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September Newsletter

To continue our encouragement for young readers, we want to offer 15% all print books throughout the month of September to help your young ones get their hands on all the mythical creatures, giants and dragons books they can! Don't forget about our Young Readers collection of Flat Earth material meant to introduce the basic concepts of Biblical Cosmology in a way that newcomers and youth can comprehend easily!

Monthly Meetup

LOCATION: Saigon Deli -

3446 Winder Highway
Suite 503 - 504
Flowery Branch, GA 30542
WHEN: September 22 12:30pm EST
For all fellowship opportunities with the SWP family click here.

New Book Release

Fired for Truth

By Nate Wolfe

This book is my first published work. It is almost a year in the making. In brief, it is a testimony of my upbringing and continual seeking of truth. It also highlights the working of God through fervent prayer. In this testimony, I share about attending the Take On The World 18 Conference and about my sudden firing from the church shortly after attending it with my wife. Immediately after my firing... the Father in heaven encouraged me through others who reached out and offered great support. In a short amount of time, he renewed my focus and ministry and blessed me and my family. This is our story of revelation, rejection, and renewal.

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Upcoming Shows

This month's AMAs with Zen will be aired live on September 6th and September 20th at 9pm Est on the Zen Garcia YouTube Channel!
Episode 5 of AMAs with Gary Wayne will be aired live on the Endeavor Freedom YouTube Channel September 9th at 8pm EST!

Video Highlight

The team of harvest workers ages, and those growing grey upon their heads are rightfully worried that the upcoming generation is being led down a path to destruction. We need reminders that there are still children out there being raised on the Right Path, and in this interview, Joy is joined by SWP's Youngest Reader, Gil Kissling, to talk about some of the topics that keep his interest as well as how and why he stays on the road to seeking Truth.

We give much thanks to the Kissling family for their devout efforts in sharing love with the future generation by raising such kind and brilliant children, and we appreciate the opportunity to interview their son, Gil!

Sacred Word Revealed

End Times Mysteries Conference

By Zen Garcia

Always an honor to be able to share a moment in time with all of you as we each in relationship work out our salvation through Christ in fear and trembling. Those of you that have followed our work for at least a while now, know without question that we take the parable of the watchmen found in Ezekiel chapter 33 very seriously and consider our responsibility to sound the trumpet of warning to those of you that look to us for guidance, as very important duty. With such proclamation, it is with great jubilation that I inform you of the efforts of my children Justin, Joy Garcia, and our really good friend Laurel Austin, that contract with the Doubletree Hotel here in Atlanta has been finalized and that we will be hosting beginning March 27th, 2020, some of the most well read and in-depth researchers to be found anywhere in the world. Some of you have heard us mention this event as the End Time Mysteries Revealed Conference.

If such news wasn’t encouraging enough, having just spent the last week at Take on the World, a truth seeker conference hosted by Liz and Chris Bailey annually in Ohio and sharing discourse with Rob and Sheila Skiba, my children were able to secure their attendance of this gathering as well. If you are not aware of what I speak, this opportunity will be quite unique as many of the speakers that have already agreed in advance to attend, do not often make appearance at these kinds of meetings.

Thus it is with great honor that I announce joining together with my children, Justin and Joy Garcia, the likes of Gary Wayne, Dr. Stephen Pidgeon, Jana and Steven Ben-noon, Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh, Laurel Austin, and now gratefully, Rob and Sheila Skiba. 

We have also added as optional enticement for those coming from afar, an optional daytrip to the Georgia Guidestones.  This trip is limited to the first 50 that sign up for inclusion in this adventure. We’re not sure if all of the speakers will attend but certainly myself and my children will be joining this trip.

We do currently have running an early bird special. We have negotiated with the Doubletree hotel a discounted price for a limited number of rooms as this place will be where the actual conference will be held. We ask that you please book your rooms through this link, as this will assist us in fulfilling quota and also ensure our collection of the funds needed to cover the expenses of the invited speakers. Should we exceed this quota we may possibly later extend invitation to other authors and speakers so that they too could join us in sharing their work.

Buy Tickets Now

Those of you that may desire to be sponsors or to secure table to sell your merchandise, please do contact Joy Garcia at We only have room for 300 attendees. The faster you secure your tickets, the better able we are to expand the list of speakers as well as to secure the availability of more rooms. Off the top of my head I can think of numerous authors which I would love to invite for inclusion in this gathering but assuredly we must know what budget we are working with, to ensure firstly taking care of the expenses of those that have already agreed to join us in congregation and those volunteers which have out of their kindness agreed to help us with the logistics and technicalities.

Should any one of you out there be willing to donate to making this gathering possible, please know that we in 2001 set up a nonprofit called Endeavor Freedom, Inc. which makes possible the taxable write-off of your gifts to this ministry. Also know that there are no administrative fees, and that 100% of your donations go to those charities which we support. Likewise we are quick to send receipt of such taxable write-offs in graciousness to your gifts of support. Many of you know that we have included in our business model at Sacred Word Publishing a 10% tithe to support widows, orphans, veterans, people with disabilities, and animals in need. Should you wish to join us in support of these individuals and groups, you can learn more about our work at and see visually images of those charities that we support in assistance.

Not only do we look forward to meeting you in March but hope to be able to share more than just conversation with you. It is our hope that not only will we have chance to break bread prayerfully, but that we can over meal get to know each other one another better. This way we can do the work of the great commission and empower, encourage, and inspire one another as God instructed us while also discussing the End-Time mysteries revealed. God bless all of you and remember that the seeker of lost paradise may seem a fool to those that have never sought the other worlds.

The Occult History of 5G

By Good Prevails

Walked according  to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:" - Ephesians 2:2

The disciple Paul identifies Lucifer as the ruler of the airwaves. By word-of-mouth, information has always travelled. Who is not familiar with the childhood game of Gossip, in which a group sits in a circle, and one person is chosen to think of a sentence, and while covering their mouth with their hands, in a hushed breath of air whispers their thought into the ear of their neighbor, who has been instructed to 'keep a poker face'. One-by-one, the message transmitted is passed from mouth-to-ear, until it returns to the ear of the person who began the transmission. We all remember what happens next: they repeat what was told to them after their original message travelled, and reveal 

what it was when it started - and it's always different! Everyone laughs, some may be embarrassed or ashamed, but always, the truth of the original message became a fiction fabricated by the collective imaginations of the hearers. Even smoke signals are less deceiving than this! In tropical regions, this is actually called "the coconut telegraph"! 

When the Gutenberg printing press was invented, and then affordable, privately owned presses, suddenly the written word took the same form at the gossip game, but worse: it fell under the influence of those in power, and at a rate unequalled in humanity's history (that we know of still, for it is quickly revealing in these days), exerted influence upon the minds of humans gained more footholds. The telegraph coupled with the power of steam used in the new industries of railroads and steamships both freight and luxury, and then planes made the gossip circle broader. The turn of the last century ushered in books, magazines and journals of all kinds, all mass distributed.

And then radio was invented... the governing entities with their regulatory bodies (who had already created the central banking system) cut up the airwaves like cake, and for fees, allocated usage rights amongst the 'bands': the bandwidth frequencies. Westernized cultures changed altogether, united by the mesmerization of the programs and the news from the (never ending) wars, and when radio became a part of life, that was World War I. The elite-orchestrated fall of the financial markets hit, and the Dustbowl famine (like so many whirling dervishes), and unbeknownst to most, this: in the 1930's, television had already been invented by the Germans and was in use there to condition and program the people to embrace the political program which led to the acceptance of all that became World war II and the Holocaust. The signals embedded in the television frequencies were embedded with sorceric imagery, and the extra-low frequency waves were designed for mind kontrol (control is spelled with a 'k' in German). This is how the nation was used to turn humans against humans, making them kill as beasts do. This is how the atrocities were accomplished, and how good people were influenced to destroy one another in choices they were manipulated into making, detached from hearing their souls.

After the United States 'won' [sic] the war, top-level Nazi scientists and researchers were brought over in Operation Paperclip. The doctors who designed the mind kontrol program went on to establish MK Ultra. The television was fraudulently reconceptualized and patented as an American invention, and the PROGRAMMING on the radio waves became the television programming. Already, there was Hollywood's films in theaters, and films and film strips used by the controller's arms of education, churches, government offices and science in society, but television was so affordable that the brainwashing happened daily in one's own living room. (And for families who couldn't afford it were 'credit-building finance programs' making it possible to buy a TV and pay in installments, O the American Dream!)

So here we are now, with devices and apps and biosensors, the AI and the Internet not only of Things, but EVERYTHING. The beast is embedded in the technology itself.

The reason for the mini-history lesson is to underscore the longstanding succession of the so-called advances in communication the prince of darkness uses to entrap and enslave humans within what has come to be known as the matrix. Each computer device used has a unique hardware number, and connects via an 

internet protocol IP address which puts the person using the device mappable, regardless if location is in the settings of the device is enabled or not. Even with sophisticated VPN use, the ultimate internet backbone, DARPA, knows exactly where the user is physically located, to the point of drone target ability. Most phones now are 4Gigahertz microwaves transmission, and many are 5G. The towers and transponders being implemented all over the face of the earth - except for two exceptions: the country of Israel and the town of Mira Lago, Florida, the POTUS's home - are actually GWEN Towers. G.W.E.N. stands for ground wave emergency network. These extra-low microwave range frequencies are military weapons for crowd control, and, if aimed, can activate nanotechnology within the human body, ultrasonic ringing in the ears, V2K (voice to skull) thought interference and implantation, can cause pain, muscle spasms, heart attacks and death. In the recent Paradise, California fires, satellite and drone DEWS - direct energy weapons - were used to control swarms of nanobots that targeted homes, shops and businesses but left untouched the surrounding land, controlled by the prince of the air to depopulate the area for the satanic agenda.

Now this matrix control grid and the Spacefence are set to attempt to completely control all souls. With the return of The Destroyer here in this Fig Tree Generation in what we know is the prophesied Tribulation, not only do the workers of iniquity and darkness want to control the world's populations as

societies collapse, but with the 5G grid extending upward to the firmament of the impassable dome the Most High created, the Luciferian plan is to prevent souls from ascending. Health care practitioners in USA and Europe are now reporting that patients are complaining of health problems they have never had before, including anxiety, insomnia, depression, growing unresponsiveness to medications, ADHD, stroke, and high blood pressure. These symptoms clear up when WiFi routers are removed and digital device use is minimized, shielded or eliminated. 5G, when fully implemented, will have nodes every ten to twelve housing units, installed at bedroom windows. This is already in place. The following is a list of things you can do to optimize your health and minimize risk and damage.

For more from Good Prevails please visit her blog at

Spring of Hope Orphanage

by Uncle Avao

“You make me glad by your deeds, O Lord; I sing for Joy at the work of your hands”. (Psalm 92.4)

Dear friends,    

Thank you to all our friends. Your love towards us is awesome; because of your help we could care and bring our children step by step to a higher stage. We have a dream and hope that one day through your help and by the grace of God our Children of Peniel Home will shine like a Star and leads our people towards the God’s willing future life.

Our Peniel Home is blessed with beautiful children and they are all doing well. Since the children came from different background it is very hard to deal with them. However, Mr. Aching and Mrs. Nimshon who is the warden of boys and girls are taking care with great patience. 

This year four children passed the 10th Grade and now they are studying in the Higher Secondary in Grade Eleven. We really thank God for his Mercy upon us. These children begin their study journey from the village school which is in a poor condition however; when they come at Peniel Home they were given maximum opportunity for study and with hard labour they passed the 10th Grade in !st & 2nd Division/Grade.

The children at Peniel Home go to school and at home they study and work as part of their living. It is to impart them the dignity of labour. They all enjoy whatever they do and the older children learn to manage the kitchen works. Recently, the Church Pastor and Deacon from Eastern Nagaland came to visit our Peniel Home. To reach here they journey for 6 days that is; walk on foot for three days and travel by bus for three days. During their stay here, we had a good interaction and fellowship. They spend a good time with their children who are in our peniel home. They appreciate and thank the spring of hope for taking care of their children. They too convey their heartfelt gratitude to all the donors for the love and concern to them.

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