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October Newsletter

Maranatha Yahusha! Let's remember to celebrate this month, as we know our True King approaches to rectify this fallen world, and let's remember to stay studied up, reflecting on how we can testify to those around us of The Truth of Salvation and sound a trumpet of warning for the deception to come. This month, we're offering 20% off all print books, ebooks, and calendars with promocode TRUMPET20

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Monthly Meetup

LOCATION: Señor Tequila Grill

137 E May St, Winder, GA 30680
WHEN: October 27 12:30pm EST
For all fellowship opportunities with the SWP family click here.

New Release

CanonQuest Activity Book Series

We are excited to announce our partnership with Michael and Maria Solomon of CanonQuest! Michael is also a flat earth researcher and will be speaking with Zen about CanonQuest and his Flat Earth research on October 10th at 9 pm ET at Truth Frequency Radio.

CanonQuest is a research-driven company whose goal is to inspire curiosity and passion for Scripture.  We would like to introduce the Canon Quest collection of originally illustrated Activity Books and trading cards. 

The cards, puzzles, mazes and coloring pages are specifically designed to inspire a passion and curiosity for scripture. CanonQuest will take the young to the mature on a journey through the power and beauty of God’s word.

Series 1 includes the following Books and Trading Cards:

1. Moses

2. Esther

3. Jonah

4. Noah

5. Daniel

6. Samson

Series 2 includes the following Books and Trading Cards:

1. Deborah

2. David

3. Fiery Furnace

4. Jericho

5. Baby Moses

6. Abraham & Isaac

CanonQuest Collection

Upcoming Shows

This month's AMAs with Zen will be aired live on October 4 and October 18 at 9pm Est on the Zen Garcia YouTube Channel!
Episode 6 of AMAs with Gary Wayne will be aired live on the Endeavor Freedom YouTube Channel October 7 at 8pm EST!

Video Highlight

This is the first episode of a new weekly series where Zen Garcia and Rob Skiba partner up to do a line-by-line and verse-by-verse study of Genesis and Enoch from multiple manuscripts. In the following weeks they will also continue discourse by reading and going through chapter-by-chapter verse-by-verse, the Book of Enoch. Click here for the full playlist of this series.

Yom Teruah – The Feast of Trumpets

Tonight according to our Enochian Lunisolar calendar, the thin waxing crescent and first sliver of moon, should be sighted as witness this evening shortly following sunset in Western skies. This night according to Scripture is that time which no man knoweth the day or the hour. The first of Tishri, or Yom Teruah, the feast of trumpets, it is on this day thousands of years ago that Adam and Eve were cast forth from Paradise and a star seen in the heavens signified the fall of man. It was also on this day I believe that Yahushua, the Savior Messiah as God incarnate entered into mortal form 5500 years after their expulsion. It was also on this night in 1948 BC that Abraham born, a star was sighted in the sky marking what would be new covenant with Yishrael.  This same star was seen when the King of glory’s entered into this world.

For those of you that are new to my work, I’d like to share with you a portion of something that I wrote a few years back called Behold the Lamb. What follows is a narrow excerpt from the fullness of that poem. If you’d like to read the entirety of it, you can find it in the notes section of my Facebook page.

However to set the premise for this reason, for those that do not know Adam was exiled from heaven to this earth, near 6,000 years ago. Christ as the word made a promise to him and his descendants that after 5,500 years of banishment from their former estate, He would enter into the flesh and dying on the cross, descend into Sheol and free them from their captivity. What most do not realize is that He indeed fulfilled that prophecy to the very day, being born of the Virgin Mary on Yom Teruah 3 BC. But what is even more amazing, is that He will return on this same day at the close of the age as confirmed from this passage from The Legends of the Patriarchs and the Prophets:

Now it was the first day of the seventh month, Tischri, the day on which, at the close of the world's history, the Lord will come to judge the quick and the dead, that the Lord God remembered Sarah, and the promise He had made, and looked upon her, and she conceived a son in her old age, one year and four months after her sojourn in Gerar; and nine months after, say some, but, say others, six months and two days after; at midday say some, others say in the evening of the fifteenth of Nisan ; or, as others affirm, on the first of Nisan she was delivered of a son, without suffering any pains in the bringing forth. And the same time that Sarah's womb was blessed, God looked upon many other barren women and blessed them also; and on the day that the child was born they were delivered likewise; and the blind saw, the dumb spake, the deaf heard, and the lame walked, and the crazed recovered their senses.

Think about the following passages when considering the historical meaning of Yom Teruah especially those of you that are disciples of Christ. Consider that the seventh trumpet which I believe marks the catching way of the church also designates in shofar blast, the kingdoms of this world becoming the kingdoms of our Lord, that on that day repentance and the door to forgiveness is closed, the harvest ensues, and the wrath of God is poured out on the wicked and those not written into the Book of Life.  As it says in the above passage, at the close of the world’s history, the Lord will come to judge the quick and the dead. Deeply consider these things as you fast from dusk Tuesday to dusk Wednesday night, October 8-9, for Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Truly ponder as to what you can do in your life to be closer to the Godhead of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Then those of you that can and are planning to join others in the celebration of Sukkot, from the full moon of October 14th, to the third quarter moon of October 21st, remember that soon we will shed mortality and the temporary dwelling of our human flesh and through Christ take on our glorified being. Those that are accounted worthy and numbered amongst the elect will be restored by Him to our former Bright nature and return to new Jerusalem, our former and first estate for what will be the millennial reign and Sabbath day of rest. YHVH bless all of you in your seeking.

From Behold the Lamb -

Mighty wonders followed His works even the criminals believed, recognizing the awesome signs accompanying the three hours of darkness spread across Jerusalem and world. The celestial luminaries shone in brilliance, Behold the Lamb of God who dieth for the sins of the world.

Many prophets, scribes, keepers of secrets tracked the Bethlehem star signifying the birth of the lion of Judah who would later return as Melchizedek, priest/king.

Resurrection overthrew the death linked to the serpent’s original temptation. 2000 years earlier the same star was witness during the birth of Abraham the patriarch of the Hebrew people. As Herod was warned that Yahushua would destroy his kingship so was Nimrod told in similar apocalyptic warning of Abraham’s coming.

2000 years before that the star which herald the coming of Abraham and Christ, this same star shined brightly the first night that Adam and Eve spent alone together as exiles cast from paradise to their new wilderness home.

Will this prophetic sign also accompany Revelation 12’s the virgin clothed in the sun child within her womb moon beneath her feet and crown of 12 stars? Encoded scripturally thousands of years in advance of this year’s unfolding Feast of Trumpets, will it mark the beginning of the 50th and final Jubilee? 120 x 50 = the 6000 years preceding the millennial reign.

Mission completed expiring on the cross, Yahushua in first coming fulfilled four of the seven Levitical 23 feasts mandated by the Father, prophetically affirming Christ as Son and only Begotten. His second advent will fulfill the other three. My question, when does the antichrist Mahdi come forward in revealing the antichrist's work? We know that he must come first.

Let him with ears to hear, hear… Zen Garcia 13th of Nisan, 1/6000

Minimizing the Effects of 5G

By Good Prevails

in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience - Ephesians 2:2

  • If you don't already, begin drinking distilled water only, so the light signals within your cells transmit as designed, for unless only pure water, which is one Hydrogen atom paired with two Oxygen atoms and no more, our very organs become the filters, causing organs to prematurely age and fail
  • Eat foods that will begin to carry heavy metals from your body, which include wheat grass, cilantro, spirulina and blue-green algae, seeds (hemp, flax, pumpkin) and nuts (almonds!) and antioxidant-rich foods
  • Before bedtime, have either DE (diatomaceous earth), BC (bentonite clay) or powdered charcoal with 12-16 ounces distilled water to bind and carry out the heavy metals being removed from your body
  • Wear Shungite jewelry, and place Shungite shields on your internet devices, keep Organite in your environment, and especially by your bed when sleeping
  • Do not keep an electric clock or any electric devices near your bed
  • Use a Faraday Cage around your bed, which could easily be metal window screen on the floor below, on the ceiling above, and at each side. A canopy bed is excellent for doing this
  • Be sure your mattress, box spring, rails and bed frame are free of any metal or springs.
  • When sleeping (if possible) turn off the circuit breaker(s) that power your bedroom and adjacent rooms, including rooms above and below the bedroom, to create a sphere of reduced electric field exposure levels within 1 – 2 meters around your bed at night in all directions, even above and below you, and on the other side of the wall by your bed.
  • Never keep a cellphone on your body or in a purse hanging by your side, and stop using laptops and pads on your lap. Set them on desk, at least 2-3' from your torso and head
  • Use a hard-wired-from-the-pole Cat5 modem and router instead of WiFi - no matter how much your internet service provider pesters you to "Upgrade For Better Performance" - ALL HUMANS ARE EMF-SENSITIVE
  • Disable WiFi in devices when you are not using them, and if possible, power off and remove the battery, and shield yourself from their built-into-the-circuitry satellite detection biometric data sensors by keeping them in a metal tin or box when not in use
  • Move all electric power cords that carry 120 volts as far away from your feet as possible, including surge protectors and inline or clip-on transformers. This reduces electric field exposure. Surge protectors also usually have several transformers plugged into them, which are considered “point sources” of magnetic field exposure that extend up to two to three feet
  • LED lights are also dangerous: this is called LiFi, where undetected by the human eye the signal is modulated by ELF (extra low frequencies) for mind control: minimize all LED exposure, use blackout curtains, put black electric tape over light-emitting diodes on the things in your home and car
  • The magnetic ballast of a fluorescent light fixture will damage the organs of anyone in the room above it, as well as below, so pay attention to where children sleep
  • Do not use baby monitors, they emit excessive microwave radiation (as well as open portals for demons)
  • If you can, do not have a smart meter on your home. If it must be there, put a smart meter shield over it
  • Don't use cellphones, Bluetooth or satellite radio in the car. The vehicle is an electromagnetic frequency resonance chamber and will concentrate the damage to all inside the vehicle, and this is especially damaging to pregnant mothers, infants and children
  • Eliminate wheat, white potatoes, pasta and sugar from your diet - and it is a process, but gradually stop eating all factory-made processed foods, since all of these contain nanotechnology added to the ingredients: the FDA does not have to list it, and it is in everything
  • Heavy metals, molds and yeasts create the network which heavy metals and nanotechnology attach to and utilize to make the human body a living 5G antenna, so begin to focus on eating GMO-free probiotics you make yourself, like the fermented cabbage juice cleanse, miso paste soup, kimchee and other fermented fruits, vegetables and kombucha - food is your medicine and you can grow it and make it at home
  • Begin to take a Detox Nanobath daily: to a tub of the hottest water you can stand, add 1-4 cups each of Epsom Salts and Borax (the kind from the box whose label hasn't changed!), and on alternating days add also either a cup of Pink Himalayan Salt or a cup of baking soda. Targeted Individuals swear by this: I began this bath in late 2015, and began teaching others on my now-archived Facebook group in 2017. (Bye Bye Blue Skies adopted it and cut the ratios down, reducing the effectiveness.) When I began, I did this bath thrice daily, and now only once a week - after four years. So much nanotechnology released from my skin that it looked like crystalline sand from a bathing suit after a day at the beach, the first year and a half I did it! Moisturize with coconut oil while your skin is still damp
  • Alkalize your body and diet by adding citrus juice to your water (lemon, lime, orange), ACV (apple cider vinegar), and do your best to maintain an alkaline diet, as the nanotechnology - including the chemtrail fibers - are designed to thrive in acidic environments, which the Western diet and lifestyle create and promote
  • Wear only natural fibers and avoid metallic and chemical dyes - and this includes tattoos - stop getting them
  • Do not use hair, skin or household products, nail polishes, artificial nails, hair dyes - use what Jehovah made
  • Brush teeth with hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and diatomaceous earth, and look into oil pulling

This is just a short list for now, but it's a start. Even if you apply a quarter of the suggestions here, you are going to see a difference, especially regarding device exposure, nutrition and shielding. Remember, 5G is a control grid weapon, we are the targets, and you need to do all you can to minimize the ability to place your body in their sights. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at eatingtoascend@protonmail.com.

For more from Good Prevails please visit her blog at https://eatingtoascend.com/

Affectionate Children Ministries, Uganda

by Stephanie Wiseman

Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. - James 1:27

Many blessings to each and every one in this family who has given to help our brothers and sisters in Uganda. And, many MANY blessings to the Endeavor Freedom family from our brother in Christ, Brian Buluke, the founder and director of Affectionate Children's Ministry, our sister ministry in Jinja, Uganda. 

It's been such an honor to assist in bringing in the Father's harvest in Africa. It's also been incredibly rewarding to see all the positive changes which have taken place over the last year at ACM. 

In that time, the orphanage has grown from simply being an orphanage, to opening its own school, to then becoming a place of worship, and now a community meeting place as well! Through your gifts, ACM is enabled and empowered to take in more orphaned and vulnerable children, and to reach into their community with the love and compassion of Christ. 

We have been very blessed to take part in several significant improvements at the orphanage over the last year. The most significant improvement thus far has been the provision of the water tap. Providing the children clean water to drink and bathe in has been life changing for them. 

That single improvement has been incredibly beneficial in significantly improving the health of everyone who drinks the orphanage's water. (ACM shares their water with their neighbors, which we absolutely love and encourage!) The health of MANY people has been protected. Prior to the tap, the orphanage was constantly battling malaria and most of the funds they received were eaten up just paying doctors for malaria treatments - but those days are over - praise Yah! In addition to the water tap, we've also been blessed to help ACM build more outhouses - not at all glamorous - but very necessary indeed! As always, keeping ACM's pantry stocked is an ongoing focus, but our current larger goal is to provide a proper bed for every child at the 

orphanage. Right now, most of the children sleep on a very thin mat or blanket laid right on the dirt floor. To date, we've purchased 5 bunk beds, but another 17 are still needed. We are committed to seeing every single child sleeping in a proper bed! We have many long term hopes and aspirations for the orphanage, such having the orphanage's windows fitted with screens, building a fence to keep the children safer, and possibly even acquiring a plat of land for a garden one day. Laboring for the harvest is our divine mission after all! Every day that we remain on this planet, let's continue to press in, occupying the lands and lifting the blessed name of YHWH before the nations, until the day our King returns! 

Blessings and Shalom upon each and every one of you

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