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October Newsletter

The Feast of Tabernacles was meant to commemorate the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. We want to do our part to escape the Babylonian captivity of our minds by researching thoroughly the ancient way, and that's why we're offering 15% off all books!
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New Releases

In Colours of Joye – II “Poetry, Prose and Spiritual Awakening, Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh takes the reader on a journey of feeling empty, unloved, insecure and lost. While walking this path of perceived loneliness, she finds stepping stones into a spiritual realm where she discovers God has been with her all the time. Dr. Pugh uses her own life experiences, reflected in poetry and prose, to teach others that WE ARE NEVER ALONE.

Dr. Joye assures those who read this work that your choices in this life directly affect where your soul will spend Eternity. Our life’s moments define us. We must choose wisely. The inspiring words of Dr. Pugh, in Colours of Joye – II, will encourage you to grow and dig deeper into the person God created you to be. (135 pages)

Our first audio book! Gamaliel was the brother of Nicodemus, and like him was part of the Pharisee leadership which ruled over the Jewish people during the time of Christ. But unlike Ananias and the high priest Caiaphas which conspired to murder of Yahushua, he and his brother believed that Christ was the son of God. This manuscript reveals in detail the story of Yahushua’s ministry, persecution, crucifixion, and resurrection as witnessed by the apostles and Virgin Mary. It follows up with the story of Pontius Pilate’s martyrdom for allowing the Pharisees to incite him to murder what was obvious even to the Emperor Tiberius and his wife whose son was resurrected by Christ that He was indeed God incarnate. This text will help those that are interested in the passion of Christ to a more elaborate understanding of what occurred surrounding the events of those days.
All presentations from the SWR2020 conference and videos of the Exposing Evil Tour to the Georgia Guidestones as well video from the Baptism Event are included on this 64-gigabyte thumbdrive available for $25 here. International shipping is not available.

Sacred Word Revealed Follow-up

by Zen Garcia

I’ve been over the course of the day watching the differing segments of the individual speakers that joined us in fellowship and virtually for the Sacred Word Revealed End Times Mysteries Conference, which all went down beginning with the Georgia Guide-stones daytrip which happened for Americans on the somber day of September 11th, just two weeks ago. The actual speaker portion which began on Saturday the 12th, through the 13th, 2020, was personally fantastic in scope and outcome, especially for those of you that were bodily able to attend. The Fellowship was deeply and profoundly impactful, in my personal opinion I know myself that I was affected greatly by not only the pertinence of the information but moved by the genuine lovingkindness of the spirit exuded by all those I met in presence.
I’d really like to extend my gratitude, first  to the most high God for bringing all of us together in safety and protection, without whose blessing none of this could have been achieved. I’d like to next thank all of the speakers, whose work and presentation bolstered as reason, all of our coming together as community to speak in sharing with one another. I commend and thank my children Justin and Joy Garcia, for the leadership they 

exemplified. I know behind the scenes efforts contributing to organizing and pulling off such an event is monumental in that the success of this event was truly a tremendous achievement especially considering this was their/our first foray into organizing such an event. 

Those of you that have hosted such occurrence, know, there is always so much detail which goes into orchestrating such gathering. So much so that when it was first suggested as task for our company by Laurel Austin over two years ago, I was, I have to admit, quietly dismayed and in my heart opposed to such effort.

However, God willing as we began to examine the possibility of actually hosting such an event, and because Justin and Joy took the lead, it wasn’t necessary for me to dedicate my time and space to making it happen and thus, the idea gained traction.

Which reminds me now that I would like to also thank those of you that volunteered your services and were willing to help us to actually pull off this happening. Without you know that this would actually have come to pass. I personally had no idea just how much was entailed in covering the wide and grand scope of the logistics behind covering all that was necessary for succeeding in hosting a conference. So thank you Justin, Joy, and volunteers for dedicating your time and willingness to favorably manifesting the Sacred Word Revealed Conference. We felt it was so much of the success that we are even considering hosting it annually, with the set up for next year being a three-day event with extended duration and speaker presentation.

Genuinely most of the world’s people can now sense there is something not right with the world, in regard to citizen relationship and government representation of the public’s well-being. There is now no denying the awkwardness to the world situation when it comes to the expectations of normality, and a vision of expectation which we will never ever return to again. The peace and safety which we were so used to as  daily routine, is now what seems to be a long forgotten and distant dream. It seems like reality has assumed like the movie Outbreak, the plot of some weird Hollywood tragedy and we are living out the script of some pandemic thriller which has us second-guessing future outcome. Certainly many are reconsidering biblical prophecy and what the Scriptures say in regard to the end of days. Even though we had set the theme of the conference months in advance of the Corona shutdowns imposed upon the world community, little did we know how appropriate such theme would be for our gathering as research community. It seems the unfolding of prophecy is something that all people should now consider. It is with such announcement that we at Sacred Word Publishing release to our YouTube channel the full presentations made by each of the speakers at the Sacred Word Revealed Conference.

This will give those of you that were present in attendance as well as those of you that will be watching this for the first time, opportunity to review all of the incredible information shared over the course that weekend. We do ask that you share feedback with us, so that we can learn from your opinion, on how better to structure the conference.

Justin has even made available a Facebook group Called Sacred Word Revealed Family for those who attended. Please share your experiences and what you thought about the various speakers, presentations, and topics of discussion. We are hoping to utilize such feedback as preparation for designing next year’s topics and even possibly the theme of the conference. Should there be a topic which you are interested in but did not hear covered this year, please do let us know. We are even considering having multiple themes as focus for topic in each of the different days making up the three-day assembly.

Yahuah Yahushua bless all of you for your support in allowing us to as ministry, company, nonprofit, and family to serve the less fortunate especially in regard to the orphanages that we contribute to in support. We love you all. Please know that we could in no manner have succeeded in pulling off this event without your assistance. May the most high God continue to watch over, protect, and bless all of us as individuals, families, ecclesia, nation, and people.

The Community Spotlight Section of the newsletter is preserved for individuals in the Truth Seeking community who want to take a bold and impactful step. If you would like to share your testimony, please contact us, and we would love to present how The Most High has assisted you in your life.

Radio Show Schedule


This link will take you to our full calendar which contains all of our Digital Readers Club studies, Ask Me Anything shows, and our upcoming guests for our weekly Wednesday and Thursday livestreams. 

Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Lahe, Myanmar

by Justin James Garcia

Hearken, my beloved brethren, Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him?
- James 2:5
Just a month after the UN Food Chief warned of a famine of Biblical proportions, you'd never expect these smiles from the community most likely to be impacted by the food network's logistical failures. These smiles are due to The Most High working through this community to ensure these children are not left behind. These children, located in the mountainous borderlands of Myanmar and India, have been so blessed to come out of their homes of sorrow and to unite together in a place where they can work towards their future. AlleluYah. All I can say is AlleluYah. I'm so thankful for The Most High's children who've shared their blessings with our family at the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home. 

Before I speak of an urgent need of our children and brother Naogang, I want to share a before and after photo of our smiling sister Shicktoi. After the death of her father and abandonment by her mother. Her uncle brought her to this home where she could be cared for. These are the smiles she carries as she learns for the first time in her life how to worship and pray to her True Father.

This month all the children received a second set of clothing. In the west we cannot imagine not having a closet or chest of drawers full of clothes, but the children come from villages where poverty has many sleeping naked in the jungle. Their first new set of clothes came when they arrived at their new home. Pictured: the boys prepare for their new clothes!
Lastly I have to make mention of the great efforts that our brother Naogang has put into caring for the children of the orphanage. He travels by bike to the distant city hours away to receive the donations; he buys as much goods as possible for the home, and then treks back to the waiting children. This voyage is dangerous, and every month we must hire taxis to follow him with more necessities.
It would be a great blessing for our hardworking brother if we could fundraise for a vehicle! We are now starting a fund for a truck, which will make brother Naogang's journey much safer and will prevent us from hiring taxis for the long distance carrying of goods which are only available at the city. We have saved almost $1,000 now, and a proper vehicle which can survive the mountain drive and not become more of a liability than an asset, will run around $15,000. We understand this is a huge sum of money, but we are doing our best to save every month for it while also ensuring the daily needs of the children are met. If you would like to help us in caring for the children of the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home, please click the donate button below! May The Most High bless you in your endeavors for His Kingdom.

With Love, Justin James Garcia


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