitchen gear and gift wrap all of it. But you know what? If you know where to go beforehand, the stress of the annual Christmas shopping can turn into a delightful and satisfying experience 💆‍♀️

Copenhagen has a broad variety of cool and different shopping hotspots, so where to even begin? Today we're heading to the hip residential street, Jægersborggade, in Nørrebro. Nørrebro was recently chosen as the coolest neighborhood in the world by Timeout Magazine and with around 40 art galleries, organic produce shops, ceramics, vintage clothes, designer jewelry, wine bars, coffee shops, and restaurants, the street is truly a little shopping-Mecca 🎁

Photo: Mellanie Gandø / Thomas Høyrup Christensen

Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen

If you still need to buy a present or two, or simply just enjoy shopping for hours and hours, we suggest you check out our Copenhagen shopping guide. In our shopping guide, you'll find cool streets like Værnedamsvej and Kronprinsensgade, which you see in the pictures above 

If you still need to buy a present or two, or simply just enjoy shopping for hours and hours, we suggest you check out our Copenhagen shopping guide. In our shopping guide, you'll find several cool streets and one you shouldn't miss out on is Kronprinsensgade, which is shown in the picture above 

Ice skating - Bring out your inner figure skater

We may not get that much snow in December, and the temperature usually stays more above zero than below. But that's not stopping us from lacing up our ice skates 😎

Foto: Rolands Varsbergs & Danny Samarov / Daniel Rasmussen

Foto: Rolands Varsbergs & Danny Samarov

So join the locals and try out the ice rinks around the city, but be aware that ice skating is a popular Christmas activity in Copenhagen, so you won't be alone on the ice. Broens Ice Rink at the inner harbor bridge, and the ice rink at Frederiksberg runddel at the entrance to Frederiksberg Garden, are traditionally good places to bring out your inner figure skater. And to rent a pair of ice skates will only set you back 50 DKK - a bargain ⛸️

Christmas in Tivoli

A December visit to Copenhagen wouldn't be complete without experiencing the beautiful Christmas decorations in Tivoli Gardens. Being the world's second-oldest amusement park, Tivoli is truly one of the must-visit attractions in Copenhagen, no matter the season. However, around Christmas time, Tivoli is even more magical than usual as the garden is full of Christmas trees, glittering decorations, and thousands of lights, bringing a warm and cozy glow to the winter darkness 🎄🌟 

Therefore, the next stop on our itinerary is a visit to the old amusement park. Stroll around the garden while you sip on some hot Gløgg and enjoy the magical atmosphere, visit Santa Claus in the Honey Cake Castle and let him know your wishes, or if you dare, get your daily adrenaline kick with a ride in The Demon or The Golden Tower 🎢😮

Photo: Lasse Salling

Also, if you're into Christmas markets you'll find that in Tivoli as well! Actually, Copenhagen is filled with all kinds of cozy Christmas markets, which you shouldn't miss out on this holiday 🎁

There are plenty of awesome experiences to be had in Tivoli Gardens, and you can easily spend half a day enjoying yourself while getting in the Christmas spirit! The garden is open from November 19th to January 2nd, and the entry fee is 135 DKK during the week and 145 DKK on the weekend 🎅

Meet a Copenhagener - Michala Svane

We're not ready to leave Tivoli Gardens just yet ... There's a reason why visiting the garden around Christmas is one of the ultimate holiday treats, and it's certain to say that there's a lot of creativity behind it. Therefore, we want you to meet Michala Svane, who is the Marketing Director at Tivoli.

Foto: Agnete Schlichtkrull

Could you to begin with, in a couple of sentences tell us a bit about yourself and Tivoli?

I´m the Sales and Marketing Director at Tivoli, where I have been for the last six years. Tivoli is Denmark’s biggest tourist attraction, the world’s second-oldest amusement park running for 178 years now. It's always difficult to describe Tivoli for tourists, but it’s a lovely oasis in the middle of Copenhagen. With cultural offerings from rock concerts to ballet and jazz. A wonderful garden, fun amusements and rides and a lot of different restaurants.  

What can one expect when visiting Tivoli during Christmas?

Christmas is one of our most magical seasons. At Tivoli, you can experience over 1 million lights, 10 tons of pine branches, 70.000 Christmas ornaments, and 1000 Christmas trees, which contribute to creating a unique and magical Christmas mood. It's also one of the most traditional seasons, where many Danes, only feel the Christmas spirit once they have been to Tivoli.

Tivoli is located in the inner city – what's in your opinion a must-visit-place in this area?

You need to try Anarkist beer bar, which lies just around the corner from Tivoli. Here you can try a lot of beers from many different micro-breweries. You can also try the Nimb Wellness if you want to spoil yourself. There are also a lot of beautiful gardens in the area, such as The Garden of the Royal Library and Glyptoteket.  

What is a perfect day in Copenhagen for you?

I would probably start with a delicious brunch. And maybe after that take a walk along the canals, and eat lunch in one of the many good restaurants down there. Then I would find a rooftop bar, where you can sit and look over Copenhagen and enjoy the towers and spires with a cold glass of white wine. I would end the day on Reffen or Seaside out by Toldboden, get some good food, listen to some music, and just have a good time with friends. That’s my recipe for a really good day in Copenhagen.

Do you have a secret spot/hidden gem in Copenhagen that you would reveal to our readers?

That's a good question. Both Reffen and Seaside Toldboden aren’t exactly secrets. I think most Danes know about those places. But I would probably mention Nimb Roof. Many people don't know about the Rooftop bars in Copenhagen, where you can sit and drink some cocktails and listen to music. And Nimb Roof also has a swimming pool with a good view of the Tivoli gardens and the rest of the city.

Christmas lunch and dinner

We may be a little biased here, but there is nothing better than the Danish Christmas food. Christmas is almost the definition of "hygge", and the food is a big part of that. 

If you're craving the best traditional Christmas feasts in Copenhagen, we know the places you're looking for. Restaurant Kronborg, Restaurant Møntergade, and Tivolihallen are the restaurants to gain your Christmas kilos by digging your teeth into delicious herring in curry, roasted pork, and the all-time classic dessert, risalamande ❤️

Foto: Chris Tonnesen

There are several cozy restaurants in Copenhagen where you can have a delicious Danish Christmas feast. And we don't even know where to begin. However, we suggest you book a table for at least one of them 🍽️🎄

Christmas ballet at the Royal Danish Theatre

In the center of Copenhagen, you’ll find The Royal Danish Theatre’s Old Stage, which has been located at Kongens Nytorv since 1748. The beautiful building is not to be unnoticed, and once you hit the entrance, you’ll find yourself surrounded by extraordinary Christmas decorations ✨

Each November and December, The Royal Danish Ballet greets Christmas with George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker. We all know the enchanting story and how essential it is to Christmas, nonetheless because of the music. The Royal Danish Ballet is a must if you’re into beautiful settings, dancing, and a nostalgic trip down your childhood Christmas. And who are we kidding… Of course, you’re into all that amazing stuff 🩰😍

Foto: Det Kongelige Teater

The ballet may seem like an extravagant self-treatment during a holiday, where most of your salary is allocated to Christmas shopping. But fear not! Tickets are sold from 55 DKK, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t end your evening at the theatre. So why not check out available tickets and dates?

Where to stay?

There's no need to settle with a day trip when visiting Copenhagen during Christmas! So are you intrigued yet? The only question left is "where to stay?" Fortunately, we have a guide to accommodation, where you're certain to find a nice place to stay no matter your budget and preferences 🙌


Well, if all of these activities and potential meals didn’t get you in the true Christmas spirit, we’re not sure what will. But if you're looking for more inspiration, then you should check out our guide to the Christmas Capital

However, knowing what Christmas in Copenhagen has to offer, we're ready to conquer December. And remember that Christmas isn’t just a time of the year, it’s a frame of mind ❤️🎅

We’ll be back next month with a lot more stuff about Copenhagen. We hope you enjoyed this third issue. If you did, or if you feel like there is room for improvement, we would love to hear from you. We’re here for you! 

Frederik, Anders and Gry, Copenhagen Unfolded


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