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November Newsletter

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It's that time of the year again! This huge discount is a reminder of how grateful we are for your continued support throughout the years. Our family is truly blessed by your love, so please enjoy 30% off all books and ebooks from November 15-30th!

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New Release

The Angel She Desired

I'm certainly not the first to say it, but I am in agreement—every Scriptural doctrine can likely be found within or traced back to the first six chapters of Genesis, as well as the extra-Biblical books based upon those chapters. Men base entire ministries upon what is contained within. Then again, most will refuse to acknowledge it's foundational Truths. What happens when we fail to understand the lost world of Adam and the Sons of Seth? The rest of Scripture, and in turn, our understanding of the present world around us, falls out of alignment with reality. His-story has been buried. Best to grab a shovel and begin digging then. (356 pages)

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Save the Date!

We've been deliberating over whether or not to continue with the conference and how exactly it would happen if we were to move forward. The only update we can give at this point is that it's likely we will not be gathering en masse to present ourselves and our families as opportunistic targets for those who operate in the shadows. We will continue to pray and provide updates as decisions are made. Thank you for understanding!

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Monthly Verse

Condolences and Consultations

By Zen Garcia

Hello friends and family

I hope that life finds you blessed and in good health and well-being. Many of you know that just a couple weeks ago, the family of Christ lost one of its greatest warriors. My good friend and brother in Christ, Rob Skiba was dispatched by the establishment and removed from the work of his anointing. While this has been a dramatic few weeks for me, I am sure that this loss has weighed much more heavily upon our dear sister Sheila and the Skiba family.

I do ask that all of you please continue to pray for them, as they over the upcoming months, try to transition to a life without Rob. Wanting to help their family and situation, I have decided to open myself, a couple of times a week, to 30 minute consultations with those of you out there that would be willing to donate $100 or more to Rob’s Kingsgate media PayPal.

Though I am not a financial advisor or retirement consultant I have learned to utilize aspects of the cryptocurrency markets which can ensure participants, low yield APY (annual percentage yield) through the Celsius Wallet or guaranteed very high yield APY of 50% or more ROI (return on investment) utilizing decentralized financial platforms such as pancakeswap, apeswap, and so many others. I have learned to use varying platforms for high yield pairing blue-chip Cryptocurrencies that I would be holding in portfolio anyways.

Having learned such details, I know that I can set up a plan which can greatly benefit even advanced but especially new investors to the crypto currency markets. Should you want to meet with me over the next weeks and months while performing this service for the Skiba family, simply join us on our Discord server on the first and third Mondays & Tuesdays of each month at 9pm est, starting November 1.

As I mentioned previously this is a donation base consultation but remember I am not a financial advisor but will simply be sharing my experience and opinion on what I have personally believe will be a parabolic rise in fourth-quarter alt and Bitcoin prices. According to Plan B, an individual on Twitter who has over the years very accurately pinpointed in uncanny accuracy, the rise and fall of BTC prices as it progresses through its various halvings. He believes according to his stock to flow model that the spot price of Bitcoin will be more than $100,000 by years end.

While this price may seem ludicrous to some new to the Cryptocurrency markets, I believe that the current introduction of several SEC backed Bitcoin related ETF’s and high adoption of BTC as reserve currency for many central and South American countries; will continue to drive price and the interest of Cryptocurrencies as investment opportunity.

Remember there is still less than 2% adoption by the world citizens when it comes to Cryptocurrency markets as a whole. The entire market cap currently does not exceed 2.6 trillion. This amount when it comes to the wealth of individuals and nations is very small in comparison to stocks, bonds, FOREX, and gold markets. Thus, the potential to join those that are earlier adopters in this market.  This potential is still very lucrative and will be life-changing. I will be making a video really soon to explain the basics of what one needs to do increase one’s earning potential and put to use one’s savings to create a passive income that could liberate one from having to depend on employment from another. There is nothing like entrepreneurial freedom and currently that opportunity lies open to those that are willing to enter herein. Yahuah’s blessings upon you all.

Endeavor Freedom Orphanage

By Justin Garcia

Myanmar has now mandated vaccines for children to attend school. Wherefore, the children's dreams of attending school and making impactful change for their community by growing through societal ranks via college/political correctness has now been destroyed. I'm personally overjoyed by their decision to refuse the sorcerer's demands and even more excited they won't go through indoctrination centers. Let's continue praying for the children, as their education will now be delivered by volunteers from churches in the nearby villages. Alongside learning the Bible, they will also focus on the task of living from the land, agriculture and herding. 

Along this beautiful landplot that The Most High has blessed us with we have made so many amazing developments: running water, solar power, boys dormitory, and kitchen. We are, however, still missing a girls dormitory. The girls are continuing to stay in the original home in the town, but the danger of persecution from the neighbors remains a danger. Therefore our eyes are set on the completion of this newest building that will house the girls and provide a place of freedom for all the children to worship and sing as loudly as they want as they tend to the animals and crops. 

We have begun felling trees and gathering thatch for the temporary dorm room, and you can see the men of the village have had great fun working together for this goal! At first glance, the photo might make you worry, but rest assured, this uncle is smiling and happy to have work! The donations you've helped us send to the Naga tribe in Myanmar goes so much further than we in western civilization could ever imagine, so on behalf of all the children and families you've helped support, we lift a resounding AlleluYah!! We're so blessed to be in a wonderful community of charitable and caring followers of The True King, our Creator and Saviour. 

Our future goals will be to establish a home with long-term materials such as concrete and metal, but the great thing is, we're constantly moving forward and meeting goals. AlleluYah. In His Timing, we know all our efforts will bring revival to this forgotten land of Myanmar.

We kindly request for your continued prayers over the orphanage home, and if you've been moved to help fund the growth of this Tree planted for The Kingdom, please consider donating at the link below. Also please know that 10% of all proceeds from Sacred Word Publishing goes to support the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home. Blessings

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