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For our family in the northern hemisphere, the summer is coming upon us. With the summer comes heat; with the heat comes danger, so this promocode is here to remind everyone to drink plenty of water while you're studying under the sun!

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I bring forth throughout the chapters of this book the story of the reign of the Dragon Lords and enslavement of the pre-Adamic peoples as connected to the legendary Atlantean myths of the antediluvian world. I explain how the creation of the heavens and the earth as a ‘perfect work', and man initially to be not vain but inhabited according to Isaiah 45:18, ended up being destroyed by the rebellion of the angels and war which initially fought in the heavens, resulted in the earth becoming a deserted wasteland and an indistinguishable ruin. Examining in very thorough manner the Genesis 1:2 phrase ‘and the earth was without form and void’, I expound upon how this verse in the Hebrew, eretz hayyah tohuw wa bohuw, implies that a previous earth and age existed in our distant past before the earth was reformed, reestablish, and restored in

habitation. Peter describes how the world that then was perished which in the Greek is the word, ἀπόλλυμι apóllymi, ap-ol'-loo-mee; which means to destroy fully, to put out of the way entirely, abolish, put an end to ruin; render useless, kill, to devote or give over to eternal misery in hell, to perish, be lost, ruined, or annihilated. 

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Video Highlight

Join us on the last Wednesday of every month as we dig into how current events from around world relate to Bible Prophecy of the end of days.

Holy Spirit – Wisdom the Feminine Aspect of the Godhead

by Zen Garcia

Hello everyone I hope that life finds all of you in good health and well-being. May all your needs and that of your families be met in abundance and may you never lack for anything. How quickly time seems to be passing as we go from week to week through the many broadcasts and fellowship that we are privileged to share with those of you that have time to listen. It always amazes me that people are even willing to hear what we say in regard to so many of the things that we cover.

While I know that I am very controversial in my stances on truth, those of you that have come to trust my opinion; know that I without a doubt always research very thoroughly those things that I say. With that said I want to highlight a few portions of an article written by my good friend Rob Skiba about the controversy of the Holy Spirit being feminine; which I have been embroiled in for the past few years. Those of you that have actually listened to the shows that I’ve done on this topic, know that I did not just come out of the blue with this issue. But that I only presented it after having seen the theme of it repeated over and over in the ancient manuscripts. Though I do spend a great deal of time reading the extra biblical texts, the foundation of my faith is based upon the King James version of the Bible and the 2000-year older Aramaic Targum of the Hebrew Pentateuch.

Many of you know that because of my stance on this issue I have been greatly condemned by many alternative truth channels and even by people that were once my closest associates in doing this work in serving the kingdom. And while their attacks against me did initially affect me negatively, I will never back down from standing with God and the truth of His word. Because I do spend a large majority of my life studying the Scriptures, I often present information which is contrary to majority opinion. It is for such reason that I often find myself at odds with most mainstream pastors, preachers, and ministers.

I never know what topics will get me into trouble but neither do I let such concern dictate what I choose to study and how I choose to share it with others. Yet, it seems that I have a knack for getting myself blacklisted from association with others, certainly those that I have never met previously but even those that I have had very long-standing relationships.  It seems that Rob Skiba also has the same knack for getting blacklisted from working relationship with a lot of the very top names in the business. We may be the two most hated personalities in the alternative truth movement.

Though I’m never sure which topics will trigger which people, the issue of the Holy Spirit being feminine for whatever reason has availed me much criticism from a wide array of very well-known YouTube channels and teachers of the word. That being said, I would like to share portions of an article just recently released by Rob on the topic of the Holy Spirit being feminine.

What is amazing to me is that finally after looking at this information he was led to similar discernment as that of myself. Rob’s work and research is very thorough in manner especially when like myself he will take the time to examine both sides of an issue with a critical eye and then release his own interpretation on the 

material from a fresh and unique viewpoint which I know many of his listeners and followers really appreciate.

This is not the only controversial topic that we have come to agreement upon in our journeys of discovery. Many of you are familiar with the work that both of us have done individually and collectively on biblical cosmology. Likewise you are aware of how much heat we have taken since 2015 in coming to and sharing the revelation that there is no curvature to the shape of the earth.

His discernment on this issue is confirmation for me that should one examine the topic with open mind, perhaps you too will be led to similar understanding. While I am not going to bring up every point that he made in the article, I do greatly appreciate his taking the time to examine and address the topic. I feel vindicated that another seeker of truth whom I greatly respect, came to the same conclusion as I. Mind you that Rob and I have very many differences of opinion on non-salvation issues, but when it comes to matters of Scripture, we in the least are able to come together like adults and discuss our stances in mutual respect. In a world where there are 43,000 Protestant denominations all attacking each other for various stances on various issues, I think people really appreciate an example where two brothers in Christ can come together to address differences of opinion as well as to be confirming witness for one another’s discernment. It’s with that mindset that I link the article below and encourage people to read it in its entirety for yourself.


This section of the newsletter is preserved for individuals in the Truth Seeking community who want to take a bold and impactful step. If you would like to share your testimony, please contact us, and we would love to present how The Most High has assisted you in your life.

Introducing Justin James Garcia

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. - Revelation 12:11

Shalom, family. Thank you all for allowing me to share a summary of my story with you all. Many have likely heard glimpses into Joy (my wife) and my journey as missionaries through Asia and Europe, and many have probably heard parts of military stories shared during collaborative studies with Zen. Yet, not many have seen into my past and where I come from. I don't typically focus on talking about the years before I came to faith, though that is part of my testimony and will likely resonate with MANY here. 

In 1989 I was born to a 19-year-old, single mother. By the time I entered middle school, I had experienced the devastation of divorce and abandonment by a man whom I had considered my father. Looking back, I can understand, we didn't share blood, but at the time, he was

everything I could have wanted as a young boy; he disciplined me, he cared about me, and he encouraged me. Yet, that all ended as my mother and I moved into a new home with a new man who had zero foundation in morality or faith. By this point I had also experienced the tragedy of death, losing a family member from old age as well as a first-grade friend from cancer. I was always a deep thinker, an analyzer of things until I could grasp basic comprehension of the concept. Though, death was incomprehensible to me. I could not ponder beyond the veil, and there was nowhere I knew to search for answers. 

In frustration of my incapability to discern the Truth of what happened after death, I drowned myself in my thoughts every night, eventually drifting to the thought of how the universe began (another unanswered question). As a teenager, I constantly struggled to find purpose in my life, devoting myself to sports, studies, relationships, and eventually substances; nothing could fill that gap of knowledge, though. Nothing could fill up my heart that contained an ever-widening hole and thirst for Understanding. 

So, like many children these days, I became depressed, devoid of belief, and at angst with the world. Fear filled my soul, and there was no one, nothing to comfort me in my sorrows. Suicidal thoughts gripped me, and I chose to identify myself as an outcast, wanting nothing to do with the well-accepted agenda of life, study, work, retire, die. I rather dedicated myself to the concept of carpe diem, ceasing the day. 

By high school, my mother had remarried again, this time to a wealthy man. I did my best to sugarcoat the infinite emptiness in my heart with materialistic pleasures, but the hole was just too big. After losing friends to car accidents, alcohol poisoning, and disease by my senior year, my sense of love for life was completely nonexistent. 

I made a continued effort at filling the gap with more materialistic pleasures, but no matter how much alcohol I could consume, the next day I would wake up with the same void, the same thought that life is complete vanity and that there was no real purpose of living. I didn't accept the mainstream narrative of evolution, but I also treasured my extreme stance against Christianity,  taking pride in my ignorance by which I claimed there was no God. Because I could not accept any narrative, I was convinced no one knew anything, that there was no truth. The only reason I couldn't simply end things was because I loved people. I loved my friends. Even though I felt alone, like no one could comprehend my passion or depression, I didn't want others to feel that way. I shared love and happiness with many, no doubt, and that became a purpose for living, though the void still occupied my mind. 

After living with a dedication to my friends, life led me to a place devoid of companionship. A poor boy in a one bedroom apartment, far from home, I returned to one of my original loves, reading. I began devouring books on eastern philosophy and martial arts. Those beautiful doctrines didn't answer my lifelong questions, however, so I continued moving westward with my studies into the Mesopotamian land with Hinduism, Sumerian and Egyptian mythologies, leading right into Greek and Roman legend. The more I studied the past, the more I saw a big picture being formed. Each of the ancient cultures held a piece of a big puzzle, and I dedicated myself to putting that puzzle together, regardless of what outcome I would be led to. In studying Egyptian history I was led, with the help of Zen, to a text called the Kolbrin. Seeing the Celtic and Egyptian corroboration of events was a connecting piece of the puzzle that filled a certain gap. That text supposedly contained stories from Egypt of after the ten plagues of the Exodus of the Bible occurred.

Until this point, I had refused to study the Bible, professing it must be a made up book to control the masses (typical atheist ignorance), but my newfound love for studying the ancient tales gave me an appreciation for the historicity of the text. After moving forward with my study of the Old Testament, this book showed itself to be the key to unlocking the mystery of history. All the gaps in the puzzle were finally fitting together perfectly, and I was left in shock. I continued on with the Biblical Narrative, leading into the New Testament, and when I finally read the words of The Messiah for the first time, the void of my soul became full of warmth. Understanding rushed into me, like a switch was finally turned on, and energy filled me. There was no denial in me, and I began to dedicate myself to The Master, to know Him better, as well as to know the books He preserved better. 

Churchianity was not where I found my home, but in my closet, in prayer and in praise. My depression was taken, my heart was filled. The Book of Enoch, the Lost Books of the Bible, and the Forgotten Books of Eden kept my attention for months on end, as I finally settled into a home with my biological dad, Zen Garcia, and our relationship flourished as we shared discoveries together from ancient texts. My unbiased research often led me to many of the concepts he had come to know as Truth, and I became a second witness to the things he was isolated for believing. 

Fast forward a decade, and my life has become a testimony to how Faith can change a person, how dedication to God's Will brings blessing, and how Love is the true purpose of existence. For deeper insight to the stories of my past, before and after coming to faith, I did compose a book titled A Prodigal Biography. Within, I share poetry written at the various stages of my quest and more of the specific lessons I learned while living through this life of trials that we all share together.

 Thank you for reading, and blessings in your journey, 

Justin James Garcia

Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Lahe, Myanmar

by Naogang Jacob

Firstly, I bring to you good news in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; I thank our Almighty God for all of you who have been partnering with the Endeavor Freedom in starting an orphanage Home in the small developing Naga Town in Lahe, Myanmar. I'm also very excited and happy to write to you once again after quite a while. Though very much distance exists between us, in Christ we can see that we are near. I'm astonished and feel wonderful for all the works we are doing for the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ despite our physical distances. Though I have so much to share the happiness and blessings we have received and our Ministry journey towards victory, today I would like to concentrate on the work progress we have made in May 2020, which was possible only through your donations and prayer supports. 

During May rainfall has continued constantly throughout the country of Myanmar. We have had many difficulties and delays with the project of new toilets and bathrooms for the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home, but everyone out here with much efforts and hard work tries our every best to complete the construction in time. We also could only buy and brought the construction materials from Khamti town which is about 6 hours drive away.

Thankfully, now we are working with the roof of the big toilet and bathroom, which will likely be completed by the first week of June, allowing children to finally settle into the new home that we have been preparing since the beginning of 2020! We are prayerfully waiting to see that bright day soon. We were also able to buy mattresses for the children and utensils for the kitchen. Not only these but as the worldwide covid-19 pandemic is uncertain we were also able to get stocked with 37 rice bags and a 50 kg bag of soybeans, two dozen 25-liter container of oils, and some other essentials as a preparation for whatever response occurs during the outbreak. There is no lock down taking place so far in this small town, but we are afraid the local government could enforce one any time if covid-19 positive cases reaches our neighboring states.

Anyhow we are very much positive that God will protect us from all evils and dangers as Children of Christ Jesus. Special thanks to you all who have been supporting us in making this project a big progress. We believe and hope you will continue to send us your love. We always remember you in our hearts and prayers. We are also hopeful and wishing that one day you would come to see and visit us at our loving home to have fellowship with us in God's time, and we are very much excited for it. 

Anyhow we are very much positive that God will protect us from all evils and dangers as Children of Christ Jesus. Special thanks to you all who have been supporting us in making this project a big progress. We believe and hope you will continue to send us your love. We always remember you in our hearts and prayers. We are also hopeful and wishing that one day you would come to see and visit us at our loving home to have fellowship with us in God's time, and we are very much excited for it. 

If you're moved by The Holy Spirit to help this orphanage home directly, please consider following the link below to Donate Now. 100% of your donations go directly to the causes we support. Another way to help this orphanage is by simply purchased books at Sacred Word Publishing; 10% of all proceeds at SWP go directly to the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home, Lahe, Myanmar.

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