Here is the first Copenhagen Unfolded in 2022. And we are starting with action-packed winters day in Copenhagen.
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Issue 5. * January 19th, 2022

Welcome back and happy new year! We are ready with the first edition of Copenhagen Unfolded in 2022. We are so excited to get started again, and show to you all of the nice things Copenhagen has to offer.

So let's get started! We start the year by planning a perfect winters day in Copenhagen. From where you should get your morning croissant to where you can get the first cocktail of the night. But if you think we're gonna sit inside all cozy the whole day, guess again.

January is actually a nice time to experience Copenhagen, despite the cold and the darkness. As we Danes say: There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

  • Breakfast at Lille bakery
  • Nordic type of wellness - La Banchina
  • South American fast-food - Gorda empanadas
  • Climbing the calories away - Boulders
  • Copenhagen Light Festival
  •  A well deserved cocktail - Gensyn


The sky might look a bit gloomy and the temperature may be close to zero, but that's not stopping us. So find your swimwear and maybe a warm towel!

Foto: Wonderful Copenhagen

Breakfast at Lille Bakery

Nothing motivates us to get out of bed in the morning more than the thought of fresh-brewed coffee, crispy yet airy sourdough bread, and delicious cardamom buns. There are few places more suited to make that dream come true than the charming little bakery, Lille on Refshaleøen

So let's go. It's all up to you whether you want to go for the homemade Berliners, the croissants, or the fresh-out-of-the-oven sourdough loaf. One thing is for sure though, you can't go wrong. A morning visit at Lille Bakery is always a great way to start the day 😍

Foto: Daniel Rasmussen 

Foto: Daniel Rasmussen

Lille Bakery is open Wednesday to Sunday from 8 - 17. If you happen to find yourself with unbearable cravings for baked goods on a Monday or Tuesday, we suggest you check out our guide about the best bakeries in Copenhagen 🥧🥖

Nordic type of wellness - La Banchina

Satisfied, happy, and full we're now headed towards La Banchina, a small eatery only a couple of hundred meters from Lille. Today we're not here for the sake of eating though. La Banchina has a small sauna located right next to the harbor bath and if you haven't tried winter swimming before, today is the day 🧊💧 

There is no need to be nervous. If you start out in the hot sauna, you'll be longing for a dip in the cold water after 10-15 minutes. Sauna and winter swimming is truly a match made in heaven and has gained popularity among Danes of all ages in the last couple of years. The experience will leave you with a feeling of deep relaxation and happiness you won't regret 🔥🧖‍♂️

Photo: Kristian Bust          

You can book the sauna for two hours and for up to 8 people on La Banchina's website. Because of the current restrictions, the sauna is closed until February 1st which is in less than two weeks. 

Christer Back Bredgaard

We'll just stay a little longer at La Banchina. Because we took a small talk with owner of La Banchina and the restaurant Il buco, Christer Back Bredgaard. 

Christer comes from the most easterly island in Denmark, Bornholm. But he's been in Copenhagen for a while, So we asked him some questions about his relationship with the city and what his favorite places are.

Foto: Karina Tengberg

Many people see La Banchina as a summer spot, but what have you done to make it a good winter spot as well?

The sauna is of course the most sort after activity we have this winter. One of the other things we have tried to draw attention to is a big 12-14 course menu that we are gonna have this winter. It's happening 2-3 days a week where we let the chefs unfold, on a more refined level than during the summer. It's, of course, the same high standard as always, but now you can get an experience that last the whole evening, and you can start or end in the sauna. 

What can one expect when visiting La Banchina?

If you stop by on a Friday or Saturday, then you can experience an all-night experience. With fantastic food and champagne pairing, wine pairing or non-alcoholic pairing. We are also open during the daytime the whole week, where you can experience the same thing as during the summer. Just with a bit fewer seating’s as usual, because of the wintertime. 

La Banchina is located on Refshaleøen, what else would you recommend in the area?

My favourite restaurant in Copenhagen is probably Amass, which lies just across the lawn from La Banchina. It's partly because the food is fantastic, but also because they have the same approach to the ingredients as we do. We try to avoid food waste and try to buy as local and organic as possible. Then of course there is Alchemist, where it's almost impossible to get a table, but it’s an amazing experience.  And Lille Bakery is also great.

What is a perfect day in Copenhagen for you?

I turn off the alarm clock the day before, so I can sleep till I wake. Then I get out of bed take a shower, and maybe meditate for 15 min. Then I take my bike to Il Buco, get a cup of water and talk to people. After that, I go out for some lunch. There are some good options like Selma or Møntergade where you can get smørrebrød. Bottega Barlie out on Fredericiagade is also a good place for lunch. Maybe I get a glass of wine or two and go home to take an afternoon nap. Something I like for dinner is to bike around to different places and get a glass of wine and one dish. That way you can try 5-6 places in one night, and then you have been all around the city, a little tipsy and all is well. 

Do you have a secret spot/hidden gem in Copenhagen that you would reveal to our readers?

A place I don’t think many people know off is the little pub under Galathea Kroen. There you can sometimes experience nice live music. I also think Børneteatret out in Christiania is a kind of hidden gem, where there is also great music sometimes and just overall good vibes. 

South American fast food - Gorda

If you havent tried the South American empanadas yet, its about time you do. Because they have perfected the fast food on the southern continent, with the little calzone-like delicacies. They easily fit in your hand, both left and right actually. 🥟🥟

Gorda empanadas are the place for the South American treats here in Copenhagen. You will find the restaurant on Vesterbro, in a cosy little room that radiates Latin-vibes. Now you just need to find out which empanadas you'll want to try. With one of their Combo deals, you can pick three different kinds, then you can really dip your toes in the empanada world. 

Foto: Gorda

You can either choose to stay and enjoy your food at the restaurant or take the empanadas on the go. They are almost made for it. 😍

Climbing the calories away 

We are headed towards Sydhavnen, where we can get a little pause from the cold. Out here we'll find Boulders an indoor climbing facility. 🧗‍♀️

Here you can find your inner climber, and act like you're Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. No matter if you are completely green or an experienced climber, you'll find something that suits you here. They both have climbing walls for children and for elite climbers. 

Foto: Wonderful Copenhagen

An hour or two of climbing can really get your heart racing, and that's good if you want to lose some of that Christmas weight. But how do you get your arms and legs back to working order again? You just have to walk it off while taking in some spectacular art.😉

Copenhagen Light Festival

And walk we shall! The last couple of years winter in Copenhagen has been synonymous with Copenhagen Light Festival. Here you can see the Copenhagen harbour lit up with different kinds of light installations, all the way from Sydhavnen to Nordhavn. 💡✨

During the pandemic, the Light Festival has been really popular among the locals. Because despite the lockdown, people could get outside and experience some culture. But it's also another perspective on the city illuminated in all the different lights.

Foto: Daniel Rasmussen

You can take different routes along the city and harbour. Then its just up to you if you want to take one of the short routes or the long one around the whole festival. After this day though we understand if you want to take one of the shorter ones. 😉 The Festival runs from the 4-27 of February.  

A well deserved cocktail

After a day like this, we could use a treat in the end, and that is what you're getting. We have been winter bathing, climbing and walking around the whole city, so now its time to sit down and order a well deserved cocktail.

Of course, it needs to be delicious. And it's gonna be hard to find a better place than Gensyn Bar. Here you can experience the same vibe you get at one of the city's many local pubs, or as we call them Brown pubs, with billiards and cosy interior. However the drinks are on point, and the bottle of beer is replaced with well-made cocktails. 🥃🍸

Foto: Daniel Rasmussen

If you had any doubt, we can tell you that Copenhagen is full of exciting cocktail bars just waiting for you to stop by. And we have made a guide to some of the best ones for you to check out. 


That's all we have for now. A fine start to 2022 if we must say ourselves. We are aware that we might have planned a rather active day, but those extra Christmas pounds aren't coming off by themselves.

And nobody is saying that you have to do all of the things in one day, why not spread it out over a whole week here in Copenhagen? We like the sound of that. 

We have a super exciting year planned, and we'll be back again next month with a lot more stuff about Copenhagen. 

Anders and Frederik Copenhagen Unfolded


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