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March Newsletter


  • Enochian Calendar
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  • New Releases: The Lost Books of the Bible
  • Sacred Word Revealed T-shirt Collection
  • Keeping Hope - Zen Garcia
  • Community Spotlight - Sharon (bellizima)
  • Coping with Vaccine Injury - Laurel Austin
  • Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home - Justin James Garcia

This month we are focused on exposing evil and want to offer 20% off all of our titles in the New World Order and Serpent Seed collections.

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New Releases

The Lost Books of the Bible is a collection of works from the first four centuries admired and read by early Christians, and later excluded from the canon. This invaluable selection enables us to examine the personage of Jesus, His apostles, companions, and historical events of the time.

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Keeping Hope

by Zen Garcia

As of this moment we are 25 days, 19 hours, 40 minutes, and 33 seconds from the opening of the Sacred Word Revealed conference to be held here in Atlanta, Georgia, March 27th through the 29th, 2020. It’s been a long time coming and much preparation to get all things to this point. I’d like to especially thank my children, Justin and Joy Garcia, Martin Steyn, Gerard Hamdani, Laurel Austin, and others who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to prepare all things and get them to where they are now. We would like to also thank all of the volunteers that offered up their service in a wide variety of ways to streamline the process in making this event possible.

As one of the speakers, I am filled with a sense of excitement as I know that many of our listeners, readers, and viewers from all across the world will be coming here to our hometown to join us in this grand fellowship. I’m excited also to finally meet so many of the guest speakers, who I’ve done many hours of live broadcast together over the years, finally in person. We will all be sharing a moment of historical precedence in joining together to share and speak about our personal perspectives on the word of the most high God. As a side-note, March 4th, 2020 is the LAST day to book hotel rooms at the discounted rate ($109 instead of $150). So if you have not reserved your room yet please do so asap here.

While so much of the world is caught up in the matrix of deceit and commit their whole lives to being part of what I believe to be illusion parading as reality, I believe those that are coming together in attendance to be part of a special elect remnant. Many of the speakers have dedicated their entire lives to serving the kingdom and prioritizing the revelation of truth. Likewise, many of you as our listeners have taken it upon yourselves to in your own part of the world and with your own time, to educate others on all things esoteric. Having shared time and space with so many of you, I know just how difficult it is for us to maintain the status quo of just living out the 9-to-5 American dream of corporate slavery, materialism, and idealistic dedication to the accumulation of money and things.

I believe that many of us have been called to seek something deeper, something more profound from life and that for many of us we find this in the gospel of Yahushua Christ. We have been fortunate enough to come to insight that this world is not what it appears to be. That something is wrong with our daily unfolding as evil still dominates the prevalence of mainstream news and the focus of world going into this so-called modern age. Those of us that do seek greater discernment in who we are, why we are, and what this is all really about. Know that what is revealed in the message of the gospel, is that this kingdom is not the kingdom of our Lord and King.

Currently we find ourselves in a fallen world and in a fallen state of being. That the entire message of Christ coming into mortal form, was to redeem us from our previous banishment from the kingdom. That at the heart of the Christian faith is the message of salvation through Him. Unfortunately so few living in this time now understand the profundity of that message. Because so few even read the holy written word of God’s message to us, thus they do not understand why we need a Redeemer and why YHVH sent his only begotten Son to accomplish that fact.

For those with the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and a mind to understand. We are here to stand with you in announcing and sharing this revelatory truth. That for whatever reason, I believe we have been ordained by the Triune Godhead to be the wisdom keepers, the holders of the secrets, and the revealers of the riddles for the people of this time and day. Soon if not already, so many will look to those of you that join us here in attendance, for greater discovery, greater insight, and guidance to answer they may find no other place. Like the speakers in attendance, so many of you have dedicated your entire lives to taking on a watchman, woman’s role to sound the trumpet and prepare the people of the kingdom for those things that are quickly coming. Even now as we prepare to gather together in the upcoming months, we see dominating the headlines concern for a coronavirus pandemic. The global stock markets are retreating quickly and the authorities are hyping the need for one to be mandatory vaccinated should one have course to travel in the coming months. We pray that such measure be unnecessary and that none of you are forced to endure such treatment incoming to our conference.

Those of us that know about the agenda of the New World order and how they in their own words have spoken of creating false flag events in order to guarantee certain outcomes. You know like I that they have been busy working from the shadows to assert, what Daniel envision spoke of as the coming beast kingdom. In my opinion we are in the time when at any moment the actual Antichrist could be revealed. Know that when this event occurs that your redemption is nigh.

While we are surrounded by the Orwellian reality of police state tyranny. Have no fear. We must trust YHVH and know that when it comes to believers, we are under His grace and so long as you are truly in covenant with Him, no evil can affect you or enter your home. I pray that we all find ourselves worthy of being numbered with the elect in the day that Christ returns to separate the harvest of the wheat and the tares. I pray that all of you take to heart the chance we have in this year to come together to share meal, conversation, joy, laughter, and concern together.

We are promised no more tomorrows. Neither do we know when the onset of future challenge will draw the world into peace come sudden destruction. Hug your family members. Tell them you love them. Let no worrying or concerned separate you from sharing how you truly feel about them should we never have new opportunity to do so. Let us realize how fortunate we are in this moment and let us celebrate in gratitude to the most high, opportunity to study together how we collectively believe the end times may manifest over the coming days, months, and years. Be safe. God bless you in your travel. Can’t wait to see you altogether in a giant circle of hugs.

You can find at the link below, the updated itinerary for the upcoming conference as well as the topics of discussion for each one of the speakers.

Conference Schedule

With tickets nearly sold out at 300 attendees, we want to ensure that those who don't have the opportunity to join us in person will still have access to join us via live stream! Patrons of all tiers at the Sacred Word Publishing Patreon Page will get full access to the live stream of the event.

This month we're excited to introduce an amazing sister whose helped the community behind the scenes for a while now! Sharon aka bellizima has been involved in helping us overcome technical obstacles as well as utilizing her linguistic skills to ensure that we continue growing towards a more reader-friendly environment (grammar-friendly as well)! We're happy to share her testimony here and pray this column will grow the community closer together, to remind everyone that we're in this world together and never alone.

Introducing Sharon aka bellizima

My name is Sharon, and I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, the 4th of 5 children. Languages, accents, dialects, music, and singing are a few of my favorite things… When the dog barks… Actually, I did grow up in a singing family like the Von Trapps, only we sang at church. My dad was from Colombia and studied opera in Peru. While singing in Mexico, he met my mom, and the rest is history. I think I inherited the love of languages from my dad. I was probably 8 when I corrected my 24-year old year old sister’s grammar in front of her friends :| Let’s just say I never did that again. LOL In college, I studied linguistics 

and also Spanish, which is my second language. Over the years I’ve attempted to learn bits and pieces of many languages from French to Arabic, but now, I’m learning Hebrew (יהוה).

Our Heavenly Father has ordained every aspect of my life, and I am thankful for all that He has permitted. In His kindness, He allowed me to grow up in a family that went to church, whose parents had us pray and read the Scriptures 📖 daily before bed. Although the church was a cult, and I eventually left, they did believe in Serpent Seed, which I see as God’s providential way of leaving me a breadcrumb. Growing up in church, I’d always believed in God and called myself a Christian, even though my walk with the Lord wasn’t always close. I know God used those backslidden moments to show me many things and to draw me closer to Him.

The overarching theme that I kept seeing throughout my life was that of an underlying deception in every aspect of this world. In college, I began to lose faith in doctors and medicine, but my trust in medicine was completely lost years later when my husband, Wesley, who suffered from Lymphoma for 13 years, passed away. Sadly, he had relied on chemo, radiation, and experimental treatments to prolong his life, and it only served to deteriorate his body more and more. Wesley was a truth seeker, though, and he had begun to see the deception that was coming. In Yah’s providence, someone gave him some DVDs showing how 9/11 was an inside job and that the moon landings were a hoax, and he and I knew there was truth in that. That was more than 10 years ago!

Wesley passed away not long after, and I was too overwhelmed to think of anything else but that the Father would take me home, too. Wesley had always told me that if he went first, he would be there waiting for me. I wasn’t so depressed that I wanted to take my life, though. I simply longed to be with the Father, away from this dark world, but the Father had other plans for me. Slowly, surely, He would gently begin to remove the scales from my eyes to show me truth, morsels at a time, lest I faint from devastation. 

A year later, I realized my life was stagnant, and I wasn’t being spiritually fed, so I left the church, all the while praying that the Father would lead me where He wanted me to go. Not long after, I found a morsel of truth in regards to nutrition and health. The Standard American Diet (SAD)—filled with packaged foods, highly processed, chemically-extracted vegetable oils, and very large amounts of insulin-spiking carbohydrates—was killing people via Diabetes, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, and many other diseases including Cancer. I was disgusted and defiant! I shared this knowledge with family and began to blog about it and share it with anyone who would listen. Almost 10 years later, you now hear of Keto and Paleo, which are variations on this theme, which shows that truth is spreading, Praise Yah! Real doctors like Dr. William Davis, Dr. Perlmutter, Dr. Eades, Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Berg, and many others are sharing truth about health and nutrition on YouTube discussions and interviews.

The next revelation of truth came to me the Summer of 2017, but it wasn’t a morsel this time. I was in Norway on business travel, when my boyfriend, Andre, dropped the bombshell on me over Skype. The earth was really flat, and its being hidden all this time was the greatest deception known to man. I trusted his judgement, but I didn’t understand. I asked the usual questions, and he told me I had to wipe the slate clean and use my observations and think. I still didn’t understand, but I was open. Then he sent me this video that I can no longer find on YouTube about a man who was an atheist being interviewed and sharing how he came to faith in Jesus because he saw the flat earth in Scripture! I was sold. My mind had already been mentally prepared for knowing that the god of this evil age has blinded people to truth, and the agenda is to get people distracted from the One True God! I didn’t have all the answers, but I knew it was flat if Scripture said so.

Not long after, I found a church, after having been estranged from church for several years, and I started a yearly Bible Reading Plan. I learned a great deal about the gospel at church, because they never tire of sharing the gospel, but I found myself relying on other sources (books, podcasts, YouTube) for doctrines that my church was not covering. In my Reading Plan, I came across Ham’s uncovering his father’s nakedness, so I looked it up online; surely someone knew. Of course I found the standard “seminary” responses, but then I found a YouTube video that exposed the euphemism found also in Leviticus 18:8 and 20:11, that doing so means sleeping with one’s own mother or the wife of one’s father. No wonder the churches didn’t teach this; it was too radical, but not for me! The truth was exposed. 

Several months ago, while at my church smallgroup, I shared that I believed the earth was flat, because someone had shared that her brother needed prayer because he was now believing that the earth was flat. The result of that was not exactly pleasant. Since the lay members defer such topics to the pastors instead of thinking for themselves, I felt compelled to share my understanding of Biblical Cosmology with one of the pastors. Although the pastor was kind, he was very much sold on NASA’s lies. Nevertheless, I continued to go to church, although I began to suspect the Father would be guiding me elsewhere in the near future.

Around that same time, I had started to listen to Rob & Zen’s Genesis series, and at some point, I was led to look up Zen’s books. I found the Digital Readers Club (DRC), signed up, and began attending a few months ago. A few weeks ago, I began to feel the Father calling me out of my church, and I prayed about it. The ekklesia that is the DRC also prayed for me a few times, and a week ago, I was ready to give my notice to be removed from the membership of the church. I did, however, leave them with a few morsels (like pagan holidays and the rise of scientism) to think about if they were so compelled.

When I started blogging about my newfound natural lifestyle, I believed that all the problems to our ailments could be found in nature. I truly believed the Father provided us with natural remedies, and I still believe that to be true. I called myself an evangelist of natural solutions, but always having this feeling that The Most High had more in store for me to evangelize. That said, today, my eating lifestyle is simple, my grocery shopping is simple, my shopping in general is simple. I do not need many things, and it’s all thanks to The Most High. I often say “God has taken so many things away from me” and I say that in the most positive way. He’s taken away the superfluous, so that I am left with only Him, the only One I need.

P.S. If you’ve heard Zen’s last two AMAs, then you’ll recognize ‘bellizima’ because Zen said “she needs more competition.” LOL Yes, admittedly, I’m the reigning champion of Zen’s last two AMA trivia giveaways, and the last Gary Wayne AMA giveaway! I’m not usually a contestant, let alone a winner, well except for Bible trivia games back in Sunday School (‘Sword’ was my favorite because I could always find the Scripture in my Bible the fastest), but Zen’s books are something worth winning! Nevertheless, it is time for others to win… so if I do win another one, it won’t be for me. A sister in Finland, who is asleep during Zen’s shows, would love to win a book, and I told her I would try to win the next one for her! She hopes it’s the Targum *hint hint*

Coping with Vaccine Injury

by Laurel Austin

We are less than a month away from the Secret Word Revealed 2020 conference in Atlanta Georgia! I’m so excited to see you all, some that I’ve met before, others will be a first time. I’d like to update everyone on a few things that have been going on and give you a bit of a preview of what I will be speaking about at the conference.

 As many of you know, my family has its share of vaccine injury. I have four vaccinated autistic children and two never vaccinated completely normal developed  children. Of the four that have autism, the younger two are more severe with the youngest, Jeremy being the most severe. This severity includes self injurious behavior, tantrums as an adult, complete loss of speech, and seizures, among other issues.

Back in 2009 we started the gaps diet and we had some measurable success with that. But the gaps diet seemed to take us only so far. Then in June 2018, we started the CD protocol, led by Kerri Rivera who authored the book “Healing  the Symptoms known as Autism”. CD is also known as MMS, which is chlorine dioxide. It safely oxidizes and chelates heavy metals, parasites, viruses, and bacteria from your body leaving your cells unharmed.   It’s also heavily attacked in mainstream media and big Pharma as it’s something that heals and it is so cheap that the pharmaceutical industry cannot capitalize on it. Let me share with you what it has done for Jeremy my son.  When  he started the CD protocol in June 2018, he was having an average of four seizures a month, tantrums hourly which included biting his hands and arms and screaming for no apparent reason, and he was completely nonverbal. When Jeremy was three years old he had speech, and thanks to  vaccination he gradually lost all speech. After three months of being on the CD protocol, Jeremy completely stopped having seizures and his demeanor and behavior started to calm down.  What was once hourly screaming is now maybe one occurrence daily or every other day.  Within 6 to 9 months he started saying words, “mom” was the first one, followed by “no, yes, hot, more, bye”.  His day service providers have also been keeping track of his words in his daily report book, a wonderful second confirming witness that real progress is being made.  Other things that have been noted, Jeremy is making promises, requesting permission, and accepting  and requesting affection!  Jeremy  is greeting his grandparents and requesting hugs goodbye. This is something we have never experienced with him before!

The CD protocol is highly attacked and called bleach by mainstream media. Bleach is sodium hypochlorite. Not the same thing as chlorine dioxide. I can assure you this, a person that is being given chlorine dioxide for two years would be dead if this was really bleach or poison. One thing is for certain, their health would not be improving. 

There are several things that you can protect your health with during this latter-day time of threat of depopulation. CD, or MMS is one of the best tools, another one is colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is also very easy to make yourself, and in a future newsletter I will explain how I have learned to make it so that you can do the same for your family. Another great tool to keep yourself and your family healthy is essential oils. I myself use doTERRA oils and I absolutely love the quality. If anyone is interested in doTERRA, please contact me through Sacred  Word Publishing, our editor can pass along your information to me. 

I will be expanding more on these topics at the conference and look forward to meeting you all! Shalom!

Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home

by Justin James Garcia

As evident in the photo above, the renovations are nearly complete! The new home will house up to 25 children from the extremely impoverished communities in the surrounding villages. 

These few years of supporting Naogang and his efforts for the Naga people has been a great blessing. We've seen many naked become clothed, hungry become fed, and even Buddhists learn of Christ. Having you as a partner in caring for this mission is a great blessing!

Our main goal in this orphanage is to plant a Tree in the midst of the Buddhist land which will produce Fruit for The Kingdom of God. Many of the parents in this area have begun sending their children to Buddhist orphanages and boarding schools because the families cannot afford to care for their children, and the Buddhist schools are supported by the government. Christianity is waning, and it's our vision to provide a home where children will be raised with strong faith and dedication to serving The True Purpose of our lives on earth, to win souls for Christ. 

Many in my community fell in love with Naogang, seeing the photos of his travels and the charity with which he radiates. The donations of our friends and family was put to good use, and we're glad to continue supporting this cause. Your partnership is a great blessing, and we look forward to working with you to nurture this Tree to the Glory of God.

Our next renovation goal is to turn this wicker basket kitchen with a leaky roof into a functional food preparation area for the many children which will find sustenance within. This project is currently on hold, due to the monsoon months and high price of timber during this time. Therefore, our fundraising has turned solely to bringing children to the orphanage!

The past couple months has been focused fully on preparing a place for the children, and I'm so excited to begin bringing the children to the home and into their new lives!

We've calculated a monthly operational expense based on housing 25 children. With $1 per meal, 2 meals per day, that comes to $1,500. We expect to spend around $125 of toiletries each month. With a water bill of $30, electric bill of $30, and firewood of $150, we're left with the salary of the warden, teacher, and cook, which totals to $330 per month. Altogether this brings us to a total monthly operating expense of $2,165 per month. We recognize this is a large sum, and that's why we're asking for your help! Through paypal donations, it is possible to setup recurring payments which will add to the 10% of proceeds from Sacred Word Publishing. Altogether, we are evaluating our budget and will house a number of children in the orphanage home according to the amount we can afford. Prayerfully that number will be the maximum, 25! And prayerfully we'll be able to continue growing as a Fruitful Tree for The Kingdom in the faraway villages of the forgotten Naga Land. 

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