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November Newsletter

The Thanksgiving season is known as the season of discounts, and during the last two weeks of this month, we're offering 35% off all books and ebooks. We want to do our best to ensure you have a well-rounded library to enjoy next to the fireplace during the coming winter, and with this awesome discount coming, it'll the perfect time to stock up! You can click the shop now button to go ahead and prefill your cart, so on the 15th, all you'll have to do is simply enter THANKYOU35 into the coupon code block and checkout.

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Monthly Meetup

This is the final meetup before we pause during the winter season, so please come enjoy some great food and fun discussion with us before we bunker up in our blessedly warm homes!

LOCATION: Señor Tequila Grill

137 E May St, Winder, GA 30680
WHEN: November 24 12:30pm EST
For all fellowship opportunities with the SWP family click here.

Upcoming Release

Enochian Calendar Preorder

This calendar unifies in cohesion the ancient Hebrew Lunar together with the Gregorian Solar calendar. It covers the gregorian months January through December and overlays the expected Rosh Chodesh, Sabbaths, and Feast Days of the year known as ad 2020. 

You can preorder this product now! We will be shipping out product towards mid-December as soon as it is ready!


The Digital Readers Club

After 57 weeks of journeying through the Aramaic Targum, Great Commission I, and Great Commission II, we have finally begun our quest into the Great Commission III! Our first study was through the Coptic Apocalypse of Elijah, and we'll be moving into the Hebrew version this Saturday!

Weekly meetings are held on Saturday at 7pm EST! All are welcome to come and join us on our Discord server to fellowship, read, and discuss the weekly readings.

What's Happening with the Garcia Family

by Zen Garcia

Hello friends, just wanted to remind everybody that Justin, Joy, Laurel Austin, and myself will be attending the 2019 International Flat Earth Conference in Dallas, Texas this November 14-15th, 2019. I will be speaking and together hosting a booth whereby we share with others some of the many books we have released in connection to flat Earth as topic as well the many ancient manuscripts we’ve made available for public consideration. For those of you that are planning to attend, we hope to have opportunity to not only meet you but hopefully fellowship and even perhaps share meal together.

Per usual, we are weekly producing numerous hours of broadcast content and also laboring to complete some books we’ve each been working on. Those of you that follow our work, know that I have been, for the last few months working on a publication called The Vestures of Light and Rod of Wonder. This book traces the origins of the clothing and staff which the most high God, had given to Adam before his banishment from paradise. It also connects in storyline with these items, 1) Joseph’s robe of many colors, 2) the staff which Moses uses to split the Reed Sea, and 3) the robe dipped in blood and rod of iron which Messiah will return in second advent to rule over the nations. I recently I did a show with Professor Truth where I spoke about the details of this hidden story. That show has piqued much interest in this topic. I believe that I will be able to finish and release it to the public by the time of our March sacred word revealed conference.

I'm also close to the completion of The Great Contest III: The Sons of Anak. This book continues in examination the ongoing connections of the war in heaven to the enmity of the seed lines. This third book in the Great Contest series specifically discusses the current New World order elites’ connection to the bloodline of Cain which historically utilized the divine right of kings to rule in impunity over the masses.


There we saw the giants (the descendants of Anak came from the giants); and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.

Numbers 13:33

My daughter-in-law Joy, will be releasing the second volume of The Legends of the Prophets and the Patriarchs II, which as book of reference provides great detail on the little-known intricacies of the Biblical narrative beginning with the creation week and moving into the lives of the patriarchs and prophets as expounded upon by other world literature. 

An incredible number of legends exists connected with the personages whose history is given in the Old Testament. The collection now presented to the public must by no means be considered as exhaustive. The compiler has been obliged to limit himself as to the number, it being quite impossible to insert all. He trusts that few of peculiar interest have been omitted.


Finally, my son Justin, will be releasing soon The WORD of The LORD: A Comparative Analysis of the Hidden Memra. This comprehensive study is designed to be an easy to examine parallel of the KJV and ancient Aramaic Targum of the Pentateuch and the Psalms. It provides the scriptural verses of both the English and Aramaic translation of various passages from the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Psalms where allusion to the Word of the Lord or the Word has been lost in translation, misinterpreted, or misconstrued in some manner, alternating the original meaning. These side-by-side comparisons provide for truth seekers and modern-day Biblical scholars the ability to read in context a more accurate translation of the original text.

For instance, allusion to the word of the Lord in the Aramaic Targum translation of the Pentateuch can be found 217 times and yet in the modern King James version of the English Bible, there are only 12 such instances preserved in that rendering. This premise in my opinion suggest that those responsible for translating the Hebrew Torah into Greek and then other diverse modern lexicons, purposely skewed that responsibility in order to remove relationship of Christ, the logos, memra, and Word of the Lord, from intimate relationship with the early patriarchs and prophets of Israel.

I believe such effort connected to the Jewish rabbis and Pharisees, denial of Yahushua as Savior Messiah. It is my opinion that should one enter into open-minded examination of those comparative studies put together here by Justin, that denial of Yahushua as long-awaited fulfillment of the Savior forecasted by the Old Testament prophets is an impossibility. 

Finally I’d like to make mention that those of you which have sought avenue to support us as family, company, and ministry that we have started a Patreon on account. We will be providing for Patreon supporters an exclusive weekly recap of the many hours of broadcasts as well as a direct once a month Patreon only, live streamed Ask Me Anything show, on the last Tuesday of every month. 

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Alternatively, we wanted to also make known to you, that should you donate to us through www.EndeavorFreedom.net that we are able to provide for you at the beginning of the tax season, receipt and write-off for the total annual amount donated to our charitable efforts through this portal. We reiterate that 100% of the donations granted to the Endeavor Freedom nonprofit are redistributed to the various charitable organizations we are in support, one of which is highlighted at the end of this newsletter.

Otherwise, there is an easy way for those of you that are Amazon users to support us without having to donate more than just a little bit of your time. If you go to the website smile.Amazon.com and select EndeavorFreedom Inc. as the organization you would like to support, whenever you make a regular purchase through Amazon it will donate 5% of your purchase amount to our nonprofit charity. In this manner it does not cost you a thing but can over time really add up to assist us in our efforts to give directly to the least fortunate. You can learn about the charities we support at www.EndeavorFreedom.net

Thank you again everybody for helping us to help others. May the most high God watch over, bless, and keep safe you, your loved ones, and family in the work that you are doing on behalf of our King.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

By Laurel Austin

Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. - Isaiah 41:10

There are several things we can do to reduce stress and anxiety in our lives; here are a few things to focus on that will help us achieve this:


1.  Create a calming environment. 
If you find you are stressed at work, or school, the last thing you want to come home to is an atmosphere that stresses you out even more. Even if you work from home, you certainly don’t want to be in an environment that stresses you out. Try to declutter your space, free yourself from the baggage of “mess". Do a little spring cleaning, I know I always feel better after cleaning out a closet or even just a drawer in my house. There is a feeling of accomplishment that goes along with that, and it can really put your mind at ease. Donate whatever you don’t need. You will feel so much better! Add some greenery to your home. Turn on your diffuser or salt lamps. You should feel the anxiety release itself from you!
2.  Herbs for Stress and Anxiety
Herbs can really help cope with stress, specifically adaptogens. Adaptogens help you adapt to stress. They support your adrenal system, they calm you down and give you a boost. They can be added to your tea or coffee for a relaxing drink. Four Sigmatic is very affordable and one of my favorites, it can be found on Amazon.
3.  The Mind-Body Connection. 
Your diet plays a huge role in your body's ability to cope with stress. Your gut is often referred to as the body’s second brain. It is said that about 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut, so it is really important to eat foods that balance and nourish the gut. It is also important to eat foods that detoxify as there are so many toxins we are exposed to that affect our mood and our ability to deal with stress and anxiety. It’s a good idea to limit foods that are processed, refined, high in sugar, or foods/beverages with a lot of caffeine. Try to gradually incorporate these things as you don’t want your diet itself to become a source of stress in your life. Just do the best you can!
4. Learn to Just Say NO!
Overcommitment can bring on a lot of stress! We have all been there, asked to take on a project or responsibility. It is important to know your strengths, limitations, and weaknesses. We should pay heed to our “gut feeling” that this isn’t the right time or too much to handle, even though we all hate confrontation or disappointing others. Try to work on just honestly saying, “I’d really love to, but I just can’t do that right now”! Your mind and body with thank you for it! As your confidence grows it will get easier, and you will learn to value your time and do what is best for yourself. When you do this, you will do better for others as well!
5.  Practice Gratitude!
The simple act of showing gratitude has really proven itself to reduce stress levels. When we are bombarded with responsibility, bills, demands, etc, it is so nice to just take a few moments every day to give thanks for the amazing things in life, most of all our Father in Heaven, and our Messiah, our Savior. We’ve been given the Holy Spirit to comfort us, lead us, and help us! And all the “stuff” or FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) that can really take its toll on us and our life becomes obsolete in the presence of the Most High Elohim!
A few other things to focus on gratitude: Our family, our friends, creation, our fur babies, a walk in the park, sunshine, the breeze through the trees, birds singing, a good meal, prayer time, peaceful moments, relaxing piano music, a conversation with a friend. Some people even keep a gratitude journal each day. It can really help to write these things down.  It can also be a source of comfort to go back and read through it during a tough day.  

This is an important topic that many of us struggle with, and we don’t usually like talking about it. It is so important to take time to be aware and proactive in these things, and the impact is significant!

I pray this finds you well. Till next time


Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home

Lahe, Myanmar

by Brother Naogang

Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. - James 1:27

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I, Naogang Ngansa, bring you warm greetings and Joy in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope and believe some of you who have been following my stories are now familiar with my name. I thank God once again for his love, sympathy, and blessings and for sending me new hope and ideas, as I walk and volunteer in His ministry. Today I would like to share with you about the "Naga" topic and God's New plan for a new Orphanage Home in Lahe.

The Nagas were independent indigenous tribes people living in their own land since time immemorial until the mighty Indian and Myanmar government divided the Nagas without the concern of the Naga people in 1953. So, today the Nagas live in both these countries: India and Myanmar. Let me tell you about the story of the Nagas in Myanmar. The Nagas in Myanmar have three townships/districts: Lahe township, Nanyun township, and Layshi township. 

Lahe is a small town with about 600 households. This is a small town where all villages under lahe township would come to this town to buy their commodities. The approximate population under lahe township is about 100,000. 

In this region Christianity came into being only in the late 1980s through the Naga missionaries and Naga Armies from the Indian side, but unfortunately, I would say it has not been very successful till today; there are still several people in different parts of lahe township who still practice animism and many more non-Christian villages. It is also very hard for any Christian missionaries to travel to these villages because these villages were kept in isolation and deprived from education, healthcare, road connectivity, electricity, etc, for the past many decades by the Burmese government. Even until today there is not a single Christian mission school and orphanage home in Naga Myanmar. But we do have monastic education school and children's homes in Lahe town where more than 335 Naga children are part of this education. 

Therefore, dear brethren in Christ I bring you good news today, that I'm praying to start the first ever orphanage Home in Naga Myanmar, in my father's house in Lahe. My parents don't occupy the home as my father is serving as a Pastor in my village. So I'm praying to make use of this House to accommodate orphan children of all religions, under lahe township to provide them education, food, clothing and planting the seed of Jesus Christ into their Hearts. But dear brothers and sisters without God's blessings and without your prayers  and financial support this dream cannot come true. 

My father's house needs some repairing, and we need to build the ground floor to support the house building as you can see the foundation of the building in the picture. We needed to buy wood, cement, bricks and other materials to restrengthen the house so that the children can jump and play without fear.

Everything is very expensive in this small Lahe town due to very poor transportation, and nothing is made in this town, but every material and commodity comes from far away towns and cities. So after my father and I did a rough calculations the amount needed to spend comes to about 3,000 USD for starting including the complete building of the ground floor, a little polishing of the house, and bringing in the orphan children from different villages. The children's home shall be named  "Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home, Lahe". My father and I are praying to start this Home next year by January 2020. Keep us in your prayers. May God bless you all.

Yours in Christ,


On behalf of all the individuals you support daily, I want to personally give a shout of praise to The Most High for working through you. This month we were able to accomplish SO MUCH! From filling the empty rice storage of a children's  home with enough food for one month, to repairing essential quality of life matters in the orphanage (toilet and water pump, to purchasing bed frames and mattresses for children who were plagued by bugs due to sleeping on the floor for years, you've made a huge impact in communities across the earth! We pray you'll be blessed immensely so that your charity can continue for the sake of our brothers and sisters in poverty. For more updates on the impact you're making and the needs of our family please follow along here.


Justin James Garcia

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