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January Newsletter

Sacred Word Revealed Conference

T-minus three months until Sacred Word Publishing's first conference based on End Times Mysteries! We've just reached 100 confirmed attendees and have room for 100+ more, so please check your calendars and consider coming to Georgia to fellowship and study with our amazing Truth Seeking Community!

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Weekly Study Series

Every Saturday at 7pm est the Digital Readers Club meets to read and discuss together! You can sign up for the DRC here (it's 100% free). Studies are live streamed on the Zen Garcia YouTube Channel, and we are currently working our way through the Fourth Book of Ezra, which is part of the Great Commission III: End Times Apocalypses. We look forward to studying with you!
Alternating between Thursdays at 12am and 9pm eastern time, Zen Garcia and Rob Skiba host an intensive duo-study on the book of Enoch! They're currently 2 episodes into the study and have many, many more to come! Please join us for live streams on the Zen Garcia YouTube Channel!

New Bundle




Many requests have come to make Zen's full collection available as a bundle, and we've finally done so.

Save $150 by purchasing all of Zen Garcia's Books together in our newest bundle!

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A New Decade - 2020

by Zen Garcia

Hello and thank you, everyone, for your kindness and support over the past year as we move into a new decade. I'm now reminiscing on the things that have happened in my life over the past 10 years, especially with regard to my journey to awakening and dedication to serving the Most High God. I know many of you can relate in parallel to what I went through as this journey is similar for many of us in coming to discernment on all things esoteric.

Some psychologists say that the years leading up to our teenage and second decade of life, are the most formative in connection to an identity independent of that molded by our parents. They claim that our teenage and early 20’s are a span of time where we as human beings are seeking to redefine ourselves outside of the expectations of our parents. The breakaway to freedom whether through rebellion or other means, during this aspect of life becomes for many, the most critical time of the person’s life in setting in determination a path where we individually establish that which begins to define us, in who we are choosing to become.



By the time we reach our 30's, they say we should have a firm grasp on which direction we would like to head in life and what occupation, job, or role we would like to embrace in shaping ourselves ideally according to dreams and goals. I know for a lot of people especially those alive in this generation that the timeline for such an outlook, doesn’t exactly happen in this manner. Many people require more time to seek out definitively in discovery what identity one wishes to possess in moving into the future. Without a doubt many struggles in attempting to decide what may be important to them in defining a life pursuit. It’s understandable that in a world of so much option and opportunity that we should want to take our time in settling on whatever role or mission we see as a worthy pursuit for accomplishing such meaning.

This is the first column...
This is the second column...

It is in the 40's that some believe we should begin to carve out a particular niche in society and the world for realizing such dreams and purpose. That having come to some understanding as to how we want to move in a direction to embrace the ideal vision of self which we in mind have foreseen, that we should have some idea now as to how to accomplish in truth becoming what we in mind hold in definition as being a mature human being or productive member of society. For myself without a doubt, being 49 now, this decade of life has been completely linked to the unfolding of such an endeavor.

Having published my first book at the age of 22, looking back I had no idea how my love then for words, poetry, ancient myths, the study of literature, legends, and religion would guide me in life trajectory to the path I am currently upon. It seems that the Most High God was preparing me even through the acquisition of a permanent physical disability, to a role whereby I would be in service to He and His kingdom in the manner that I am accomplishing now. It would be through the word that I would compile in writing not only my own opinion on the ancient prophecies but having the skill set to produce books for publication, I would be able to compile in collection so many of the ancient manuscripts which had not been previously published for public consideration. In doing this work, I would make available to scholars worldwide for the first time much of what has been previously forgotten, forbidden, and excluded from introspection by the masses.

Historically, truth has been hidden and prevented from being shared amongst those considered unworthy of such privilege. Some have claimed the right to decide for the rest, who amongst them are worthy of access to such teaching. Even though God Himself instructed the prophets, patriarchs, and scribes to be wary of whom they would share such information, it is my belief that He wanted that which the the prophets and apostles had scribed in witness as to the coming and future advent of the Savior Messiah, to be shared as good news among the masses and that He never intended a group of self-appointed holier than thou above the law New World Order elites with power to decide amongst themselves who would be worthy of even knowing about the existence of such texts.

It is my opinion that Yahuah made a promise to future generations and to all children everywhere that there would be a day, a time, and age where He would pour upon the body of Christ, the Holy Spirit and in that manner bring to light that which the opposition, the children of Cain had been eradicating, hiding, and preventing for millennia. I believe we are living in a time where those promises are being fulfilled in revelation and that for whatever reason He has decided that myself and my children would have part to play in such unfolding.

It is with that knowledge that I hope and pray that we can be instrumental in your awakening to truth. Just as we have decided to embrace such role and mission for our lives that you in coming to discernment will also dedicate yourself in some manner to the kingdom. Perhaps together in sounding the trumpet and doing the work of the watchmen and women worldwide that we can make a difference which will impact the lives of others. Perhaps, they too in their journey to identity and self-discovery decide to embrace a higher role, purpose, and mission for their lives. Perhaps like us they will determine to apply themselves to an effort worthy as group to the return of the Bridegroom. God bless all of you in your seeking

Endeavor Freedom Update

by Justin James Garcia

With the outpouring of support from you all, it's necessary for us to ensure that you are staying up-to-date on the impact of your donations and purchases at Sacred Word Publishing. This month, brother Naogang, our hands and feet in the Myanmar land, has been journeying to Lahe, where the orphanage that we are starting is located. On the way there, he has carried with him gigantic bags of clothing to hand out in the villages he travels through.
With the funds that have been provided through donors and a portion of the 10% of proceeds from Sacred Word Publishing that goes to Endeavor Freedom, many of those who have been cold during the Himalayan winter are now clothed and bundled up! 
While travelling through the jungles, brother Naogang has also been gathering wood for the renovations that will be done in the future at Endeavor Freedom Orphanage. The hired man who has been working with him is a Buddhist from one of the local villages. While working with the very small chainsaw in the jungle for hours on end, Naogang has gotten to know him very closely, hearing of the story of how he became a slave to his opium addiction, and just how large of a toll that has taken on his family. While praying with Naogang for this Buddhist man to come to knowledge of the Truth, we had the idea to get him a Burmese Bible, so we did, along with a reading lamp! And he is now planning to spend his afternoons reading from this book that he has never considered. He has also expressed his great desire to overcome his opium addiction. Please join us in praying for him to come to freedom through faith in The Messiah, our Creator and Saviour!
If it's been impressed upon you to help the efforts of brother Naogang, please know that this ministry is his sole supporter. Your kind donations and 10% of your purchases at Sacred Word Publishing have made a great impact any many places across the earth, and we'd love to partner with you to continue supporting the development of a Christian mission-minded orphanage in Myanmar. If you'd like to donate please click the Donate Now button to find out exactly how you can do so.
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