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February Newsletter

Sacred Word Revealed Ticket Giveaway

T-minus two months until Sacred Word Publishing's first conference based on End Times Mysteries!

We're raffling off x2 tickets for full access to the conference. The giveaway will be done during the live stream of AMAs with Zen Garcia Episode 35 on Friday February 28. Winners will be announced during the midpoint of the stream and emailed afterwards. 


Learn more about this Orphanage Home in Justin's article below.

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15% Off Storewide!

It is a month where Love is on many minds as the secular world celebrates their holidays. We want to bring the focus back to what true Love is, not the lust that the world has replaced true Love with. True Love:

Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. (John 15:13, Romans 5:8, Romans 10:9)

In celebration of the Holy Love our Creator has shown us, alongside the beautiful love we see in this community of Truth Seekers, shown to us greatly by the amount of prayer requests we receive for children, we want to offer 15% off storewide throughout February.

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New Release


The ancient traditions vary in reporting the number and the names of the prophetesses associated to the legendary accounts preserved in this collection. Whatever opinion one may hold respecting the various legends, the collection of Sibylline Oracles was at one time preserved at Rome and contain various oracles, purporting to have been written by ancient Sibyls, found in the writings of Pausanias, Plutarch, Livy, and in other Greek and Latin authors. They seem both historically and apocalyptically prophetic in presentation with regard to the second advent of Yahushua Christ, harvest, judgment, and millennial kingdom cited in other writings as events that will come to pass at the end of days.

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Weekly Study Series

Every Saturday at 7pm est the Digital Readers Club meets to read and discuss together! You can sign up for the DRC here (it's 100% free). Studies are live streamed on the Zen Garcia YouTube Channel, and we are currently working our way through the Apocalypse of Peter, which is part of the Great Commission III: End Times Apocalypses. We look forward to studying with you!
Alternating between Thursdays at 12am and 9pm eastern time, Zen Garcia and Rob Skiba host an intensive duo-study on the book of Enoch! They're currently 7 episodes into the study and have many, many more to come! Please join us for live streams on the Zen Garcia YouTube Channel!

End Time Mysteries Revealed

by Zen Garcia

Hello and welcome, everybody.

It's always a pleasure to share with you. It seems that things are ramping up in the world with regard to end time prophecies and strange occurrences which could affect humanity on large-scale. My prayer is always that we continue in peace, comfort, safety, and prosperity. Yet, I know there are different people everywhere being challenged in different manner and that the word says that there will be peace followed by sudden destruction.

It seems that the scale of depravity has also increased worldwide in that we find the easy availability of drugs on the street in both pharmaceutical and illicit form, compromising the youth of this generation, and that the numbers of wayward, lost, and struggling has increased to record number. We see even in the mainstream news that the emergency services, fire departments, and police departments of even small-scale communities across America and in many other parts of the world are being forced to contend with people that are simply out of their minds. They are instead of providing true emergency services to the public, being forced to administer Narcan to those that are overdosed in stupor. While it is sad to see so many suffering in so many ways and the violence increasing, those of us that have read and studied the prophecies know that these things have been prophesied as increasing especially in the last times.

This March 27-29, 2020 here in Atlanta, Sacred Word Publishing in partnership with Endeavor Freedom Inc. will be hosting Sacred Word Revealed, an end time mysteries conference. We have as lineup of guests, Rob Skiba, Gary Wayne, Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh, Jana and Stephen Ben-noon, Dr. Stephen Pidgeon, Nathan Reynolds, Laurel Austin, my son, Justin James Garcia, and myself included as speaker. 

For two days we will be covering a wide variety of topics as most of these hosts have dedicated their lives to the study of Scripture and are very familiar with the prophetic word. While our hope is to encourage you in these very challenging times, more than anything we want you to recognize and acknowledge that the prophecies which have been written down by the prophets, patriarchs, and apostles of old are all now coming to light with new impact. This means that we are living in a very special time when the Scriptures proclaim that all of the ancient men and women of God had hoped to see and be witness to in their own lifetimes. The entire story and timeline of history leading up until this generation could very well be concluded while those of us that are alive now are still here upon this plane of existence.


We appreciate all of you that have pledged your time to join us in attendance. While none of us agrees upon all things or holds similarity in all perspectives, the fact that we can come together as a body of Christ to share discussion on all things esoteric, I believe this manner of Ecclesia an example to us by the ancient Disciples of Christ. Certainly not all of them agreed upon the methods of ritual, worship, or even service to our Lord and King, but certainly all of them understood without question that salvation is through the Messiah.

It is in that love, honor, and respect that all of the speakers come together to share time and space in bringing forth the research they have dedicated their lives to comprehending. I believe we can learn something from each one of them as well as each one of you. That we are better together as community banding together to fellowship, discourse, empower, and encourage one another to truth as witnessed by us individually. It is with that mindset that I welcome all of you in just a few short months now to join us in attendance here in Atlanta Georgia for this special event. We look forward to sharing hugs, discussion, and meals with those of you that make the journey from abroad. Be safe in your travels and again thank you for your kindness in supporting our ministry and work here at Sacred Word Publishing.

Introducing a New Column

Beginning next month, we will be highlighting short testimonials from individuals in the community! We pray this will be a wonderful way for those of this Truth Seeking community to get to know one another closer, individual to individual, to make the community more tight-knit and close like The Body should be!

Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home

by Justin James Garcia

The plans for renovation have been underway for one month now, and the progress is amazing! In the west, we often see buildings go up within days, but it is a much slower process cutting and shaping wood from the jungle, gathering sand and rocks from the river, and travelling for days by foot to the city to gather other essentials. 
The main plan for renovation is to extend Naogang's family home from point A to point B (lower photo) in order to create a study and housing space for the children. After renovations are completed, Naogang will welcome the children of his village as well as the surrounding villages to come to be fed with the bread of the earth and the Bread of Life. We're not yet sure how many children we'll be able to house, as we are still in need of donors to pledge assistance for the sustenance and monthly needs of the children. We do not want to take in more than we can actually care for, though we pray to grow continually as a fruitful plant for The Kingdom planted in the midst of a garden surrounded by weeds. Prayerfully this plant will leave so many seeds that we start to overtake the weeds.
First was to extend the base by building a retaining wall and filling with sand and clay.
The progress made within one month has been amazing to see!
Even the children came to help carry sand, looking forward to getting snacks from brother Naogang after the job was finished.
The children couldn't help but share their hard-earned snacks with the village furry friends.
If it's been impressed upon you to help the efforts of brother Naogang, please know that this ministry is his sole supporter. Your kind donations and 10% of your purchases at Sacred Word Publishing have made a great impact any many places across the earth, and we'd love to partner with you to continue supporting the development of a Christian mission-minded orphanage in Myanmar. If you'd like to donate please click the Donate Now button to find out exactly how you can do so.
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