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May Newsletter

It's growing season, a time where all the seeds we've sown are taking off towards the sun. While the earth toils for physical growth, we pray you're blessed in your efforts for spiritual growth, and we want to offer 15% off all print books and ebooks during this month to help you in your studies! Simply enter the code GROW15 during checkout for 15% off!

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SWP Classes Schedule

Weekly Classes:

  • Saturday at 7pm Est, The Digital Readers Club
  • Saturdays at 9pm Est, Biblical Hebrew Class with Lisa & Noble George
  • Every fourth Sunday at 2pm est, Enochian Calendar Class with Diane Covher
  • Once a month at 1:30 pm Est, Crypto for Ding Dongs with Zen Garcia (see the full schedule at swpclass.com for more information)

Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Lahe, Myanmar

by Justin James Garcia

Hearken, my beloved brethren, Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him?
- James 2:5

AWESOME UPDATE: I'm so excited to let you know that we have finally made contact with brother Naogang again. 

Many of you are aware that the military has overthrown the elected officials of Myanmar, stating a fraudulant election. Whatever the truth may be, we know that the citizens of Myanmar have been greatly affected, even those in the borderlands of the Naga villages. The military early last month commanded the internet to be shutoff, and afterward followed a period silent of voices but full of anxiousness. As we urgently messaged brother Naogang in futility, I had one previous message to hold onto from our last communication. We had decided it would be best to go to India to find a better price on a 4x4 vehicle, which is necessary for the growing operations at the new site of the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage in Lahe. 

I woke up a few days ago, ecstatic to see brother Naogang's name in my inbox. He sent me a message letting me know he safely journeyed across the border into India and was residing with one of the kind uncle's that accepted some of the previous refugees we brought from Myanmar to his village.

Since the banks were also closed in Myanmar, we had no way to get funds to brother Naogang, so we are grateful to be able to find a mediator to receive our donations for the children. Also I have to bring notice to just how tall Chingong has gotten! He is pictured on the right in the above picture. Pictured below you can see how this young boy is growing into a healthy man that will grow up to sow The Love of Christ back into his community. 

We are very grateful for the blessings of The Most High and the charity he has placed in the hearts of His Servants. 

We're also happy to report that the construction of the shelter on the newly acquired land is also taking place! Brother Naogang was able to secure a loan to get the construction started, so the staff and children wouldn't need to sleep in tents for too long. Thankfully we were able to send enough funds to pay the debts off, and now we look forward to raising donations for a 4x4 vehicle, previously mentioned. We thank The Most High for you all.

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10% of all proceeds from SWP goes to fund the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home. Follow along the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home Journey here where there are hundreds of photos of Brother Naogang's missions alongside the Jinja Uganda and Kenya Orphanages. 

Natural teeth whitening remedies

by Laurel Austin

Being confident with your smile can go a long way in your mood and your outlook.
Smiling more often reduces your stress, boosts your immunity,  elevates your confidence, and just simply makes others around you feel better as well.
The following is a compilation  of safe & natural ways that I whiten my own teeth that I have found works for me and hopefully, will work for you as well.

Baking Soda

Simply make a paste with a little bit of water with baking soda, you can also mix the baking soda with a little bit of coconut oil. It’s really important to use a manual toothbrush with this because using a spin 

brush well overdo it and can leave your teeth more sensitive. Also, I only will do this remedy about once a week. Another added benefit, baking soda will neutralize any bad odors, so those with bad breath, this might be something that can really help.


While turmeric  can stain about anything it touches, amazingly, it will remove stains from your teeth. Well you can always make a paste with the turmeric powder, my preferred method is to buy the turmeric root and cut off a piece and just chew it.  You can do this remedy as often

every other day. This remedy is also great for gingivitis and any kind of gums problem.


Strawberries are not only beautiful and taste wonderful, but also contain Malic acid which can remove stains from your teeth. Simply mash a strawberry and add 1/2 tsp of baking soda to make a paste. It will start to fizz, you can brush it on your

teeth and leave it on for about 5 minutes and then brush it off with your regular toothpaste or simply rinse it off with fresh water. I only recommend you do this remedy about once every 2 weeks.

Oil Pulling

Using a virgin cold pressed coconut oil, grab a spoonful and swish it around in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. Be sure to spit it out into the trash and not into a sink because the coconut oil can harden again and clog your pipes. This remedy has also

 healed my own teeth of toothache and cavity, avoiding  the dentists drill!

Foods For White Teeth

Diet plays a huge role in the look and health of your teeth. Some foods that naturally cleanse your teeth and whiten them are broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, apples. They act as nature's little toothbrushes!

Some foods to avoid would be refined sugars, tea, coffee, and wine. Using a straw can help minimize the staining of these drinks. 

Let me know of some of your natural teeth whitening remedies!

Update on the Cryptosphere

by Zen Garcia

Hello and welcome everybody wherever you may be on the face of the earth today. I hope that life finds you blessed, protected, and in good health and well-being. Just wanted to give you a few quick updates for the newsletter and to share with you where we are in our cycle of work for the last few months. In regard to crypto, remember I am not a financial advisor but that I have been encouraging many of you especially my closest of friends, to get your Metamask BSC network set up and to take part in the high yield farming; which can be found on the up-and-coming and quickly growing Binance ecosystem.

The migration from the Ethereum network to the BSC network which I have been documenting for the past few months, has only been ramping up. Pancakeswap and its native token CAKE have seen more utility and usage then even the number 1 ETH dex, UNISWAP which is valued in market cap six times higher. And even though CAKE has seen a run-up from $1.40 to $40.59 as of today, the total market cap of pancakeswap is evaluated way lower, even though they are daily processing more transactions than all the other decentralized financial exchanges in the world.

Those of you that have been a part of the Crypto’s for Dingdong newsletter since its inception on December 16th, 2020 – the night BTC broke 20,000 and set new all time highs; know that I have been writing about the broadening shift from the Ethereum network and migration to the BNB network. Even though I believe that this momentum will continue to be played out over the next months in today’s market, ETH will eventually find layer 2 solutions like MATIC which will enable it to continue to be a big player in the crypto world going forward. ETH has also set new all time highs surpassing $2900 per token.

Yet, in the meantime I will mention a few some platforms which have greatly benefited from the growth of the Binance Smart Chain and of which I recommend that people take notice today and even several months ago. The exchanges that I was particularly interested in back then and which I sent out notice, are in no particular order - apeswap (banana), cafeswap (brew), pancakebunny.finance (bunny), pancakeswap (cake), bakeryswap (bake), anyswap (any), and autofarm (auto).

A couple of others that have been doing very well but which I am not involved in are spartanswap (spartan), burgerswap (burger), and kebabswap (kebab). While I am not recommending one jump into all of these dex’s especially at their current high levels. Do put them on your radar and maybe consider selecting a few which you might want to take part in farming yield. Each one of these platforms, are offering different percentages of yield according to the liquidity pairing one provides. So check around for the best APY but be careful of small and newer dex’s.

Many of you are holding coins like ETH, DOT, ADA, SOL, EGLD, and BTC anyways. Why not pair those tokens with BNB or the other native tokens of these particular dex’s and earn up to sometimes 5-600% yield (depending on when you get into the farm). Most certainly these are earning rates very much higher than even what you would receive holding them in projects like Celsius, Coinbase, Kraken, and Gemini. Many of you like myself are not planning on selling your crypto anytime soon, and so why not earn yield while HODLling.

Also for those of you that are patrons, please do check out this last month’s Patron Only AMA. It will help you to make sense of what I’m speaking about in regard to the above projects, as I was asked by some of our patrons to speak on some of these projects. In the Thursday show that I was supposed to do with Rob, I spoke about the many projects and books we soon as a company be releasing. Many of these titles include books on biblical cosmology which out-of-print, will be released as new publications very soon. Also we will be releasing a series of books by author, Noel Hadley very soon.

Again thank all of you for supporting our work and for being friends to the work of the ministry. Without your kindness and without your efforts, we would never have gained the momentum to accomplish so much. Thank you again for joining us as the body of Christ in serving our King and Lord. Yahushua bless you all and all that you do

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