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February 2022 Newsletter

2022 is now in full motion, and we're so very grateful for the opportunity to continue serving this amazing community. From all of the studies we've done together along the years, from the verse-by-verse studies with Zen and Rob to the 155 sessions of the Digital Readers Club studies, we've covered dozens of ancient manuscripts and have no plans on stopping! We're blessed by each of you in this Truth Seeking family and look forward to furthering our studies with you all throughout February!

If you're looking for how to get involved in the studies, here is a great start:

Zen and his son, Justin James, continue on in the memory of Rob and Zen's verse-by-verse studies. After completing Genesis, the father son duo have so far ventured through 18 hours of studying Revelation with the community during live streams on the Zen Garcia YouTube Channel

Revelation Playlist

After completing an amazing study through the Kebra Nagast, we will begin our first study on the 1611 KJV Apocrypha next Saturday at 8pm est! The Digital Readers club is an ever-growing family of Truth Seekers testing the scriptures by reading together verse-by-verse! 

Digital Readers Club

The Creation Calendar

by Zen Garcia

I pray that life finds all of you well and blessed. I pray for peace, comfort, joy, and positive growth for each of you and the entire world. May the children of all nations find chance to pursue their love of whatever interest may drive their intrigue. Just a few comments in regard to some of the things that we are involved in. When it comes to the Cryptocurrencies, I do believe that we are near the bottom in regard to a shift in trend in that whatever the fear and greed index is near the levels it is at now, that these times have in most instances represented historic buying opportunities. Though I am not a financial advisor, as I have shown you over the past couple years, if you incorporate a strategy of farming stable coins for moderate APY, you can easily and safely double your overall investment within a years’ time. If you are new to what I’m talking about and you did not receive the emails and nor see the broadcast where I explained the potential of putting your money to work for you through Cryptocurrency; I am still doing personal consultations and should you have that interest in getting yourself set up in this platform, you can reach out to me for further explanation. I will at some point begin doing short 15 to 20 minutes shows on the EndeavorFreedom YouTube site to explain some of these objectives as well as my involvement with certain crypto gaming and NFT projects. At that point I will be more interactive with the community on the things that I have been doing myself over the past couple years.

However, with the new year there has been a renewed need for me to update our ongoing Enochian Lunisolar Calendars. I know that these calendars have better enabled many of

you new or even familiar with this system to better understand how chodesh (the time of the new moon) determines the quarterly Sabbath and most importantly the correct timing of the Levitical feast days as The Most High God has linked them to the quarterly phases of the moon. I just last week finally finished up and did bring to production, our new 2022 Enochian Lunisolar Calendar. This edition extends from January to December 2022.
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I am excited to announce that this coming Wednesday, February 3, I will be hosting a broadcast with Troy Miller, the webmaster of ministries. Many of you years ago when I first came to this understanding, asked me to reach out to Troy, and to invite him onto our broadcast. Well years ago I did that exact thing, however the timing was not right for that show to happen but it seems that the luminaries have all lined up for us to come together soon for the unfolding of this show and what will be a series of broadcast.

Troy has been following and explaining to others for over two decades now, how and why one should incorporate observation of the lunisolar calendar into one’s life. For those of you that have been wanting to properly follow the fourth amendment to honor the Sabbath, and also to celebrate the Levitical 23rd feast days as mandated by Yahuah to us for observance, this is your opportunity to learn more about why both of us believe it is the lunisolar calendar that one must follow in order to determine these occurrences. 

Once again I hope that life finds you all blessed and of good health and well-being. I ask that you continue to keep my family and loved ones in your prayers and we will continue to do the same in praying for all of you whenever we bless our food or utter our daily prayers. Yahuah’s blessings upon you all.

Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Lahe, Myanmar

by Justin James Garcia

Hearken, my beloved brethren, Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him?
- James 2:5
Finally we have made the transition! All of the children have been relocated to the new land, as we officially completed the girls dorm last month. We're so excited to escape from the village center where threats of being reported for breaking pandemia protocol loomed over us every time we raised our voices in worship or prayer. We are so grateful to The Most High for your love and support that you've sown into this land throughout the past year, and prayerfully you will be pleased with the smiles you can see now on our faces.
With our immediate needs being met, we begin looking towards ways to increase our outreach capabilities, and we must give a great AlleluYah for the late Barry Wheeler who left a great donation for the orphanages in his will. This month we've received enough to begin work on a staff quarters and to continue growing our sustainability projects. Our chickens are ever multiplying as a great source of food and will eventually be a bartering tool for

trading with the locals for other necessities. 

The children have returned to school for now with strict instructions to run away if teachers attempt to v@xxinate them, which is a real threat in our area. Thankfully the children understand the importance of maintaining their God-given health, and we will remove ourselves from the education systems if we must. However, the children have enjoyed being back in class and learning with their friends. We simply pray the spell of the sorcerer's will dissipate from our villages and that a return to pure faith in The Healing Name of our Creator and Savior would occur.

The Naga Tribe has turned to Christianity with evangelism from British missionaries from the early 1900s, but many other faiths have had strongholds in this land for over 1,000 years. Therefore, our mission here is essential, and the strength of this orphanage home has showed the people of this land The Determination of The Creator to care for His Children. We thank you for being His Hands and Feet on this earth and pray our partnership for His Kingdom will be fruitful forever.

We kindly request for your continued prayers over the orphanage home, and if you've been moved to help fund the growth of this Tree planted for The Kingdom, please consider donating at the link below. Also please know that 10% of all proceeds from Sacred Word Publishing goes to support the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home. Blessings

With Love, Justin James Garcia

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